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Pre-order Horizon Zero Dawn – Out Tuesday 28th February

We’re less than a week away from the launch of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PS4, so you may want to get in a last-minute pre-order. Here’s our list of the cheapest and best pre-order prices for Horizon: Zero Dawn. It’s out on Tuesday 28th February in the US and Wednesday 1st March in the UK.

Guerilla Games, best known for its PlayStation-exclusive Killzone series, returns this year with a brand new franchise exclusively for the PlayStation 4. A vast departure from the first-person shooters the company is known for, Horizon Zero Dawn is an open-world third-person action adventure. Here are the best pre-order prices for Horizon Zero Dawn.

Set in a dystopian world overrun by robots, Horizon Zero Dawn puts players in the role of Aloy, a hunter and archer who was raised post the robotic takeover. Never having known the world beyond the borders she grew up in, Aloy sets out to discover the dangers that walk the world she’s never known. Players will be able to make use of ranged as well as melee weapons and employ stealth tactics to combat a series of mechanised creatures who roam the wilds. In short, that means you’ll be going face to face with huge robot dinosaurs and frankly if that doesn’t sound fun to you, I don’t know how else to help you.

Having been in development since 2011, it’s safe to say that Horizon Zero Dawn is an absolutely huge game with a massive scope, allowing players the freedom to roam wherever they see fit while encountering leviathan-sized mechanical monsters along the way. Elements of traversal range from simple running to parkour-esque traversal of the environment and even the ability to ride the robotic monsters into battle. Better still, the game features a crafting mechanic which allows players to loot the corpses of their fallen foes in order to create bigger and better gadgets and weaponry.

Traps are also a huge focus and an invaluable resource for players when taking down iron giants. These range from simple tripwires and explosive arrows all the way to the ‘Override Tool’ which enables Aloy to hack her enemies and take control of them. Not content with just making a hugely impressive open-world action adventure title, though, Guerilla Games has filled Horizon Zero Dawn with RPG elements, too. Players have access to an intricate skill tree for Aloy and are able to build out her skillset in the way that best suits how they want to play. This skilltree features three categories – “Prowler” for stealth skills, “Brave” for combat-focused skills, and “Forager” for crafting and survival techniques.

The environment features a dynamic day-night cycle and weather system while also containing no loading screens in between areas. Loaded with side quests, collectables and characters to interact with, Horizon Zero Dawn is a massively fully featured title that is set to deliver dozens of hours of gameplay.

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