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The 10 things you need for the best St. Patrick’s Day party

The time has almost come once more! St. Patrick’s Day is this coming weekend and people with connections to Ireland – both legitimate and tenuous – will gather to drink and be merry. A national holiday in Ireland and an honorary holiday everywhere else, this year’s edition falls on a Saturday — perfect for anyone seeking a full-fledged blowout. Whether you’re after the finest Irish malt whiskey, a boisterous game of Rings or an excuse to raise a tankard and say Sláinte, we’ve got everything you need for the best Paddy’s Day shindig ever.

Once you’ve got yourself all sorted and ready to party, what better way to set the whole thing off the right way than with a once-a-year use of a comical yet slightly xenophobic St. Patrick’s Day Hat. Our guide to the ‘best’ ones has you covered, there.

Irish Moonshine: Farmer’s Strength Poitín

A triple distilled spirit traditionally brewed in rural areas of Ireland; it’s made of whey and undiluted despair. You can grab the famously illicit beverage online — where it packs an eye-watering 60 percent, also known as “Farmers Strength”.

Knockeen Hills Poteen Farmers Strength Poitin for £34 from Amazon

Pub games: Ring Board

An old Irish pub game, Rings is like darts with all the fun and none of the pointy bits. Surprisingly addictive, It involves tossing six rubber rings at a wooden board. Easy to pick up whatever your age (or sobriety level), it’s great fun for all ages and very simple to set up in a pinch.

Regulation Ring Board for £53 from Amazon

Irish themed treats: Lucky Charms and Taytos

Who can resist the lull of sweet, rainbow coloured candy breakfast? Not your guests, that’s for sure. Featuring unspeakably delicious marshmallow pieces (technical term: marbits) shaped in a kaleidoscopic range of mystical items such as clovers and rainbows; Lucky Charms truly are the most elite of the sugar cereals. For a more savoury snack, try delicious Irish brand crisps Taytos.

Lucky Charms Cereal for £8 from Amazon

Best drinks: Whiskey and Irish Coffee

Manufactured in flame-charred barrels, Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey can be embraced both on the rocks or in a party themed cocktail such as an Irish Wolfhound. If you want to outshine your neighbour’s gathering (or find an excuse to drink more whiskey), try a DIY boozy Irish Coffee bar.

Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey for £36 from Amazon

More whiskey: A fancy single malt

Bushmills have been making tasty whiskies since 1784, and this popular single malt would make for a special Paddy’s day treat for any malt connoisseurs in your life. A real gem of a drink; it goes down far too easy. Speaking of smooth beverages, Baileys Irish Cream is utterly divine, and an excellent choice for guests with a sweet tooth.

Bushmills Ten Year Old Single Malt for £30 from Amazon

A mythic board game: Tara

A collection of award-winning board games steeped in ancient Celtic legends; Tara is a perfect challenge for strategy enthusiasts, but easy enough to pick up for impromptu party goers. The games range from simple Go-esque battles to full-on brain burning of power struggles. Based on the gorgeous Book of Kells, all the unique 3D pieces can interlock into each other; making beautiful patterns.

Tara Board Game for £178 from Amazon

Emerald lighting: Philips Colour Mood Light

This popular and powerful remote control mood light will grant you access to a vast rainbow of beautiful colours; 16 million in total. Perfect if you dream of projecting emerald green light on your walls in the spirit of St. Patrick’s day, or for blasting out a violent red to warn guests when the whiskey’s all dried up.

Philips Living Colour Mood Light for £67 from Amazon

Old school Guinness: Beer and glass

This beautifully bottled subspecies of the beloved Irish brew uses a recipe created in the 1820s; the very first iteration of the world famous dry stout. As the old adverts say, “Guinness is Good For You” — something we’re not disposed to dispute. Still brewed at the company’s St. James’s Gate brewery in Dublin, this heady mix of malt, hops and roasted Irish barley packs a refreshing bite. Go full Guinness suite with these cool looking coasters, and one huge, hearty tankard (fit for whoever be dubbed the King of Guinness).

Guinness Original Bottle Beer for £22 from Amazon

For a good tune: Speakers

Get the party going with some enthusiastic tunes with these beautiful industrial style speakers; nor are they Bluetooth compatible, they also emit a soft glowing light and magnificent subwoofer. You can always bribe the neighbour’s with Poitín and candy should things get boisterous.

Harman Kardon Bluetooth Soundsticks for £200 from Amazon

A hearty brew: Stout fondue with soda bread

There’s no occasion that can’t be brightened with the prospect of delicious, molten cheese or melted chocolate. You could always whip up this tempting stout and cheddar mix and serve with homemade soda bread, an excellent way to break in a brand new fondue. Alternatively melt together the Lucky Charms and the poitin for a psychedelic Paddy’s day rife with sugar psychosis.

Severin Electric Fondue Set for £40 from Amazon

Bonus item: A Hip Flask

Perfect for a hearty swig — in public or private. Take the party on the road with this fetching green leather hip flask.

Green Hip Flask for £16 from Amazon

Those are our top picks for the very best accessories to pick up in order to have yourself the best St. Patrick’s Day party in town. Now that you’ve got all that covered, why not get yourself a real metaphorical cake-topper in the way of the best St. Patrick’s Day Hat. If that’s your thing.

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