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best coffee mugs

The best gaming coffee mugs and the best gaming coasters to go with them

Whether for tea, coffee or any other form of liquid, a good quality coffee mug (or coffee cup, if you’re in the US) can improve your life significantly. They’re also a fantastic way to express yourself so we’ve put together a guide to our top picks for the best gaming coffee mugs along with the best gaming coasters to go with them. Let’s take a look.

If you’re the kind of person who will lovingly collect various things related to your gaming passion, you’ve no doubt encountered a whole range of gaming related coffee cups in the past. That’s not to say you should avoid getting any more, in fact, as far as gaming merchandise goes, coffee mugs are one of the more useful things around.

Here are our top picks for the best gaming mugs around, as well as a look at some of the best gaming coasters we’ve seen to date.

Super Mario Mugs

Super Mario Bros “Build a Level” Mug

Super Mario Build a Level Mug Stickers

Before Mario Maker debuted on the Nintendo Wii U, the best way to design your own Super Mario Bros level was to get ahold of this mug and get sticking. This ‘build a level’ mug offers you the chance to create your ideal Super Mario level through the use of tiny, tiny stickers that you can add to the outside of your mug. Creativity abounds on this one. Better still, it’s officially licensed, so you won’t be running into any weird unknown blocks along the way.

In the UK: Around £13.20 from Amazon UK | In the US: Around $14 from Amazon US

Super Mario Bros Heat Change Mug

Super Mario Heat Changing Mug

Heat changing mugs are a bit of a thing these days, right? This Super Mario themed heat changing mug happens to be one of the slickest examples of the medium we’ve found. The design shows a typical level design from the original Super Mario Bros. game that goes from pitch black backgrounds to a bright, sunny day when a hot drink is added.

In the UK: Around £9 from Amazon UK | In the US: Around $10 from ThinkGeekAround $20 from Amazon US

Legend of Zelda Mugs

Legend of Zelda: Hylian Shield Mug

Zelda Hylian Hyrule Shield Mug

Perhaps the most ‘outgoing’ of all of the mugs on our list, this Zelda Hylian Shield mug is most definitely an eye-catcher. It may not be the easier to actually drink out of (watch out for that one massive spike) or to hold but it certainly makes a statement. That statement being “Zelda is my favourite game and that’s that.”

In the UK: Around £10 from Amazon UK | In the US: Around $14 from Amazon US

Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Crest Mug

Zelda Hyrule Crest Black Mug

This is the classier option of our top picks for Zelda coffee mugs. The Hyrule Crest mug is a slick, beautiful matte black with an elegantly displayed golden crest designed into the side. It’s far more subtle than the previous entry on this list and with that, comes the ease of use that you may expect. In short, it’s really pretty.

In the UK: Around £8 from Amazon UK | In the US: Around $12 from Amazon US

Pac-Man Mugs

Pac-Man Heat Change Mug

Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug

Pac-Man! A man (or thing, at least) so popular in the 70s that is spawned its on pop song and associated medical condition. You too can celebrate the one and only Pac-Man with this heat changing mug, which will display an empty board when holding no hot water, but when a warm drink is added will fill up with Pac-Man, all four ghosts and a whole host of pellets.

In the UK: Around £8 from Amazon UK | In the US: Around $6 from Amazon US

Tetris Mugs

Tetris Heat Change Mug

Tetris Heat Changing Mug

Another entry into the line of heat changing mugs, this Tetris mug features a relatively barren board until a hot drink is added, when a much more satisfying display of expert Tetris play can be seen. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a huge perfectionist or you happen to be a bit of both, this mug is sure to be at least a little bit satisfying to look at. Also the score increases from 110 up to 1100, which is fantastic too.

In the UK: Around £8 from Amazon UK | In the US: Around $7 from Amazon US

Portal Mugs

Aperture Laboratories Mug

Portal Aperture Laboratories Mug

One of the most subtle products to grace this entire list, the Aperture Laboratories branded mug from Valve is bound to lift the spirits of each and every Portal fan out there. It’s an American sized coffee cup, which means it’s big enough to have a real presence wherever you deem worthy enough to use it. It’s beautifully made and sturdy, with no other branding apart from the Aperture logo shown, which if you’re anything like me, means it’s all the more appealing as something for everyday use, too.

In the UK: Around £10 from EMP | In the US: Around $20 from Amazon US

Pokémon Mugs

Pokéball Mug

Pokemon Pokeball Mug

If you want to be the very best, like no one ever was, you’re going to need some liquid sustenance along the way. What better way to drink your tea, coffee, milk or anything else, then, than in this giant Pokéball shaped mug. It’s almost comically large so it will do a good job of housing enough coffee to keep you alert and awake through each and every Pokémon battle you find yourself involved in.

In the UK: Around £21 from Amazon UK | In the US: Around $13 from Amazon US

Metal Gear Solid Mugs

I Heart Diamond Dogs Replica Mug

I Heart Love Diamond Dogs Replica Mug Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain

Anyone who has played Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (up until about halfway through the game at least) will recognise this mug. Inside the confines of the actual game, this mug was created and used by Dr Huey Emmerich as he continues his work on various projects. In real life, though, it’s yours to own for a relatively low cost. While the “I <heart> Diamond Dogs” design takes up the “front” of the mug, on the reverse you’ll find the proper Diamond Dogs logo.

Around £10 / $14 from RedBubble

Undertale Mugs

Napstablook Mug

Undertale Napstablook Not Feelin Up To It Right Now Mug

It’s no secret by now that Undertale has been a bit of a runaway success and a cult classic indie game, complete with a rabid and loyal fanbase to back it up. Hardly a surprise, then, that the fans are creating their own merchandise. Particularly fantastic, though, is this Nabstablook mug which captures the character’s absolute best moment. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll take another swig early in the morning and think, “yeah, I know how you feel, buddy.”

Around £10 / $15 from RedBubble

Monkey Island Mugs

Guybrush Monkey Island 2 Mug

Monkey Island Guybrush Spitting Contest Mug

Look, I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a sucker for anything Monkey Island related. While the reference seen on this mug might be lost on a vast majority of people, those who do understand it will love it. This mug, which is perfect for Grog by the way, replicates Guybrush’s epic victory in the spitting contest mid-way through the events of Monkey Island 2, each pixel replicated expertly from the original sprites. Plus, it’s just pretty cool and it’s a weird colour, which is a bonus.

Around £12 / $18 from RedBubble

Gaming Coasters

Official PlayStation Classic Coasters – Volume 1

Official PlayStation Classic PS1 Coasters

This set of four official PlayStation coasters is one of the most inventive uses of licenses we’ve seen and they’re bound to make you just a little nostalgic. Each of these coasters is a tiny replica of a boxed PS1 classic title. The full set includes mini coaster versions of PaRappa The Rapper, Gran Turismo, Wipeout and Destruction Derby. The original cases have been replicated down to the tiniest detail and moulded with a high-grip felt base for extra security.

In the UK: Around £13 from Amazon UK | In the US: Unavailable

Super Mario Bros Official Coasters (Set of 20)

Super Mario Coasters 20

Possibly the best value set of coasters in this entire article, this set of twenty Super Mario themed coasters is comprised of various instantly recognisable designs from the classic original Super Mario Bros game. Question Mark Blocks, Pipes, Coins, Mario, Luigi and more are all represented here, in this officially licensed set, in all its pixel glory.

In the UK: Around £7 from Amazon UK | In the US: Around $9 from Amazon US

Pac-Man Coasters

Pac-Man Coasters

It should probably come as no real surprise that someone, at some point, decided to make a set of coasters out of the iconic Pac-Man characters. By characters, of course, I mean ghosts Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde as well as the man himself, Pac-Man. This set of four silicone coasters is easy to keep as a decorative item when not in use. I mean, what self-respecting Pac-Man fanatic wouldn’t want to create various dioramas with these tiny replicas.

In the UK: Around £13 from Amazon UK | In the US: Around $18 from Amazon US

Mega Man 2 Coasters

Mega Man Coasters

These Mega Man 2 themed coasters are tremendous. Replicating the in-game stage select screen, each of the ten coasters in this set features the portrait of one of Mega Man 2’s robot master bosses and of course, Mega Man himself. All of which you’ll know all too well if you spent as much time playing Mega Man 2 as we did. To top it all off, all ten of the coasters are housed in a collector’s tin built to replicate the in-game E-Tank power up. Nice.

In the UK: Around £35 from Gamerabilia | In the US: Around $30 from ThinkGeek / Around $28 from Amazon US

There you go, those are our top picks for the absolute best gaming mugs and the best coasters to pair up with them. Have you spotted a spectacular games-themed coffee cup or mug recently that you think we should know about? Feel free to drop us a line over at Facebook or Twitter and we’ll check it out.

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