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Play-Asia has a range of limited edition Figma figures available this week

If you’re the kind of person who has a soft spot for action figures or statues of your favourite pop culture characters, you’ll most likely know the figurines that emerge under the Figma brand. Each of these figures is intensely detailed, comes with a range of accessories and replacement parts and usually depicts a super recognisable figure from gaming, TV, anime or movies. In short, they’re awesome, and Play-Asia is currently taking orders for a bunch of limited versions.

Whether you’re coming from a background of gaming or just a love of media in all its various forms, Figma will almost definitely have an action figure depicting something you care about. That being said, Figmas are traditionally not exactly cheap. You’re getting a premium figure featuring intense detail, a litany of accessories and a whole lot of work put into it – for better or worse, you’ll also be paying for the privilege. The average Figma action figure will range from around £35 / $40 all the way up to £75 / $85 depending on the exact figure you’re looking at. These are also limited edition figures and once they’re gone, they are well and truly gone, which means they quickly become collector’s items.

Out of the range of Figma figures that Play-Asia are currently taking orders or pre-orders for, here are some of our highlights. Keep in mind that pre-orders are charged when the item actually ships but any that are currently in stock will be charged and shipped right away.

Persona 5 Joker Figma Figure

First off, we have the upcoming Figma action figure of the player character of Persona 5, Joker, who is depicted here with an optional mask, wearing all black with red accented gloves (my compliments to the personal stylist) as well as a bonus Morgana figurine to stand next to.

Pokemon Ash Figma Figure

Here’s one of the most adorable Figma figures available to date. Specifically, the figure is called ‘Pokémon Trainer Red’ and is based on your playable character from the original Pokémon Red game (way back on the Game Boy). ‘Red’ is the given name for this character given that the game allows you to name them whatever you like. Red, here, comes with all three starter Pokémon from the original games as well as a cap, backpack, Pokéballs and a determined look.

Zelda and Link Figma Figures

Some of the most instantly recognisable characters in gaming – Princess Zelda and Link from The Legend of Zelda – are both represented beautifully by Figma. There are two different versions of Link, a standard and a deluxe, that feature different accessories and parts including the iconic Master Sword and Hyrulian Shield. Then there’s the Princess herself, seen her in her full white-and-purple Twilight Princess outfit, matching Link’s tunic.

Berserk Figma figure

Die-hard anime fans may recognise Guts from infamous series Berserk here. This stoic, extra detailed and beautifully painted guy stands upright and wields his oversized sword. Shadows are painted directly onto the figure’s skin to give an extra layer of detail and style, making this one a really beautiful figure.

As usual, there are always more Figma figures in development and on the horizon so it’s always a good plan to keep an eye on the upcoming releases for any new and awesome figures coming your way.

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