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Valentine’s Day 2018: The best gifts for gamers

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – and just like Christmas before it – couples rush around looking for gifts for their loved one. Good news if you’ve got a partner into games, though! Here we’ve put together a range of gifts for your player two, your tank or your support, your most-loved co-op buddy.

Valentine’s Day is this week! As frightening as that prospect may be, there is actually still time to get something special for someone special. In this article, we’ll go through some of our top picks.

There’s a bit of everything on offer: from some of the best games to play together, clothes and accessories to show your love of gaming and each other, and some other more esoteric pieces of video game-themed paraphernalia. Whatever part they play let them know that they’re the most special nerd in your life.

DropMix Music Gaming System

If you’re looking to put a unique spin on your next board gaming night then DropMix, from Rock Band creators Harmonix, will be music to your ears. Using special cards you place on the game board you can weave together an assortment of famous tracks from a range of different genres. Either compete to see who might be the next Tiesto or collaborate and compose some sweet jams together.

DropMix for £79.99 from Amazon UK

Gametee Scented Candles

A dinner is fairly mundane. A candle-lit dinner, however, now that’s romantic. Fortunately, thanks to this range of geeky scented candles, you’re now not just limited to scoffing food amorously. Whether you’re chilling in front of the TV to binge on Netflix or questing together through your favourite MMORPG of choice, Gametee has the perfect fragrance for you. Scents include Hyrulian Forest, Dragon Fire and Koopa Beaches.

Gametee Scented Candles for £4.99 from Gametee

Journey – The Traveler Scarf

At last, those chilly mornings and wintry nights are coming to an end. But, while the temperature is still low, why not keep your partner warm with this gorgeous Journey-themed scarf. Not only will the wool fight off the biting winds, but so will the feelings of adventure and companionship that exemplify the masterful indie darling from thatgamecompany.

Journey – The Traveler Scarf for £20.00 from Insert Coin


We had so many choices available when thinking of the best co-op games for couples, but there’s only one in recent memory that’s as deliriously funny and infuriating as Overcooked. Truly, this game will test your communication skills and patience to the limits. If you survive the heat of these constantly evolving kitchens, then your relationship will survive anything. Four-player co-op is also supported if you dare risk a double date!

Overcooked on Nintendo Switch from £16.99 from Amazon UK

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hylian Knitted Poncho

Treat your loved one like the Hylian royalty they are by wrapping them in this Breath of the Wild style poncho. It comes in striking gold and blue colours and is finished off with a Triforce design emblazoned on the back. Just make sure you encourage them not to try and open it up to glide down from any mountaintops.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hylian Knitted Poncho for $69.99 from ThinkGeek

PlayStation Controller Symbol Cufflinks

For the smart, suit-wearer in your life, these PlayStation cufflinks give you a subtle way to display your fandom when something more obvious wouldn’t be quite as appropriate. Decorated with Sony’s famous Square, Triangle, Circle and Cross controller symbols, those with deft hands might even be able to get a bit of button-mashing practice in while stuck at the office.

PlayStation Controller Symbol Cufflinks for £12.99 from Amazon UK

Overwatch League Team Jersey

After months of anticipation, the Overwatch League finally got underway at the start of 2018. Blizzard’s massively ambitious esports tournament features teams representing a number of locations across the globe, from Los Angeles, London and Shanghai. Now, no matter which role you fulfil in the frenetic team shooter, you and your partner can show your support for your favourite franchise with a team jersey.

Overwatch League Team Jersey for $60 from the Blizzard Store

Destiny Guardian Class Necklace

Here’s a piece of jewellery for any Destiny Guardians who wish to proudly display their class of choice. Titan, Warlock and Hunter versions are all available, so no matter what path calls to you, you can show your dedication to each other and the Traveler.

Destiny Guardian Class Necklace for $14.99 from ThinkGeek

Pokémon Pikachu Plush Toy

Ash’s sparky battle buddy has become the icon for the Pokémon series. The two have a bond and friendship that’s tested many times throughout the animated series but still manage to pull together in the end. While many would find that enough to make Pikachu their favourite Pokémon in the vast roster, there are of course many other options available if your loved one has space for a different Pokémon in their heart.

Pokémon Pikachu Plush Toy for £11.99 from Argos

Nintendo Classic SNES Mini

An item so popular it seems to flitter in and out of stock on a weekly basis, the Nintendo Classic SNES Mini features 21 iconic games from the era, including A Link to the Past, Secret of Mana and Earthbound. Whether you’re looking to feel that tinge of nostalgia or want to introduce your significant other to a golden era of gaming goodness, this is an essential gift.

Nintendo Classic SNES Mini for £69.99 from Nintendo

Monster Hunter World

The latest entry in the Monster Hunter series has already caused a stir within the game’s existing community for the way it aims to draw in a much wider audience. The co-operative RPG has had a dedicated following for some time, but Monster Hunter World makes the whole experience a lot more approachable while maintaining the same levels of depth. And working together to take down giant, screen-swelling beasties is a bonding experience unlike any other in gaming.

Monster Hunter World for £44.00 from Amazon UK

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