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The best gifts for Monster Hunter fans – hoodies, figurines, and more

Perhaps gaming’s biggest underground success, Monster Hunter has been around since 2004, when it made its debut on the PlayStation 2. Since then, the action-RPG fantasy series has gone on to sell more than 40 million copies worldwide through various sequels and spin-off titles. No wonder, then, that there’s an absolute ton of pretty fantastic Monster Hunter themed gifts and merch out there. Here is our guide to the 14 best gifts for Monster Hunter fans.

With the release of Monster Hunter World, the series has been given a big shot of adrenaline as of late. There’s been more promotion of the game than we’ve seen with previous Monster Hunter titles and it’ll be the first multi-platform title in quite some time, with previous entries being Nintendo exclusives. Monster Hunter World looks set to be both the definitive Monster Hunter experience as well as a perfect entry point for anyone new to the series, debuting on PS4 and Xbox One in January 2018 with a PC version due for release later in the year.

As for the merch, if you are an admitted Monster Hunter fanatic or you happen to be looking for the absolute best gift for Monster Hunter fans, you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look at the very best Monster Hunter merch we’ve seen.

Monster Hunter World

The latest and potentially greatest Monster Hunter game in the franchise, Monster Hunter World is finally unleashed on the world outside of Japan on Friday 26th January. The game arrives on both PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version due later in the year. The game features much larger maps than previous entries with seamless transitions between zones, rather than the segmented maps of older games. Also present here is four-player online co-op, which allows for team play in a bigger way than ever seen before.

The standard edition of the game is available for pre order now, with Prime members getting an extra discount when ordering before the game’s release.

Monster Hunter World Standard Edition on PS4 for £41.99
Monster Hunter World Standard Edition on Xbox One for £41.99

In the UK, a Steelbook Edition is also available to order, featuring exclusive packaging that will no doubt end up being a collector’s item.

Monster Hunter World Steelbook Edition on PS4 for £47.99
Monster Hunter World Steelbook Edition on Xbox One for £47.99

Finally, with remarkably short notice, Sony and Capcom announced a Limited Edition Monster Hunter World branded PS4 Pro console, which includes a copy of the game and will launch on the same day.

Monster Hunter World Limited Edition PS4 Pro bundle for £379.99
Monster Hunter World Limited Edition PS4 Pro bundle for $449.99

Monster Hunter replicas

If cosplaying or collecting various bits of merch is more your speed, you might want to pick up a few of these trinkets. Firstly, the medicinal recovery item replica, which is available from Amazon UK, features the familiar luminous green, red and amber liquids in tubes. Monster Hunter fans will recognise these as the healing items you’ll end up using in the heat of battle, while hoping you’re not about to be stepped on by a Ratholos.

Monster Hunter Mascot Recovery Item for £12.87
Monster Hunter Mascot Recovery Item for $11.26

Monster Hunter clothing and accesories

If cosplaying isn’t quite your thing but you still want to represent your Monster Hunter fandom in public, showcasing your love for everything from Felyne hoodies to raglan t-shirts and branded accessories.

Monster Hunter Research Commission Raglan shirt for £14.99
Monster Hunter Research Commission T-shirt for £12.99
Spring and Autumn Felyn Cosplay Hoodie for £47

Monster Hunter figures and statues

Then, of course, after all else is said and done, video games will always have various figurines, statues and amiibo. As with most wildly popular video game series, Monster Hunter has its fair share of these. Here are a choice few of them.

Monster Hunter Stories Rathalos amiibo for £5.15 / $9.99
Rathalos Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure for $10.99
Monster Hunter World Nergigante Plush for £13.25 / $17.99
Monster Hunter World Anjanath Plush for £13.25 / $17.99
Monster Hunter World Legiana Plush for £13.25 / $17.99

Well, there you go. That’s a look at some of the very best Monster Hunter gifts and Monster Hunter merchandise that you can exchange for real, human money right now. Hopefully, there’s something out there for everybody’s tastes, whether that something is a new hoodie or a shiny new copy of the latest game in the series. Happy hunting.

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