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Black Friday Fitness Tracker Deals

Fitness trackers. You may know them as the FitBit, the Under Armour Band, Samsung Gear 2, Microsoft Band 2, Jawbone UP2, Nike+ FuelBand and many other wearable devices presumably with the word ‘band’ in the title. These things will help keep your Christmas gluttony in check. Here are the best fitness tracker prices for Black Friday 2017. We’ve also included some tips and tricks to ensure you get the best bargain possible.

As the year comes to a close, the good folk across the land begin laying their wallets out in humble sacrifice for that most exciting and fervent of events – Black Friday 2017, landing on the 24th of November. More people have been killed in the USA by Black Friday than eaten by sharks over the years, making bargain hunting a deadly business. But no fear, we’ve stared direct into the heart of the storm and can tell you that vast swathes of those sweet bargains have moved online, so put away that baseball bat and get yourself in front of your device.We’re here, primed and ready to bring you all the best deals, price reductions, bargains and offers for the day itself. let’s take a look at the best Black Friday fitness tracker deals out and about in the run-up.

How to get the best deals for Black Friday 2017

Preparation is key. First things first, decide what you want. Retailers are prone to artificially inflating prices to make the deals look more compelling (sneaky, we know), and as the biggest and best deals tend to evaporate the fastest both online and offline, you’ll want to be ready to go the moment you see one. Much like Pokémon, the rarest and most lovely of offers pop up infrequently, and are being hunted by a multitude of other blood-thirsty trainers. Especially if you’re vying for big name brands like Apple, Samsung or Google, there’ll be other people interested, guaranteed.  So get an idea of what you want, how much it costs normally (check prices before the November run-up), and what you’re willing to pay for it.

Price match to get the best deals

With regards to ensuring you’re getting a deal and not being tricked, websites like CamelCamelCamel will show you Amazon prices for both the UK and US over a time period, ensuring that that price drop is actually a discount, and not an artificial inflation in order to boost sales. A brief Google Shopping search can give you a rough idea of what the average price of your decided item is. Don’t be duped by lurid discount stickers, look at the actual price of an item and whether that discount relates to its normal (ie. pre Black Friday) RRP.

Be quick when you see what you want

The biggest mistake you can make is assuming that a deal will last all day. We can tell you now, the good ones don’t. Hot deals materialise and disappear in the blink of an eye. We’re talking hours, if not literal seconds, with Black Friday discounts. If you see a good price on a popular item, nab it before everyone else does. This is how you avoid disappointment.

Additionally, you’ll want your items with free delivery, particularly if you’re looking to buy those big ticket goodies. Mega online retailer Amazon’s Prime delivery service will give you free, fast delivery, as well as unique Prime discounts, which may slash even more off the price of your chosen product. If you’ve not used it before, the 30 day free trial could literally save you hundreds in delivery. You can even order tons of items to arrive on the same day. Additionally, you’ll get stuff super-fast, with same day delivery optional on many items, meaning you’ll enjoy your hard won haul all the sooner.

Ensure you get a warranty on the big ticket items

Lastly, keep an eye on the fine print. Smaller retailers may provide some of the biggest discounts, but going for the cheapest deal isn’t necessarily the best idea sometimes, particularly with electrical items. You’ll want a decent warranty, and often the more well known retailers like John Lewis and Tesco will have the best product warranties. If a five year warranty puts you out £20 on the purchase of an item, go for the warranty. You want your extremely fancy and expensive items covered, because you don’t need us to tell you things break, like, all the time Now we’ve cleared that up, let’s go forth into the deals.

UK Deals

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