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Pokémon GO Accessories And Deals

Pokémon GO was recently updated, with brand new features as well as a real-money store to buy cosmetic items. Needless to say, it’s gotten people very excited about the game again. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the most essential and best deals a die-hard Pokémon GO player will need.

Pokémon GO Plus


It may not be officially released or in stock yet, but the Pokémon GO Plus is a handy little device that clips onto your clothing, bag or person using the included wristband. It connects to your phone via bluetooth and will vibrate when you enter an area in the real world with nearby Pokémon. Sound cool? Definitely. In addition, Pokémon GO players can use the button on the Plus to interact with the game without using their phone. It’s due to be launched in late July 2016. We’ll update when it is, but in the meantime, the links below are where you’ll find it on Amazon when it does become available.

Did you know you can already get some custom Pokémon GO Plus cases and accessories? Check out our article below.

Power Banks & Portable Chargers

Anker Power1

Next, as awesome as Pokémon GO may be, it will undoubtedly drain your phone’s battery. Odds are, sooner or later, you’ll need one of these external chargers. These little things store power for when you’re out hunting down that Ghastly you caught a glimpse of. Just connect to your phone via USB cable and it’ll keep you in power. Anker have a track record of making particularly good external chargers, with this lipstick sized one in particular being a perfect fit for a pocket or bag. It’s under £12 in the UK and just $13 in the US.

You can find out more about all the different kinds of PowerBanks available and suitable for Pokémon GO over in our PowerBank Article, on the link below.

Pokémon Sun & Moon

Poke moon sun

If all this excitement just makes the wait this year’s brand new Pokémon games that much harder, take some solace in the fact that we’ve gone out and had look around on the internet for the cheapest place to pre-order either of the new games, Moon or Sun. Pre-orders start from £32.85 / $39.96 and we’ve gathered up all the pre-order information you need to know in our article on the link below.

Pokémon Amiibos

pika pe

Of course, where would we be without the (Poké)mon himself, Pikachu. Whether you collect Amiibos just to have them on display in your home or you use them to power up your characters in Nintendo games, what collection would be complete without this little yellow lightning mouse. The Pikachu Amiibo is available on Amazon for £10.49 currently in the UK, $11.99 in the US.

For even more Pokémon Amiibos as cheap as they get, head over to our Pokémon Amiibo Deals post where we’ve gathered them all up together.

Pokémon Merchandise

Pokemon Socks

The PokéMadness doesn’t stop there, though. Since Pokémon is one of the world’s most recognisable brands, there’s an absolute ton of merchandise bearing its logo or name. We’ve gathered up some of the best items and deals on PokéMerch and posted them all up in their own article on the link below.

Classic Pokémon Deals


If all this adventuring into the great outdoors has given you a rush of nostalgia, making you pine for the good old days when it was just you and your Game Boy, you’re in luck. Starting Thursday July 14th, Nintendo are offering the original Pokémon trio – Blue, Red & Yellow – at a 30% discount via the Nintendo eShop. These will be available to download on any 3DS console for just £6.29 until the offer expires on July 28th.

You can get yourself prepared for these discount downloads by picking up some eShop credit ahead of time, of course.

That’s it for now, but we’ll be updating this list as new deals and awesome stuff becomes available. Check back soon.

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