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The best Zelda merchandise around: Zelda gift ideas from hoodies to board games

There is definitely no denying that Zelda as a franchise is one of the most recognisable in gaming. Whether you’re playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or you’re taking a trip back into the older games in the series, there’s a whole batch of fantastic merch and gifts out there bearing its name. Here are our favourite bits of the best Zelda merch available.

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Zelda T-Shirts and Hoodies

There is rarely an easier way to wear your Zelda fandom on your sleeve than quite literally wearing it on your sleeve, or at the very least on your chest. There are an absolute ton of Legend of Zelda themed T-shirts and hoodies out there on the market, ranging from high-quality premium stuff to bargain basement trash. Right here, we’ve highlighted a few of our favourites from around the internet. Some are only available in the UK while others seem to only be up for sale in the US, although your mileage may vary. Wherever you are, these are some of our picks for the best Zelda T-shirts and hoodies around.

The Legend of Zelda Belt T-Shirt 

belt zelda

The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Crest T-Shirt (Black/Green)

zelda green

Zelda Men’s and Women’s Link Cosplay Hoody

cosplay hoodie

The Legend of Zelda Girls Bird Logo Hoodie (Green/Black)

zelda green hood

Breath of the Wild Pullover Hoodie

breath 2

Breath of the Wild Zip Up Hoodie


Legend of Zelda Link Embroidered Unisex Hoodie

tunic green

Zelda Caps and Hats

One of the mainstays of the Zelda franchise since day one has been Link’s iconic cap – his little green tunic would look strange and lonely without it, after all. It was only a matter of time before this cap, along with some more traditional Snapbacks, made their way into the real world. Here are the best Zelda caps and hats out there on the world wide web for you to purchase and wear as you please.

The Legend of Zelda Beanie Hat with Buckle

cap buckle

The Legend of Zelda Beanie Hat with Ears

cap ears

Zelda Snapback Cap (Green/Gold)

green cap

The Legend of Zelda Logo Camper Cap

Zleda cap

Zelda Accessories

As you may expect, there’s a whole lot of stuff out there that bears the Zelda name but just like the rest of these bits and pieces, it’s not all great. The selection we’ve got here, though, are officially licenced and passed Nintendo’s intense scrutiny to make it all the way to store shelves and into your homes. Everything from notebooks to messenger bags to official Zelda Monopoly.

The Legend of Zelda Chess Set Limited Edition

Zelda Chess Limited Edition

The Legend of Zelda Monopoly

zelda monopoly

The Legend of Zelda Triforce Light

Zelda light

The Legend of Zelda A5 Green Notebook

Zelda notebook

Zelda Triforce Logo Messenger Bag


The Legend of Zelda Triforce Satchel Bag


The Legend of Zelda Nintendo Switch Premium Earbuds

Zelda Premium

Other Awesome Zelda Stuff

This is where we’ll talk about all the other (countless) awesome Zelda trinkets, books, figures, assorted bits of clothing and more. Special highlights here go to the Art and Artifacts book which is a gorgeous hardcover art book that’s a must for any Zelda fan as well as the adorable and incredibly detailed Nendoroid figures, which are due out in July  2017 and look absolutely fantastic. Oh, and just look at that faux-leather jacket!

The Legend of Zelda: Art and Artifacts book


The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia book


The Legend of Zelda Triforce Pyjamas (Black/Yellow)

triforce pajams

Zelda Triforce Boot Effect Knee High Socks

knee high

Zelda: Highway to Hyrule Biker Jacket

link leather

Breath of the Wild Link Nendoroid

Link Nends

Breath of the Wild Link Deluxe Edition Nendoroid

DC nendo

Link and Zelda 7-inch Plushes

zelda link

Do you know of some fantastic Legend of Zelda merchandise out there that we haven’t covered? Send us a message to let us know! Head over to Twitter or Facebook, give us a heads up and we’ll take a look.

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