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The best PS4 deals – August 2017

Looking to pick up a PlayStation 4 console on the cheap? We’ve got you covered. This is our guide to the cheapest PS4 consoles, the best PS4 bundles, the latest and greatest offers for PS4s from all across the internet. Come take a look at what’s been on offer this week.

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The PlayStation 4 was released in November 2013 and went on to be one of the fasted and biggest selling gaming consoles of all time. That’s no small feat, especially for Sony, a company that seemed to be floundering a bit during the previous generation of consoles. The company’s PS3 console left a lot to be desired in many ways but Sony seems to have learned many lessons from that console’s lack of success. The PS4 packs a massive processing power punch, released at a significantly cheaper price point than its direct rival and was designed from the ground up to be easy for game development in all the ways the PS3 wasn’t.

This resulted in huge industry support from game developers, who latched onto the ease of development for the new platform. Once the system was released, its power and virtue of being the cheaper of the two console options released that year made it a massive seller and the most in-demand product for Christmas 2013. With a customer install base that big, it was only natural that it would result in an ever-growing catalogue of games released for the system.

In 2016, Sony unveiled a couple of new versions of its primary platform. Firstly, the PS4 Pro, which we’ll talk about in more detail elsewhere. Second, was the newly redesigned version of the original, the PS4 Slim. Streamlined and improved in a variety of ways, the PS4 Slim became the default PlayStation 4 console available and was a vast improvement on the more angular first model. Among the improvements was a new version of the DualShock 4 controller which included a front-facing lightbar, a slightly better processor enabling better in-game performance and better heat distribution under the hood. All in all, for those not quite ready to make the jump into 4K gaming, the PS4 Slim was and still remains the best option.

With all that in mind, here are the best PS4 deals a22undles available right now.

Best UK PS4 Deals – Updated 07/08/2017

Best US PS4 Deals – Updated 07/08/2017

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