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Best Suicide Squad gifts and merchandise: Costumes, figurines, homewares. and more

One of 2016’s most successful movies, the star-studded Suicide Squad film grossed over $700 million worldwide. It followed an ensemble cast of DC villains such as inveterate trickster Joker (last seen in the Dark Knight) and psycho pop muffin Harley Quinn, who join forces to tackle a sinister force. Let’s take a gander at the finest Suicide Squad merchandise that the internet’s yielded thus far.

Suicide Squad Blu-Ray Extended Cut

JD Suicide Squad Bluray

If you’ve not yet seen the extended cut of Suicide Squad, which features around 13 minutes of extra footage, it’s definitely worth a gander! Fans claim that the additional content adds more depth and character development into the overall film.

Suicide Squad Comic Series 2011 – 2015

JD Suicide Squad Comics

The Suicide Squad have been about in the DC universe since 1959, and have had plenty of opportunities for misadventure as part of that mythology. This particular comic book series, which followed a DC reboot in 2011, provides a good balance of character backstory and new plot-lines for those who are new to the Suicide Squad universe. It starts at the “beginning”, with backstories, and covers five volumes in total.

Puddin’ Print

JD Puddin print

This high-quality print features everyone’s favourite fun-filled lollipop triple-dipped in psycho, Harley Quinn. Aptly titled “Puddin”, it comes a range of sizes and frames.

Suicide Squad Vinyl Idolz Joker figurine

JD Joker

Vinyl meets psycho with this lovingly detailed 8” Suicide Squad Vinyl Idolz figurine of everyone’s favourite unhinged trickster. Joker sports his green hair, bad-ass grills  and graphic tattoos, just like Jared Leto in the film.

Lego DC Universe Killer Croc double pack

JD Crocs

Two adorable (and official) Killer Crocs to add to your Lego collection, one which is huge, angry and terrifying, and one that is tiny, angry and terrifying. Pick a Killer Croc for your mood!

Suicide Squad Shot Glasses

JD Suicide Squad

Add an extra punch to your shot with these cute and deadly Suicide Squad shot glasses, which feature distinctive representations of Harley Quinn, The Joker, Deadshot and the title. Fill with luridly coloured/volatile liquids to really get into the Squad’s aesthetic.

Suicide Squad Soundtrack Vinyl

JD suicide Squad Vinyl

This fancy 12” collectors edition vinyl features the entire composed Suicide Squad soundtrack across two LPs. With song titles such as “Arkham Asylum” and “One Bullet is All I Need”, it’s hard to resist.

DC Legion of Collectors Box Suicide Squad XL

Jd Suicide Squad goody bag

A delightful box filled with exclusive collectables such as an Enchantress Funko Pop, Joker and Harley Quinn action figures, a Suicide Squad Pop! T-shirt, a #1 edition of the Suicide Squad comic, a Katana patch and a Deadshot pin. A perfect lil’ box of nerdiness.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Jacket

JD Harley Quinn Jacket

Perfect for Halloween, or for maintaining a Harley-esque attitude in your day to day life (kill everyone and leave you say?), this coat has some lovely details and a flattering cut. Joker as boyfriend optional.

Harley Quinn – Inmate figurine

JD Harley Quinn Figurine


From Vinyl maestros Funko’s Suicide Squad line comes this detailed and posable action figure of Harley Quinn as an inmate. It stands at around 12 cm tall and comes with tiny, tiny accessories. Other characters such as the Joker and Enchantress are also available, but this one’s definitely our favourite!

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