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Occupy your time: the best fidget spinners and best fidget cubes you can buy today

Whether you like it or not, fidget spinners and fidget cubes are apparently now, definitively, a thing. Whether to help with ADHD, anxiety or focus, people are finding these little things to help along the way. With that in mind, here are our top picks for the very best fidget spinners and the very best fidget cubes you can buy with real money, right now.

While 2016 saw the rise of Fidget Cubes and Fidget Spinners followed not far behind in 2017, the world was grasped with a brand new craze. One that was designed to keep hands busy and focus a restless mind. Whether or not spinners or cubes will actually help with these things is still up to science to decide but modern society hasn’t let science hold it back yet and instead, embraced the fidget spinner craze entirely.

While what that will ultimately mean for the future of society remains unknown, both fidget spinners and cubes are still cheap and varied enough to be worth your time. In all honesty, whether scientifically proven to aid with anxiety, ADHD or any number of mental of physical ailments, the fact that fidget spinners and cubes give so many people at least a little comfort for what amounts to a matter of change per product, can only be a good thing.

Without further hesitation, let’s take a look at our top picks for the best fidget spinners, the best fidget cubes and the overall best fidget toys available right now.

The best fidget spinners

Sherrif Badge Fidget Spinner Copper

Let’s start our list with one of the most unique and eye-catching options, and our personal favourite of the bunch – this Sherrif Badge Copper Fidget Spinner. It’s not just part of the name, this spinner is constructed from recycled copper and the minute you lay your hands on it, you’ll be able to tell. It’s got a weighty heft and a satisfyingly solid frame throughout.

Between the metallic frame and the vintage-looking design, this is one spinner that sets itself apart. This feels very much like a Premium Fidget Spinner, if ever there was such a thing. That being said, it has a price tag to match, mainly due to the nature of the materials needed to make one of these. On the plus side, it’s not likely to break or lose traction the way some cheaper spinners out there will over time. Overall, it looks really, really cool and is super satisfying to spin, but you’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s worth the cost.

Around £10 / $14 from GearBest

Rainbow Alloy Zinc Fidget Spinner

While we’re talking about so-called ‘premium’ spinners, you may also want to take a look at this metallic take on the classic Fidget Spinner design. Made entirely out of zinc-alloy, this spinner features the extra heft and metallic frame that will result in a satisfying balance but retains the classic body shape of most spinners. Add to that the oil-slick style surface area paint job and you’ve got a definitively eye-catching spinner for a definitively reasonable price.

Around £5 / $7 from GearBest

Eye Wing Lovecraft Fidget Spinner

Nothing shows an undying commitment to the worship of the Great Old Ones and the ever-present existence of the cosmic entity known as Cthulu, The Great Dreamer, quite like a fidget spinner with a bit of a Lovecraftian bent. Enter this little guy – a one-eyed, winged, extra spikey and entirely metal fidget spinner that will have your friends instantly questioning your sanity. That, or it’ll fit with your general aesthetic in a way that only the most metal of metal fans out there can get away with – if so, that’s rad and you should own this thing.

Around £4 / $6 from GearBest

Tri-Claw Aluminium Silver Fidget Spinner

Speaking of metal aesthetics, this tri-claw fidget spinner is made from aluminium and is a little more Wolverine than it is H.P. Lovecraft. This model is also a much smaller frame than the standard spinner size, making it spin with a much more rapid motion, while the extra weight from the materials adds a much-needed heft. Unlike the copper Sherrif’s Badge spinner that tops this list, this tri-claw is subtle enough (or at the very least, generic enough) to fly under the radar for most people, small enough to fit inside almost any pocket and still manages to deliver a massively satisfying and focused experience.

Around £4 / $6 from GearBest

Sky Blue Fidget Spinner

This one is as close as this list gets to the classic, original version of the Fidget Spinner or, at least as close as we’re going to cover today. To keep things relatively short, this is a bright, colourful and lightweight spinner that features the standard weight distribution within its classic frame. It also features an all-encompassing sky blue print that adds a little homemade feel to the overall aesthetic of the thing. It’s simple, it’s satisfying and it’s still pretty cheap compared to some other spinners on the market. One of the best around, honestly.

Around £3 / $4 from GearBest

Bluetooth Fidget Spinner

Here’s a bit of a curiosity – a fidget spinner that also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. Why? Absolutely no idea, in all honesty, but it apparently exists and looks like this. Featuring Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, three speakers and a bunch of LED lights, this one is bound to make a statement. Quite what that statement is and how it reflects upon the owner, who is to say, though.

To be fair, this thing features flashing LED lights, Bluetooth connectivity and three speakers and still manages to cost under £10 / $10 with free shipping, so if it even remotely sounds like your thing (even just as a gag), it might be worth a shot. Nobody’s going to stop you from blasting “The Final Countdown” through this thing while spinning to your heart’s content.

Around £7 / $10 from GearBest

The best fidget cubes and fidget toys

GamePad Fidget Toy

GamePad Fidget Toy Cube

Taking all of its cues directly from the classic Fidget Cube design, this fidget toy is modelled after the iconic design of a video game controller, while remaining generic enough to avoid all potential copyright issues. Much like existing fidget cubes, these little gadgets feature an array of different things to play around with, including a set of buttons (two that click loudly, two that are silent), a thumbstick, rolling wheels, a latch, a loud on-off switch, spinning disc and a loud roller that feels quite similar to a middle mouse scroll button.

A major benefit these gamepad-shaped fidget toys have that the Fidget Cubes miss out on is the design of the casing. Though it might not seem like it to look at, these toys fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and feel instantly comfortable there, allowing users to utilise whichever button or feature they please while keeping the majority of the toy clasped in their hand and hidden, for the most part. The shape being what it is, the gamepad-shaped fidget toy offers a low-profile variation of the fidget cube as well as offering a few unique features that are instantly addictive.

Around £5.50 / $7 from GearBest

Chain Puzzle Focus Toy

Chain Puzzle Fidget Toy

Not quite as widespread as the likes of the Fidget Spinners and Fidget Cubes but arguably just as satisfying to play around with, the Chain Puzzle Focus Toy features two interlinking sets of chains, overlapping each other. Made from stainless steel, the purpose of this puzzle toy is for users to find the constant yet constricted movement satisfying. Through twisting, turning, folding and unfolding the little ring of steel around itself, it’s easy to find yourself in a rhythm where you can almost unconsciously keep your hands busy for hours.

Around £1.50 / $2 from GearBest

The Fidget Cube

Best Fidget Cube

Finally, we’ve come all the way around to this classic. The Fidget Cube was, by most accounts, the harbinger of the ‘Fidget’ craze. The Fidget Cube was the original toy designed specifically to keep your hands busy and your mind focused and for better or for worse, it did all that and much, much more. The Cube typically features a set of clicky buttons, a thumbstick, an on-off switch (with an extra loud click), a smooth thumb-sized oval, a spinning disc, and a combination lock style set of tumblers.

For most people, this will come down to finding and focusing on one or two features of the Cube at a time and idling while fiddling with them before moving onto the next couple. Whether it works for you or not mostly comes down to how comfortable you find these things but they’ve proven themselves time and time again. There’s a reason why the Fidget Cube is one of the most popular versions of the whole ‘Fidget Toy’ craze.

White and Black Fidget Cube: Around £2 / $2.50 from GearBest
Black and Green Fidget Cube: Around £2 / $2.50 from GearBest
White and Rose Fidget Cube: Around £2 / $2.50 from GearBest

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