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Best Nintendo Switch deals October: Save on console bundles, games, accessories, and more

Over six months into the release of Nintendo’s  console/hand-held hybrid in the UK, and it’s been selling like hotcakes ever since. We’ll keep digging about trying to find the best and cheapest deals on the Switch, which is still retailing at around £279.99. Let’s take a look at the best Nintendo Switch deals available right now and the greatest bundles on offer.

Everything you need to get started with a Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s latest video game console is unique within the current games market, and not just because it’s the best way to play Zelda and Pokémon in glorious HD. The Nintendo Switch is designed as both a home console and a handheld one — and it balances that magnificently. If you do decide to pick up a Nintendo Switch console you’re probably going to want to get a couple of extras to go along with your purchase. First, you’ll want to pick up a carry case, which you can find in our guide to the best Nintendo Switch accessories. Next, you may want to grab yourself a Switch screen protector, which we have a guide for as well. Finally, sooner or later, you’re going to want to pick up a Micro SD card for Nintendo Switch. Got all that? Then check out some of the best Nintendo Switch games on offer. With all that taken care of, let’s get to the console deals.

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The Nintendo Switch isn’t quite like any console on the market right now and, indeed, unlike almost any console released as of yet. It’s a hybrid system that lets players enjoy games on a big TV screen at full 1080p resolution. However, whenever needed, the console can be undocked and played handheld – whether that’s in another room or another country. Return home to your Switch dock and all you’ll need to do is slip the Switch back into its dock, and the image will appear back on the TV within seconds.

The Nintendo Switch was officially unveiled a mere six months before the system hit store shelves in March 2017 and went on to become Nintendo’s fastest selling console to date, shipping just shy of three million units by the end of its first month on sale. That’s thanks in no small part to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being a Nintendo Switch launch title, especially since that game actually managed to sell slightly more Switch copies than Nintendo sold Switch consoles that month.

The Switch is comprised of the tablet-like system itself, along with a pair of Joy-Con controllers for left and right hands, which detach from the console and can slide into separate holders. Inside the box, you’ll also get the dock, which cradles the Switch console and enables the picture to be transferred to a TV or monitor, as well as the power supply and USB-C cable to make it all come together. As previously mentioned, storage can be added using Micro SD and SDXC cards, although the system does come loaded with 32GB of storage by default.

Without further hesitation, let’s take a look at the best Nintendo Switch deals available right now.

Best UK Nintendo Switch Deals – Updated 25/10/2017

Best pre-order bundle

Grab the cheapest Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch bundle at Smyths, where it’s going for £319.99.

The cheapest individual Nintendo Switch console under £250

You can get a Nintendo Switch in grey for £247 (including delivery) from an Ebay store.

The cheapest Neon Nintendo Switch console for under £270

You can grab this beautiful Nintendo Switch with neon colouring for £267 at eGlobal, as part of their Halloween discount.

Biggest discount deal, Neon Nintendo Switch with Mario kart and wheels under £300

You can grab a neon Nintendo Switch, a pair of wheel extensions for your controllers, and a copy of Mario Kart 8 deluxe for under £300 from Ebay. The same bundle is retailing at Amazon for £330.

Nintendo Switch and two games for under £300

You can grab a Nintendo Switch in Neon with Lego Worlds AND Rayman Legends for £299 at GAME, saving a decent £38 on full price.

Save 13% on a Nintendo Switch Neon console with Splatoon 2 or Mario + Rabbids

Save 13% on a Nintendo Switch Neon console with a choice of game bundle (based on current Amazon price, where it’s also running low on stock) with this deal at Smyths. You can pick up a Nintendo Switch Neon with either Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle or Splatoon 2 for £319.

Nintendo Switch Zelda gift value bundle

In terms of gift/unique value, this wonderful Hyrule Rider pack from the official Nintendo store gets you a Switch (£279), a Link rider Amiibo (worth £25 on Amazon and likely to increase in value), a hard pouch (worth £15), and a copy of Zelda: Breath of The Wild (around £50), plus two year guarantee for £354.

Best US Nintendo Switch Deals – Updated 11/10/2017

We’ll be updating this list of the latest and greatest Nintendo Switch deals each week and as often as we can in between so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often.

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