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The Best Games Merchandise Deals for 2018

Sometimes, we love games a lot. So much so that we want to wear our hearts for these games on our sleeves figuratively and literally, and so merchandise from these games is a big deal. From clothes to mugs, figures and cuddly toys and beyond, there’s a lot of gaming trinkets out there, getting a gift for the gamers in your life (or indeed, yourself) doesn’t have to be restricted to something as predictable as just the game. Here’s our pick of our favourite games merchandise deals from across many shops from a range of top games franchises.

This Doom t-shirt features the classic boxart from the original 1993 games, with Doomguy fighting off the hordes of hell. Get this iconic design on a t-shirt for £12.99 from EMP

Colouring books aren’t just for kids anymore. They’re a great way to pass the time and lets you put your own touch on the art from your favourite games. If you want Commander Shepard’s favourite book on the Citadel, it’s probably this Mass Effect Colouring Book for £14.99 from Amazon UK.

Set the mood with this Destiny Candle Pack, a set of five scented candles, each one with its own aroma that should hopefully remind you of a different planet from the Destiny series. Certainly an unusual gift, you can get hold of it for £19.99 at Yellow Bulldog

Nuketown is one of the Call of Duty series’ most famous maps, set around an abandoned nuclear test site. Now you can wear its retro stylings on this Call of Duty t-shirt for £9.99 at Yellow Bulldog.

You might think Dark Souls, the tough-as-nails action RPG, might be pretty tricky to convert into a board game, but thanks to a succesful Kickstarter, that’s now a reality. You can pick up the Dark Souls board game now for £76.26 from Zatu Games.

If you’re a Nintendo fan after some cool jewellery accessories, why not check out these Mario earrings with three different designs featuring the 1UP Mushrooms, a pair of Super Stars or a pair of Boos. They’re yours for £17.99 for all three pairs from EMP.

Fan of The Witcher series? Show your love for Geralt and his friends penchants for wild hunts with this stylish necklace featuring the Wild Hunt wolf emblem. The eyes even glow up thanks to a pair of LEDs. This The Witcher Wild Hunt Medallion with LED Eyes is yours for £45.99 from EMP.

Fallout’s Vault Boy is an iconic mascot of the series, so you can be sure there’s plenty of stuff with his face on it, including this Bomber keyring of him riding a bomb ala the scene from Doctor Strangelove. It’s yours to take home for £3.99 from EMP. 

Of course, another staple of the Fallout series has been your faithful canine companion Dogmeat. If you’re a fan of the enormously popular Pop Vinyl figurines, then you’ll probably be interested in this Dogmeat Pop Vinyl Figure for £10.99 from Amazon.

Alternatively, why not consider this Dogmeat Plush? An officially licensed product, this 8 inch plush toy gives you a cuddly version of the canine companion to take home. It can be yours for $15.99 from the official Bethesda Shop. 

Staying with Fallout for our next pick, the universe’s answer to a popular soft drink also has its own glasses, and you get one too. This Retro Nuka Cola glass is £9.99 from EMP.


Stay hydrated and show off your Nintendo cred at the same time with this Super Mario Water Bottle, yours for £17.99 from EMP. 


If you prefer your beverages a little warmer, why not consider this delightfully designed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ceramic mug, perfect for tea, coffee or hot chocolate? You can be sipping from it for £6.99 from EMP. 


If you prefer your open world adventures with robot dinosaurs however, then maybe you’ll want to consider this Horizon Zero Dawn Mug which can be had for just £4.99 from EMP.

This Vault Boy Thermal Effect mug is already pretty stylish with its understated black hue and Pip Boy design in the centre. But fill it with hot water, and the design will change to add a yellow logo around the centre. It’s £9.99 from EMP. 

Of course, there’s always the reliable wall art, and as well as the earlier t-shirt, you can also have the iconic cover art from the original 1993 Doom adorning your wall with this Classic Doom Art Framed Print for £14.99 from EMP.


Maybe instead you’d prefer Vault Boy on your wall? Here’s an eye-catching Fallout Vault Forever Poster featuring the Fallout series mascot, which can be had for £4.99 from EMP. 

Alternatively, here’s a classically styled Fallout Nuka Cola Poster for you to adorn your walls with, which is also £4.99 from EMP. 

Metal Gear Solid fans will love this metal pin badge to accessorise their clothes, bags or whatever else you can pin it to. Featuring the series’ iconic Fox Hound logo, this Foxhound Metal Gear Solid Metal Pin Badge is available for £3.99 from eBay.


Or perhaps you’ll be interested in this Metal Gear Solid V themed Outer Heaven T-shirt with a simple but striking design. It’s yours for £8.85 from eBay.


A staple monster the Final Fantasy series, the last thing you’d want to do in the games is hug a Cactuar. Luckily, that’s not a problem for real life, as you can get this cuddly Square Enix Final Fantasy Series: Cactuar 2016 Plush for £34.99 from Amazon UK. 

The Legend of Zelda fans will love this Zelda Men’s Link Cosplay Hoody, which works as both a simple cosplay option and just as a really unique looking garment for casual wear. Here’s the men’s version which can be obtained for £39.99 from the official Nintendo UK Store.


And if you’re after the women’s version you’re in luck too because they’ve also got that as well. The Zelda Women’s Link Cosplay Hoody can be had for the same price of £39.99 again, from the official Nintendo UK store.


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