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The best screen protectors for Nintendo Switch

Owners of brand new Nintendo Switch consoles – now the excitement of the actual launch has died down a little one thing is certain – you’re going to want to put a screen protector on your Switch as soon as possible. Here’s our guide to the best screen protectors for Nintendo Switch.

Now that the Switch has been out for a whole weekend, it’s no wonder we’ve already started seeing reports from Switch owners who have noticed scratches on their system’s screens. That was predictable enough. This isn’t necessarily due to carelessness, though, as some people have reported that repeatedly docking and undocking their Switch consoles has resulted in scratches to the sides of the bezel – matching up with where the Switch’s dock rails appear to guide the console into its stoic position.

Nintendo has yet to comment on this, but one thing should be painfully clear – in order to avoid any risk of screen scratches while you use your Nintendo Switch and just generally to give you peace of mind – you’re going to want to get yourself a good quality Switch screen protector as soon as possible. Whether you’re worried about the dock issue or you just plan on taking your Switch with you on the go a lot. The problem there is that there are a crazy amount of different types of these on the market right now. So which is the best Nintendo Switch screen protector? Well, let’s take a look at the different forms they come in.

It’s also worth mentioning that we’re still very early into the Switch’s life and new accessories appear each week, so we’ll be doing our best to keep this list up to date with any fancy new protectors going forward.

Film screen protectors for Nintendo Switch

Official Nintendo Switch screen protector

Nintendo official screen

Nintendo itself offers up a film screen protector for its own system at launch. Instead of selling it to you separately, however, Nintendo opted to package it in along with an official Switch carrying case. For the price, it’s honestly not a bad deal but the screen protector isn’t anything to write home about.

As you may expect, the protector itself is cut to the exact system specs, covering the screen and bezel while not obscuring the speakers or other vital components. The film also features an anti-fingerprint coating, reducing the likelihood of you having to constantly wipe down your screen.

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Hori Switch screen protector

Hori Screen

Officially licenced by Nintendo, legendary video game accessory creator Hori has its own Nintendo Switch screen protectors on the market, if you don’t want to go for Nintendo’s accessory bundle. Still a film-based screen protector, Hori boasts that this is one of the toughest film protectors around.

Complete with the standard Hori guarantee of bubble-free, frustration-free application, this one is simple but comes from a trustworthy company and carries the Nintendo seal of approval. Simple but effective, this one might be worth your cash.

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Tempered glass screen protectors for Nintendo Switch

CaseBase Switch tempered glass screen protector

Casebase screen

Tempered glass protectors go far beyond the capabilities of film protectors. Made from, you guessed it, very carefully tempered glass, these offer much more protection from scratches, damage and breakages than regular film protectors. This CaseBase protector is a mere 0.24mm thick, ensuring that it won’t interfere with the Switch’s touchscreen functionality and will sit flush with the system once applied.

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Orzly tempered glass Nintendo Switch screen protector

Orzly Screen

Going one step further, Orzly is offering up not one but two ultra-protective tempered glass screen protectors for the Nintendo Switch in one pack. The Orzly screen protector is also 0.24mm thick and promises not to interfere with your touchscreen shenanigans but is also able to resist scratches of up to 9H  – “harder than a knife” they claim, which sounds more like the title to an intense 80s metal album.

This protector is also designed with rounded edges to ensure no awful sharp bits to catch your fingers on while playing, is cut to fit around the Switch’s essential components and, most importantly, comes with a two-year warranty from Orzly itself. The included back-up protector is best kept for a year or two down the line when you may want to replace your current protector but it’s lovely to have. Can’t argue with that for the price, too.

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In the US:

Our recommendation, at least at this very early stage, is to get yourself a tempered glass screen protector for your Switch. They’re built to withstand a whole lot of punishment and generally feel a bit more solid, without making your Switch feel cumbersome or look terrible. Once they’re applied, you should barely notice them, but they’ll be there doing their defensive job anyway. Right now, the price difference between film and glass protectors is so minimal that, depending on your own circumstances, of course, the tempered glass protectors just make more sense.

We’ll be keeping this page up to date over the coming weeks and months, but if you’ve spotted something you think we should know about, drop us a line over at Twitter or Facebook and we’ll take a look.

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