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Halloween Costumes 2017: DIY best Star Lord outfit from Guardians of the Galaxy

Follow this step by step guide to assembling an easy Star Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy costume. Human-Alien hybrid Peter Quill is the hero in the hugely successful Guardians film and comic franchise. Whether you’re a fan of Marvel comics, the Guardians movies or you just reckon Star Lord is too cool a name to pass up, this is a striking outfit perfect for cosplay, parties and intergalactic bounty hunts. So, without further adieu here’s our complete guide to a DIY Star Lord outfit — just in time for Halloween.

Who is Star Lord (Peter Quill)?

Peter Quill first graced the Marvel universe in 1976. His creator never got to complete his story, but it tied into metaphysical themes regarding astrology and the dawning of a new world. Curious fact: Star Lord’s zodiac is Aquarius, and this was chosen very much as a symbolic sign for both character and the evolution of the cosmos as a whole, man. Mystical stuff aside, Star Lord really came into prominence with the insanely successful Guardians of the Galaxy film franchise, which  launched in 2014.

In the film version Peter is abducted by bounty-hunting aliens in the late 80s, armed only with a mix-tape cassette of his dead mother’s favourite songs. He goes through various tribulations before finally saving the universe, in true Marvel form. Rude, self-serving and lazy, he starts out as abit of a jerk. That said, he’s not a bad fighter, can be surprisingly smart, funny and sly, and as the movies progress so does Peter — He fully earns his epic Star Lord status by the end through his own heroic and self-sacrificing actions.

A few things to bear in mind when cosplaying Star Lord

At a base level, you’re looking at a helmet (of which there are many types catering for different budgets), burgundy leather jacket (long or short depending on what Star Lord look you want to go for), and a few cosmic cowboy style accessorises like a brown belt, gloves, gun holster, and motorbike trousers. To really top the look off, you’ll want a retro cassette player with orange foam headphones circa ’88, and a pair of elemental blasters.

How to DIY Star Lord (Peter Quill) from Guardians of The Galaxy

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Ready to traverse the galaxy? Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to do Star Lord proud:

Star Lord electronic helmet (Around £119 ): This is a real splurge, but it’s ultra-cool because it plays music, lights up and even has sound effects.
Starlord  PVC helmet (Around £55): An excellent looking helmet, and would likely look fine on your mantlepiece too.
Starlord helmet (Around £9.99): A splendid choice.
Elemental blaster (Around £20 each): Grab a pair and get blastin’! (pew pew pew)
Motorbike trousers (Around £45): The closest to what Quill wears in the film, armoured for space-faring accidents.
Long burgundy trench coat (Around £80): The jacket he wears in the second film.
Short burgundy jacket (Around £55): Closer to the jacket he dons in the first film.
Sling bag (Around £15): Ready to be filled with sweet, delicious cosmic bounties.
Belt (Around £30): Somewhere between cowboy and Steampunk.
Shirt (around £7): Exactly the one he wears in Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume II.
Red, long scarf (£12.99): Perfect to pair with the jacket.
Chaps (around £20): A good choice to wear over boots if you don’t want to splurge on cosplay boots.
Starlord gloves (Around £7): Replica from the film.
Orange headphones (around £5): We’re swooning a little from the retro charm of these!
Cassette player (Around £15): Perfect for traversing foreign lands whilst bopping.
Boots (around £80): Stylish cosplay style boots.

Add that extra Halloween touch

Because it’s all about those delicious Halloween sprinkles.

  1. Peter’s mix-tape (Around £10): the official cassette (yes you read that right) of the film’s soundtrack.

Once you’ve got the clothes and accessories together, it’s time for some dry comments and a ton of blastin’ (both of retro tunes and blasters). Put your headphones on, and get groovin’.

I can’t stop this feeling, deep inside of me…

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