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The best coffee maker in 2018

The humble cocoa bean, keeping us alert through the daily drudge for many millennia. Whether you’re looking for barista style coffee creations at the click of a button, or want to grind up the searing Java lava that Eldritch visions are made of — it can be somewhat overwhelming picking the best right coffee maker. If you’re unsure if you want to drip, steam or press the brewtiful bean daily; we’ve got the coffee droids you’ve been looking for, whatever your needs.

Pod or capsule machine
An individual coffee or milk pod is plunged with hot, high-pressure water; perfect for a frothy top cappuccino. Ideal for folk on the go, these machines are super speedy and easy enough to operate for even the groggiest of morning grumps.

Bean to cup machine
Pour your beans straight in and watch as the machine grinds them up into a wholesome — and freakishly fresh — brew. The most advanced option, they serve up heavenly, professional-grade beverages. Control panels make them just perfect for tailoring and experimentation.

Filter coffee machine
Water is dripped through ground beans into a jug for maximum flavour. A great choice for no-frills super-size batches, or if you’re looking for a coffee machine that’ll prepare your brew in time for your wake-up — many models feature inbuilt timers and smart features.

Manual coffee maker
Using a mix of filters, plungers, vacuum seals and your own fleshy human hands; you too can make a delicious brew that’ll blow an instant cup away.

For the speedy brewer: Nescafé Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

Get speedy single-serve coffee with the press of a button using this stylish coffee machine. Available in a range of colours, you’re guaranteed barista style brews within literally minutes — it heats up fast. Capable of 15-bar pump pressure, your drinks will be richly flavoured and sport a delicious crema top.

Additionally, there’s less mess; both with the grounds themselves and regarding environmentally friendly disposal of the pods — something which can prove quite the pickle with some other brands. Lastly, the nifty capsules come in a dazzling array of flavours, from Cappuccino to Chai — and even include cold drinks like iced tea.

For the coffee enthusiast: Russell Hobbs Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine

If you love the smell of coffee in the morning, you’ll love the Buckingham’s brewing technology, which showers the grounds gently to extract full flavour. Also known as a percolator, your new best friend has its own inbuilt timer that’ll make your morning coffee ahead of wake-up time. It cooks up to 1.25 litres of tasty coffee, which it’ll keep warm for you too; a mode indicated with a fetching blue light.

You won’t be needing any pesky paper filters to keep brewing, as this coffee machine has its very own washable and reusable filter. Although filter models are generally known for being a little on the slow side, this one’s significantly faster than the rest — as Amazon customer reviews will attest.

For the coffee connoisseur: De’Longhi Magnifica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

At 15p per cup, this sleek machine will save you dividends in the long-run. A perennial favourite online, it packs all the trimmings that’ll engineer a perfect cup each time; perfect for crafting all the coffee shop favourites. Whether you’re after a ristroresso or a luxuriant latte; each cup can be personalised through an advanced chrome control panel.

The integrated grinder will whurr up fresh coffee beans for a truly flavoursome coffee fit, whilst the manual milk frother creates velvety smooth tops for all your drinks. A dual-drop function doubles up the caffeine good times — producing two drinks simultaneously when required.

For the coffee master: De’Longhi Eletta Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Ideal for a fledgeling coffee engineer, this beast packs all the usual features of a high-end bean to cup machine with two major differences: it’ll froth the milk for you, and it can be pre-programmed to remember exactly how you like your morning brew.

All the precision, with less of the manual hassle.

For a folkin’ good coffee: La Cafetiere Monaco Cafetiere

Essentially a coffee infuser, European favourite the cafetiere is the best way to get a brew on a budget with minimal fuss and top-notch taste. This sturdy and elegant Monaco cafetiere brews up to eight cups, is brimming with retro chic and has a safety lid to avoid any nasty spills.

Whether you’re a morning brew chugger or an enlightened coffee bean artisan; time, taste and ease still remain the most important factors to consider preparing your daily brew.

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