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Costumes for Halloween 2017: Games, comics and film themed outfits

Halloween’s on the horizon and to celebrate we’ve deconstructed a few of the best Halloween costumes from the world of games, comics and film. So far we have a DIY costume guide for vengeful crusader The Punisher (who’s about to head up his own Netflix series), Walking Dead villain Negan, the ever popular miss Harley Quinn, witty space-farer Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, and the mysterious Chell from Valve’s Portal series. We’ve also looked at some of the best Zelda costume ideas out there.

The Punisher’s an excellent go-to Halloween costume —  the veteran vigilante is instantly recognisable, particularly following his recent dalliances in the Marvel Netflix universe, and it’s a straight forward outfit to get together in a pinch, perfect for cosplay or parties. Check out our DIY Punisher outfit for Halloween here.

Everyone’s favourite psychotic cupcake and delinquet puddin’ was last year’s most popular costume for Halloween, and folk on the internet have been cosplaying Miss Quinn since well, the internet. Whether you’re a fan of DC comics, last year’s Suicide Squad film or you feel that Harley Quinn may be your spirit animal, this is a striking outfit perfect for cosplay, parties and colourful killin’ sprees. Check out our DIY Harley Quinn outfit here.

Human-Alien hybrid Peter Quill is the hero in the hugely successful Guardians film and comic franchise. Whether you’re a fan of Marvel comics, the Guardians movies or you just reckon Star Lord is too cool a name to pass up, this is a striking outfit perfect for cosplay, parties and intergalactic bounty hunts. Check out our DIY Peter Quill ‘Star Lord’ outfit here.

The silent protagonist of the Portal games, she is put through a series of tests by evil robot GLadOS, who is hell-bent on murdering her. An easy to put together costume that comes with an extra helping of Valve fandom, it’s perfect for cosplay, parties and the revelation of difficult cake based truths. Check out our DIY Chell from Portal outfit here.

Fan favourite and definitive Bad Guy Negan is an excellent go-to Halloween costume —  the baseball wielding psychopath (with added charisma) is instantly recognisable following the success of AMC’s Walking Dead, and uses clothes that suit both guys and gals. Whether you’re a fan of the comics or the television show, this is a straight forward outfit perfect for cosplay, parties and thwackin’ zombies. Check out our DIY Negan from Walking Dead outfit here.

With the release of the tremendous Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’d be forgiven for being even more of a Zelda fanatic than ever before. With great fandom comes great excuses to indulge in some of the best Zelda costumes around. Whether for a party, Halloween or a cosplay convention, these are our picks for the best Zelda costumes around — including Link, Princess Zelda and more weapons then you shake a pointy stick at. Check out our ultimate guide to Legend of Zelda outfits.

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