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Pre-order Persona 5 – Out Tuesday 4th April

The latest entry into the cult classic Persona series, Persona 5 has been a long time coming. Persona 4 was a PS2 game, so needless to say, diehard fans of the franchise have been waiting close to a decade to see this new game see the light of day. Even better, it looks like it’s going to be superb. Here are the best pre-order prices for Persona 5.

After skipping an entire console generation, the Persona series returns in a big way with Persona 5. Taking place in Tokyo, players take on the role of a silent protagonist – somewhat of a stable for the series – after their transfer to a brand new high school. The fictional Shujin High School is where players will spend a good portion of their time with the game, at least in the early days, as they meet a brand new cast of characters over the course of a school year. Our main character, as well as several other students,

Our main character, as well as several other students, awaken their ‘Persona’ powers, enabling them to evoke supernatural abilities and summon warrior versions of themselves to fight with. This band of friends decides to use these newfound powers to become masked vigilantes and explore an otherworldly realm.

Five years in development has made sure that Persona 5 is a fine-tuned title and packed with quite literally hundreds of hours of gameplay. Much like Persona 4, players will be required to interact with characters around them in order to advance in sub-quests and side stories with each of them. The weather system makes a welcome return and will help guide players to make decisions around each day’s unique and different events and surroundings.

Somewhat new to the series is the ‘alertness meter’, which encourages players to use stealth when exploring the otherworldly dungeon realm. Effectively using stealth to avoid enemies can result in bonuses as well as getting the drop on some bigger enemies down the road. The more times the party is seen by enemies, the tighter security will get further into the dungeon until it becomes literally impossible to proceed.

The game’s Japanese release in late 2016 garnered near-perfect score reviews from a few outlets, which certainly seems to be an encouraging sign of things to come for the western release. We’re excited and if JRPGs are your thing, you probably should be too.

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