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The Best Accessories for Xbox One in 2017: Controllers, peripherals, and more

Microsoft’s Xbox One has a plethora of accessories, gadgets and extras are all available to flesh out the gaming experience. This is, after all, the console that initially came with a Kinect in the box too. If you happen to be an Xbox One owner, you have a lot of options but which are the best accessories for Xbox One right now? Here’s our guide.

This article will take a look at some of the absolute must-owns when it comes to hardware for Xbox One owners. If you like, we’ve also got a roundup of all the assorted Xbox One essentials, as well as a more specific look at the best Halo gifts, accessories and merchandise or even our favourite Gears of War gifts, t-shirts and merch available to fly your Xbox fandom free.

 The essential Xbox One accessories

You might be an experienced Xbox owner, having owned each of the iterations since the very original model (the one we can’t call the Xbox One 1 anymore), or perhaps you jumped on board with the release of the intensely successful Xbox 360. Maybe still, the Xbox One is your first console, or you’re still in the planning stages of becoming an owner of Microsoft’s latest baby. Whatever your situation, the Xbox One is certainly no slouch when it comes to accessories.

Whether you favour first-person-shooters over adventure games, if racing sims are your thing or if you’re a fighting game junkie, the Xbox One has an accessory (or several) out there designed specifically to make your gaming experience better. If you’re dedicated to playing online multiplayer games, you’re going to need a comfortable, high-quality headset, whereas if you marathon your way through games you’re going to be chewing through AA batteries without opting to buy yourself a Play and Charge kit. The examples only grow from there.

As such, the accessories you’ll need for your Xbox One vary depending on what kind of video game player you are. No matter what, there will be accessories that you really should own but how far you go down that rabbit hole is entirely down to you, of course. That being said, getting the absolute perfect accessory for whatever you need is also massively satisfying in itself, so we’ve gone and compiled a fairly broad list of the absolute best accessories available for Xbox One right now. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at our top picks for the essential Xbox One accessories that you should own.

Xbox One Controller

Xbox One Controller New

Of course, the extra controller. The ‘player two’ controller, as it used to be known. This one is pretty much common sense, right? Sure, but you’d be surprised how often having a second controller at the ready is neglected these days, especially with the advent of online multiplayer games. Sad but true.

What gets missed here, though, is the ability to have a second controller for the next time your friends or family visit and someone suggests playing a quick game of FIFA, Mortal Kombat X or any number of other titles. Not only that but by not having a second controller, you’ll also safeguard yourself against your existing controller running out of battery or dying from any other form of malfunction. ‘Malfunction’ here meaning after you get killed one too many times when playing online and your controller ‘accidentally’ falls out of your hands.

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Xbox One Elite Controller


While we’re talking about extra controllers, on top of the range of different coloured Xbox One Wireless controllers you could possibly buy, there is also the luxury option. If you have the budget for it, you should absolutely get yourself an Xbox One Elite Controller. In this writer’s opinion, the Xbox One Elite Controller may very well be the best gaming controller available on the market today.

The Elite controller differs from the standard controller in a whole host of ways, most noticeably in terms of customisation. The Elite controller allows users to switch out the D-pad and both thumbsticks to suit their playing style in a more exact way, along with the ability to re-map any and all of the controller’s buttons using some supplied software. The customisation gets to be so minute that even the sensitivity of the triggers and thumbsticks can be fine-tuned.

The controller also features four customisable ‘paddle’ buttons on the back of the pad itself, which can be used to give players easier, quick access to the button of their choice – especially helpful in online twitch-based shooters. From our testing, the weightier feel of the controller also serves to create a  more solid and satisfying playing experience, no matter what type of game is being played.

Make no mistake, this is a luxury item, coming at the high cost of a three-digit price point. That being said, once experiencing one for a prolonged period of time, it may be difficult to see it as anything but an absolute essential.

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Play and Charge Kit

play and charge

No matter what controller you end up using, you’re going to need one of these Play and Charge kits. If there was any one thing on this list that can be classed as “the most” essential, it would be one of these. There’s not even a whole lot to say about these guys beyond the fact that Xbox One wireless controllers as standard are powered by two AA batteries. Needless to say, replacing two AA batteries each time your controller dies gets old very quickly.

So, instead of spending silly amounts of money on batteries, get yourself an Xbox One Play and Charge kit. It’s formed of two parts – the first is a lithium ion battery pack that takes the place of the AAs and a USB to micro USB cable with which to plug your controller into your console. From that point, you can continue using your controller while it charges or leave it plugged in and charging while your console is in rest mode.

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Media Remote


Perhaps a little more niche, the Xbox One Media Remote is best suited for those of you who plan on using your Xbox One console for more than just games. Whether it’s live TV, Netflix, YouTube or blu-rays, the Media Remote lets you use your Xbox One for a majority of things without having to turn on an Xbox One controller. It’s also tiny enough that it won’t be in the way when resting on a coffee table and better still, it’s got a funky little feature that makes it light up when you pick it up. It’s cute, affordable and a nice extra to have.

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Xbox Live Gold Membership

Xbox Live Deals

When talking about what every Xbox One owner needs to have, an Xbox Live Gold membership is always going to be brought up as one of the most important things. Not only is a Gold membership required to play games online with other people (something you’ll inevitably end up doing a lot of as an Xbox One owner), but you’ll also get four games for free each month for your money.

The freebies each month, for the record, will be two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games, all in digital form and all playable on an Xbox One console thanks to the system’s backwards compatibility, which is an ever-expanding library of older games. In contrast to Sony’s similar offering, the games you get given each month are yours to keep, even if you cancel your Xbox Live Gold membership at a later date. Basically, an Xbox Live Gold membership is something that every Xbox One owner should have.

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Hori Real Arcade Pro V Kai

Hori Real Arcade Stick

For all you fighting game addicts out there, if you’ve ever played a fighting game at an arcade you’ll appreciate the value of using a stick and a set of flat (and extra clicky) buttons to play. Now you can bring that experience home as an Xbox One owner thanks to companies like Hori, which specialise in making the arcade experience in a much more house-friendly format.

Hori’s Real Arcade Pro V Kai, as wordy as its title may be, is by far the best arcade fight stick available to buy for the Xbox One at the moment, being officially licensed by Microsoft itself. Hori is a company well versed in products like this and has been delivering the highest quality fight sticks around for well over a decade now. It might be a touch pricey for anyone who isn’t quite a dedicated fighting game fanatic, but it’s certainly a worthy investment if you are.

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Thrustmaster TMX Pro Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster TMX

Much like the arcade fight stick is an essential accessory for fighting game fans, the racing wheel controller is a must-have for any driving game fans. When playing a game like Forza Horizon 3, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a well-made force feedback steering wheel, complete with a set of pedals to make the immersion of the game really take over.

While it might be only for the truly dedicated, the Thrustmaster TMX Pro Force Feedback is second to none when it comes to satisfying that racing sim itch for anyone who has a burning desire to burn rubber. Price-wise, it sits comfortably in the ‘enthusiasts only’ area, though it’s kitted out with a truly absurd amount of fine-tuned features and with a 100% metal build structure, you’ll find it to be worth the asking price.

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Seagate Game Drive 2TB External

seagate game drive

The bane of every modern console owner’s existence is the lack of storage space. Both the Xbox One and PS4 consoles were initially released with a paltry 500GB of storage capacity and while that amount has gradually crept up over the past few years with consoles coming in 1TB and 2TB forms, if you didn’t happen to get one of those versions, you may find yourself constantly having to delete things from your console’s memory in order to install fun new things.

Thankfully, Microsoft built the Xbox One to be completely compatible with external hard drives — which solves the vast majority of these issues in a super easy, fairly affordable, and almost instant way. Seagate went ahead and partnered with Microsoft to sell a series of external drives geared specifically for use with Xbox One consoles too, complete with matching garish green colour scheme. These come in 2TB and 4TB sizes as well as a 512GB SSD model for faster speeds.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One

Turtle Beach XO

What would any self-respecting list of the absolute essential Xbox One accessories be without a headset that will let you interact with your friends or any of those other fun people you find online. Sure, you’ll have already gotten an Xbox One headset in the box when you bought your console but let’s face it, the one in the box is rubbish! You’re going to want to get yourself a better one if you plan on playing any games online for more than a day or two total.

Fortunately, Turtle Beach make this rather slick looking ‘XO One’ model headset which walks the line between affordability and high-quality rather beautifully. It won’t break the bank like some of the more luxurious gaming headsets out there, but you’ll still be getting a well-made headset with some great audio quality that will last you years.

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Xbox One Wireless Adaptor

After many years of customer requests, Microsoft released an official Xbox One wireless USB adapter. This dongle makes it possible to use your wonderful Xbox One wireless controller (and, if you’re lucky, the Xbox One Elite controller) with your PC. While it might not be an essential for Xbox One owners specifically, if you happen to own both an Xbox One controller and a gaming PC, you’re going to want one of these. From my own personal experience of using an Xbox One Elite controller as a PC controller, I don’t think I can ever go back. A lot of that I owe to this little guy.

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Of course, this list isn’t definitive when it comes to all the awesome accessories available for Xbox One right now. This is just some of our top picks for what we think are the essential Xbox One accessories that you should probably get, there are definitely far more options and extra-specific accessories out there and you may just discover something you never knew existed along the way. Thanks for reading, hopefully, we’ve been able to help you in your quest for the best Xbox One accessories and maybe even saved a few pennies along the way. Have fun out there!

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