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The best Mass Effect merchandise: Gift ideas from hoodies to action figures

The legendary Mass Effect franchise has been around for over a decade now, and following along with an inter-stellar fan-base is a ton of awesome clothing, trinkets, accessories and more bearing the game’s branding. We’re talking everything from  Elcor plushies to statues, hoodies and books – so without further adieu, here are our favourite bits of the best Mass Effect gifts & merchandise.

Whether you’ve been a fan since the days of Commander Shepard or your first experience with a Mass Effect game is with Andromeda and the Pathfinder themselves, the series has a superb style and a stunning amount of desirable merchandise.. Everything from N7 branded T-shirts, hoodies and jackets all the way to Mass Effect Monopoly (yep, that exists), there’s plenty of stuff to add to your collection if you’re a fan of this particular brand of space-age soap opera.

We’ll start by taking a look at some of our favourite pieces of Mass Effect gear before checking out some of the best clothing options out there for the discerning star citizens amongst you. Let’s get started and see if we can Geth you a bargain (see what we did there.)

My Little Elcor Talking 7″ Mini Plush

Talking Elcor Plush

Look, first things first – this is an Elcor plush that talks. Like, seriously, if you’re on the hunt for the coolest bits of Mass Effect merchandise, this one sets a high bar. Not only is it straight-up adorable and extra cuddly,  it speaks five different phrases in that infamous Elcor style. If there’s anything unfortunate to say about this one, it’s that it’s definitely on the pricey side of things. But can you really put a price on the joy of hugging your very own Elcor?

In the UK: £94.99 from Amazon UK | In the US: $120 from Amazon US

Mordin and Grunt Plushes

Grunt and Mordin

While you’re in the plushie zone, you’re going to want to check out these two fellas. Both Mordin and Grunt from Mass Effect 3 have been given the plush treatment from Bioware and the results are heart-warming, to say the least. Look at their little one-colour eyes! These ones won’t do any talking (or singing, sadly) but they’re still plenty huggable and collectable. They’re available directly from the Bioware Store while stock lasts.

Grunt Plush – In the UK/US: $40 / £35 from Bioware Store
Mordin Plush – In the UK/US: $40 / £35 from Bioware Store

Remote Control NOMAD ND1

Nomad RC

This remote control version of Mass Effect Andromeda’s planet rover, the NOMAD ND1, is actually sold as the Collector’s Edition of the game itself. Bioware has pulled out all the stops for this one, offering up a 1:18 scale replica of the NOMAD, with six-wheel drive and an onboard camera to record every journey via the coinciding smartphone app. As a matter of fact, this whole thing is controlled via that phone app, making controls simple and ever-ready. Another plus – the battery is rechargeable via an included USB cable, so you won’t have to go scrounging for AAs anytime soon. That all being said, this is a luxury item and has a price tag to match. It’s available while stock lasts from Bioware in the US and GAME in the UK.

In the UK: £249.99 from GAME | In the US: $279.99 from Bioware Store

Andromeda: Pathfinder Edition

Andromeda Collectors Edition

As part of this lovely set, which is completely limited edition, you’ll get an Andromeda back-pack, hard-cover strategy guide, DLC, pull-out Galaxy chart, and more trinkets beside.

In the UK: £79.99 at GAME

Omni-tool Cosplay Weapon Replica

Omni Tool

Whether you’re the cosplaying type or not, it’s hard to resist the desire to get one of these life-size Omni-tool replicas. Anyone who’s played even one of the Mass Effect games will instantly recognise the infamous translucent orange Omni-tool that sits comfortably (?) on your protagonist’s forearm. Now, you too can be the proud owner of an Omni-tool that also flips out to become the Omni-Blade. For the record, this thing has an adjustable strap to fit most sizes of arms and comes with its own display stand in case you just fancy having it as a showpiece in your home.

In the UK: £49.99 from Amazon UK | In the US: $47.99 from ThinkGeek

Mass Effect Adult Colouring Book

Mass Effect Colouring Book

Adult colouring books (or ‘coloring’ books, if you’re in the States) are quite a fun new thing that’s cropped up over the past few years and let it never be said that Bioware doesn’t spot a trend occurring. This book features forty-five detailed black and white illustrations representing several recognisable moments and characters from the Mass Effect universe, all for you to colour in yourself. Adult colouring books are largely used to alleviate stress and anxiety but even if you’re not suffering from these, they’re just super fun and Mass Effect is as good as any series to enjoy colouring.

In the UK: £10.85 from Amazon UK | In the US: $10.30 from Amazon US

Mass Effect Monopoly

Monopoly Mass Effect

Now you can experience the joy of pure Capitalism with distinct space-opera overtones, as well as a Space Hamster playing piece, perfect for fans and general lovers of inter-galactic rodents.

In the UK: From £49 at Ebay | In the US: From $55

Mass Effect Funko Pop Vinyl

Mass Effect Funko

These days, if there’s some form of media – be it games, movies, TV or books – it’s only a matter of time before there’s a Funko figure of it. So yeah, there’s Mass Effect Funko Pops. The original line-up included characters like Male Shepard, Thane and of course, everyone’s favourite Space-Buddy, Garrus. The newer line-up features the future familiars of Andromeda including Sara Ryder and ‘PeeBee’, among others. Keep ’em on your desk, keep ’em in their display boxes, the choice is yours.

In the UK: £11.99 from Amazon UK | In the US: $10.99 from Amazon US

Mass Effect: Andromeda Collector’s Edition Guide

A handy guide for all the gut-wrenching choices and combat you’ll be playing in Andromeda. It also  features Encyclopedic knowledge of in-game units and weapons, which makes for a stunning reference guide.

In the UK: From £17.99 at Forbidden Planet | In the US: From $25 at Amazon


N7 Wearable Cosplay Helmet

N7 Helmet

This one’s probably only for the real die-hards. Yes, this is a full-size, wearable N7 helmet mask. Designed with cosplaying (or at the very least, Halloween parties) in mind, this thing is fairly intense. Made entirely of PVC and crafted with intense detail,  this thing is sure to make an impression while you’re attempting to make conversation through the featureless mouthpiece at the next EGX you attend.

In the UK: £89.99 from Amazon UK | In the US: $109.99 from Amazon US

Mass Effect Soundtrack on Vinyl

Mass Effect Vinyls

Because everything gets a commemorative release on vinyl these days, so too does the Mass Effect soundtrack. It’s a rather stunning set of vinyl records, though, comprising the soundtrack of all three original Mass Effect games as well as a bonus LP featuring a set of bonus tracks. On top of all that, it’s got Garrus right front and centre on the cover, so you know it’s doing something right. This one is exclusive to the Bioware store and the Deluxe four-vinyl set is a limited edition, so get it while you can.

In the UK/US: $100 / £90 from Bioware Store

Mass Effect Normandy SR-1 Ship Replica

Normandy Replica

Ah, the Normandy. We had some good times there, didn’t we? What better way to commemorate your old ship and home-away-from-home than with a dinky little 6.75-inch replica of the old gal, which comes attached to its own display base. This version is the SR-1 but the SR-2 is also available, albeit in a slightly shorter scale.

In the UK: £34.95 from Amazon UK | In the US: $34.12 from Amazon US

Mass Effect Risk

Risk Mass Effect board game

This extremely unique version of Risk features tiny harbinger units, amongst other unique trinkets. Unfortunately, it’s been limited edition for a very long time. Your best bet of securing one is from Ebay or Amazon, where it’s going in upwards of £130. Worth it? We think so, if your fandom is strong.

In the UK: £167 at Amazon  In the US: $139 at Amazon


The Art of Mass Effect: Andromeda Limited Edition

Mass Effect Art Books

Mass Effect has always had stunning sci-fi visuals, and whilst there are many art books out there capturing this, the Andromeda limited edition set is particularly striking. The Tempest blueprints are unique and gorgeous, and the galactic slip-cover is a little piece of art in of itself.

In the US: From $80 from the Bioware store In the UK: From £84 on Ebay

N7 Faux-Leather Jacket

N7 Faux Leather

This faux-leather jacket is designed as a replica of one of Shepard’s in-game jackets in Mass Effect 3. Your Shepard could don this suave number on one of the game’s casual nights out such as to the local bar or while aimlessly running around the Normandy in a futile attempt to find that lost crew member who you haven’t interacted with yet. This real-world version retains all the features of the in-game version, minus the space dust and failed romance attempts.

In the UK/US: $98 / $80 from Bioware Store

N& Pathfinder Hoodie

Pathfinder hoodie

In time for the release of Andromeda, there’s a brand new version of the officially licenced N7 hoodie. The Pathfinder N7 hoodie comes in a greyish-blue colour and features little red shoulder stripes. It’s also just rather fetching, isn’t it? If it strikes your fancy, it’s available right now.

In the UK: £49.99 from GAME | In the US: $59.99 from Merchoid

Mass Effect Board Shorts and Bikini

Mass Effect Swimwear

Summer’s coming (or has passed, depending on when you read this) so what better time to invest in some video game-themed swimwear? Musterbrand, a company known for creating luxury attire based on games, is offering up the effective ‘his’ and ‘hers’ of Mass Effect skimp-wear. There’s a set of N7 board shorts to be had alongside a similarly N7-styled bikini set.

Board Shorts – In the UK: £37 from Amazon UK | In the US: $49.99 from Amazon US
Women’s Bikini – In the UK: £37 from Amazon UK | In the US: $49.99 from Amazon US

N7 Armor Stripe Hoodie

N7 Hoodie

Ah, there it is, the old faithful N7 hoodie. This official Bioware ‘Armor’ hoodie features the iconic N7 red stripe down the right side and the N7 logo embroidered on the right chest. Also featured is a headphone feed to keep your cables inside the jacket, a ‘blizzard neck’ hood, a custom gunmetal N7 zipper pull and the satisfaction that you’re wearing one of the coolest, yet most subtle pieces of video game iconography.

In the UK/US: $74 / £65 from Bioware Store

As you can definitely tell, there’s a whole lot of Mass Effect merch out there! Quite a variety to choose from and these are just some of our favourite bits available. Have we missed something awesome? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll take a look!

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