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Christmas Gift Guide for Nintendo Fans and Gamers

If you’re seeking Christmas presents for a Nintendo fan, whether that’s someone who loves playing the latest games on their Switch or who harbours an abiding fondness for the iconic console’s retro incarnations and unique characters — we’re here to help. Perhaps you’re looking for a stocking filler, something a little unusual, or are just intent on showering your loved ones with the hottest Nintendo gear around — whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered! Let’s take a closer look at the best Christmas gifts for the Nintendo gamer in your life.

These Nintendo Switch Joy-Con grips will ensure a comfortable gaming experience, particularly for driving games! Grab ’em for £7.99 over at Amazon right now.

Featuring the iconic ‘shroom from Mario, these stylish Mushroom boxers are sure to please any Nintendo fans. Nab a pair at EMP for £9.99.

This adorable Pikachu mug changes gets all electric when you apply heat, grab it at Truffle Shuffle for £9.99.

Get chopping with this lovely retro Gameboy board, made of wooden bamboo, it’s sure to brighten up your kitchen (and bring you back to the heady days of 8-bit gaming). Get it for £19.99 over at Truffle Shuffle.

This official Super Mario plush features the aptly named Piranha Plant (we call ’em Biteys) is super detailed and stands at 9″. Get your own plushie predator for £19.44 at Amazon right now.

This Poké Ball themed Nintendo 2DS XL console is not only adorable but boasts some strong button game. Get one for £139.99 at Amazon.

Play whilst charging in this nifty angled Nintendo Switch stand. Officially licensed and portable, it’s a fun way to play on the go with comfort. These guys are just over a tenner at Amazon.

Appease the Link fan in your life with this Legend of Zelda Tri-Force light, which’ll project the Hyrule Crest onto nearby walls and surfaces. Powered via Micro USB or batteries, imbue more Power, Wisdom and Courage for a mere £21.15 over at Amazon right now.

These stylish Mario t-shirts pack a Propaganda style punch, get a pseudo Soviet Mario for £12.99 and a stylish incarnation of evil foe Bowser  over at EMP.

Aw, this sleepy (and pretty big) Snorlax plushie is perfect for cuddle napping and other high stress pursuits, catch ‘im over at Amazon for around £25.

Nintendo Switch Messenger Bag

This officially licensed Nintendo Switch messenger carries and secures the entire system for easy (and super safe) portability. It’s even got a removable internal case for just handheld mode travelling. You can grab it at Amazon for £24.99.

Mushroom Cat Plush

Enjoy Toad from Mario and plush cat cuteness with this ADORABLE plushie, currently £13.99 at the Nintendo Store.

Mario Coasters

Get your retro cool on with this fantastic Nintendo SNES coaster mini set, featuring original cartridge artwork from Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda. Nab ’em at Truffle Shuffle for £8.99.

Speaking of the glorious SNES, if you’re feeling generous you can give the gift of purest, unbridled Nintendo with the Nintendo Classic Mini. It’s got 21 games blasted it from the 90s, including originals of Mario Kart and Legend of Zelda. Back in stock at Amazon, you can grab one for £121.

Zelda Nendoroid

This most beauteous (and insanely collectable) of Nendoroids features Link and recurring steed Epona. Loving detailed and articulated, additional items include a cache of weapons and a removable hood. You can nab one of these chaps at Amazon for £64.59.

This cute lil’ stocking filler of a Mario shroom is sure to please any Nintendo fan, get one for a mere £3.99 at Amazon.

A Pokemon wallet featuring both a stylish Tropical print and many adorable Kanto era Pokémon, you can catch all the florals for £32.99 at EMP.

Nintendo Switch BobKin

These snouty and sneaky Bokoblin plushies from the Zelda series are just so cute, this ones modelled on recent smash hit Breath of the Wild. Grab this officially licensed cuddly at Amazon for £24.99.

Hark back to the days of Super Mario Maker with this Build-A-Level mug, which comes with four sheets of sticks to create your very own design. Power up your morning for £7.99 at Truffle Shuffle.




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