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The best new games in February 2017

It’s time once more to take a look at some new games. The best new games, in fact. The best new games in February 2017. What upcoming titles can you look forward to playing in the month of February? Quite a few, as it turns out. We’ve gone through the big list and pulled out some of our top picks for the best new games in February 2017.

Nioh – Wednesday 8th February


To many, Nioh will fall into the bizarrely specific genre of a “Dark Souls-like” fantasy RPG. What exactly makes a game a “Dark Souls-like”? Good question. The Dark Souls series is known for its unrelenting difficulty, its bonfire save system, its inventory management and its fantasy setting. If a game were to take elements of all of the above and place it in a much more Japanese setting, you’d get Nioh.

That’s not to say Nioh is merely emulating what successful games have done in the past, absolutely not. For everything that Nioh lifts from other games, it doubles in interesting new mechanics and polish. Set in 1600s Japan, players take on the rather unconventional role of a Western samurai named William. Through a series of missions in enclosed environments, William faces foes of both human and supernatural origin.

Where the game sets itself apart is in the structure of things. Missions are selected from a menu rather than encountered in the wild and though shrines act as save-points much like bonfires do in the Dark Souls games, the combat itself is tweaked enough to make it unique and feel fresh. The game also borrows elements of the original Witcher title and lets players select a ‘stance’ for their combat approach before going into battle. All in all, Nioh is certainly borrowing elements of games that have released prior but seems to be doing so in way that makes it unique and certainly a very interesting game. One to keep an eye on, this one.

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For Honor – Tuesday 14th February

for honor

Almost everyone has thought about it at some point. What would happen if a samurai were to fight a medieval knight? Perhaps the fight would be between a Viking and a knight instead? Just maybe, all three would be in a battle to the death together. For Honor is a game that will take that idle conversation and bring it to life in front of you.

Primarily an online hack and slash fighting game, For Honor pits players against each other in elaborate arenas. Players can pick characters from Knight, Samurai and Viking settings (with more to be added as DLC in the future), and tasks them with only one objective – prevail. As their chosen warrior, players are put up against hordes of invading fighters alongside real human players and must fight to survive and win in a series of epic battles in historical settings.

While some may see For Honor as a bizarre mish-mash of historical elements and settings, others will see it as the fantasy game they’ve always wanted to be a part of and it may even go so far as to putting an end to some friendly arguments had between friends over a drink. After all, the knight would definitely win, right?

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Sniper Elite 4 – Tuesday 14th February

sniper elite 45

The Sniper Elite series is definitely an odd one. Part gritty war story and part tongue-in-cheek look at one of the grimmest affairs in human history. As the title may suggest, the Sniper Elite series has always put players in the role of an allied sniper who just happens to be one of, if not the very, best in their field.

Previous games have had players slogging through war-torn Berlin, Poland and even Africa, all the while carrying their trusty sniper rifle along the way and sending bullet after bullet into enemies – complete with full slow-motion gore camera for when the bullets entered at just the right parts of the enemy’s body.

This entry into the franchise takes players to Italy in 1943 and acts as a direct continuation of the events in Sniper Elite 3. Players take on the role of Karl Fairburne, an Office of Strategic Services agent tasked with assisting the Italian resistance and bringing an end to the whole World War II thing.

Once again developed by Rebellion, the gameplay will be immediately familiar to anyone who has tried one of the series’ previous installments. That’s not to say there’s nothing new here, of course, as the game takes several steps to improve the artificial intelligence of enemies and expand each map into a much larger, much more open space to explore.

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Halo Wars 2 – Tuesday 21st February

halo wars 2

We might not be seeing a new mainline Halo game this year but what we will be seeing is somewhat unexpected. Halo Wars 2 is, unsurprisingly, the sequel to 2009’s real-time strategy entry of the Halo franchise of the same name. Players will once again be thrust into the shoes of either the UNSC or a villainous alien race. Changing things up somewhat, however – the villainous alien race isn’t the Covenant this time but instead, a mysterious alien race known only as The Banished.

Most elements of the original game have survived into the long-awaited sequel, all with extra shiny and improved graphics and a whole new design scheme focused on making the game play flawlessly across both Xbox One and PC. In fact, if you were to buy the game digitally on Xbox One, you’ll get a PC copy as a nice bonus completely free, as part of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere program. Nice!

Story wise, Halo Wars 2 is a bit of an oddball. The game takes place a full 28 years after the events of the original Halo Wars title and a short time before the events that unravel within Halo 5: Guardians. This brings the franchise up to date with the rest of the main Halo games in a way that was not seen before. The game will feature fully integrated online multiplayer along with a much more fleshed out and fully realised single player campaign than was seen in the previous title. The addition of the new alien race, The Banished, can only mean interesting things for such a story, especially one that is now tasked with keeping up with the heavy-hitting mainline games in the series. This is definitely one to own for Xbox One owners and diehard Halo fans.

The addition of new alien race, The Banished, can only mean interesting things for such a story, especially one that is now tasked with keeping up with the heavy-hitting mainline games in the series. This is definitely one to own for Xbox One owners and diehard Halo fans.

In the UK – Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One from Amazon UK

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LEGO Worlds – Friday 24th February



Update: Boo! Hiss! LEGO Worlds has been delayed until the first week of March, so this one is technically not going to be one of the best new games in February. It might just sneak into our list of the best new games in March 2017, though! 

Minecraft was often described as LEGO but with elements. Video game LEGO blocks that you could manipulate and build worlds with. Well, it won’t take an absolute genius to figure out exactly what LEGO Worlds is going to be when it releases towards the end of February.

As you may have guessed, LEGO Worlds is LEGO’s own take on the Minecraft style of gameplay, offering players a massive (and quite blocky) sandbox to enjoy, change, craft and build inside of. Not only the standard method of building seen in Minecraft, however. This is LEGO we’re talking about, with a wealth of LEGO properties, genres and styles dating back to 1949.

With all that backlog of potential, LEGO Worlds seeks to introduce players to a fully realised world of creativity, allowing them the ability to generate anything they want at will and truly be the architects of their own destiny inside this colourful and very rectangle universe. If you want to dig, spawn a digging machine. If you want to reach a higher point, spawn a rocket ship.

The LEGO world is truly your LEGO oyster with this game, all without the fear of accidentally stepping on a brick if you let your guard down or losing half the pieces and having to give up mid-way through a project. The possibilities for this one after very nearly endless.

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There you have it, that’s what the month of February looks like in terms of brand new video games to play. We’ll be taking a look at what March’s new releases are soon and what you should be excited about, so be sure to check back soon.

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