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The best Xbox One X deals – where to pre-order the Xbox One X

At E3 2017, Microsoft finally unveiled the name, price, release date and final specs of its upcoming premium Xbox iteration. The Xbox One X, due for worldwide release on November 7th, 2017, is set to be the world’s most powerful gaming console. Here’s what we know and where you can pre-order one.

Previously dubbed Project Scorpio, the Xbox One X has been the ace up Microsoft’s sleeve since its initial announcement at E3 2016. It took a year, but we know have far more detail on what exactly Project Scorpio – or more accurately, the Xbox One X – actually is.

Sporting an ultra sleek, slimline build, Microsoft was quick to let us all know that the Xbox One X is actually the smallest Xbox ever created. Billed (by Microsoft, at least) as the “most powerful console ever” which, for once, seems to not just be a lofty PR claim – Digital Foundry was given access to an early production model of the system earlier this year and was able to verify that the tech powering this little box is some seriously impressive stuff.

What does this mean for your games playing? Well, primarily it means that games will run better and look much nicer when played on an Xbox One X. Load times will be decreased, gameplay will look sharper and you’ll be able to run games in native 4K resolution. That’s it in basic terms at least, here are the actual specs:

  • Eight custom CPU cores clocked at 2.3GHz
  • 326GB/s of memory bandwidth
  • 1172MHz GPU – with 40 customised compute units
  • 12GB GDDR5 memory
  • 1TB HDD
  • 4K UHD Blu-ray disc player
  • 4K gaming support
  • VR support

If you know your way around some computer tech specs, you’ll notice that all of the above means that the Xbox One X has a lot more going for it than just graphical capability. The hugely powerful eight-core processor paired with a massive 12GB of GDDR5 memory means that all the horsepower under the hood will make games run like a dream. At least, that’s the plan.

In addition to a whole lot of cutting edge tech inside this little box, it’s worth noting that the system will also work with every Xbox One accessory, peripheral and game, meaning you won’t need to buy any new bits and pieces if you’re upgrading to an Xbox One X from an Xbox One or Xbox One S. Though not available at launch, the console is also fully capable of supporting Virtual Reality headsets at some point in the future.

When playing older games on an Xbox One X (anything from the original Xbox, Xbox 360 or Xbox One), the new machine upscales and improves performance, delivering the best possible experience all in one place.

So, Microsoft’s new box seems pretty impressive. The next question, of course, is where you can get one of these Xbox One X consoles.

Xbox One X Console

Where to pre-order an Xbox One X

So where can you go to put down a pre-order and make sure you secure an Xbox One X console when it launches on November 7th, 2017? Many places, as it turns out. With pre-orders going live sometime this summer, many retailers already have their Xbox One X pre-order pages live and ready to flip the switch once pre-orders are live. The console is set to cost £449.99 in the UK and $499.99 in the US by default, although if any retailers buck the trend and go against the normal price point, we’ll let you know right here.

In the UK:

In the US: 

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