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Best Persona gifts and merchandise in 2018

For Persona fans everywhere, it’s time to wake up, get up and get out there, since on May 24th this year, Persona: Dancing Moon Night, and Persona: Dancing star night hit Japan for the first time! To mark the occasion, we’re going to run down the best Persona gifts and merchandise available on the market right now – spanning all of the games that made it to the west, from Persona 3 all the way up to Persona 5. Hold onto your wallets!

For those of you who haven’t previously experienced the Persona series – one of the best selling JRPG’s to hit the west – the latest installments are rhythm spin-offs, which can act as fun, easily accessible starting points for anyone who isn’t into the 80 hour JRPG grind, but wants to experience the wealth of characters and fun the series offers. Now, onto some cool Persona merch.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night – Ai Meets Kizuna Shirt

Starting off with the cutest idols in Persona rhythm history, this t-shirt from Sanshee features Kanamin Kitchen and Risette in a large adorable graphic tee and is officially licensed Atlus merchandise.

Available for both women and men in a variety of sizes (Small to Extra-Large), this 100% cotton shirt makes a perfect gift or buying option for anyone who enjoyed the previous installment in the Persona rhythm series and can’t wait to get their teeth into the new ones.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night Ai Meets Kizuna Shirt for $21.99 from Sanshee

Persona 20th Anniversary Tote Bag

Last year, the Persona franchise reached a huge milestone with its 20th anniversary and celebrated the release of Persona 5 at the same time. What better way to join the celebration and also celebrate the release of the newest additions to the Persona family, than with this simple, efficient, useful tote bag.

Perfect for die-hard fan of the series, it features all of the school logos from the previous Persona games in a colourful and bright presentation.

Persona 20th Anniversary Tote bag for £18.56 from Play Asia

Persona 5: Cu-Poche Joker Figure

Lookin’ good, Joker! Play-Asia is selling this adorable little figure of the Persona 5 main protagonist, manufactured by Cu-Poche following in the cute almost Nendoroid-like style, for those familiar with that particular brand of collectible.

This figure is well detailed and articulated and comes equipped with a stand and a load of accessories (Attack knife, gun, multiple expressions and a phantom thief mask), not to mention the fact that it’s super good value for a figure of this quality and detail. At the time of writing, this one is still in the pre-order phase, so try and nab one before they get released worldwide!

Persona 5 Cu-Poche Joker Figure for £34.16 from Play Asia

Persona 4: The Animation – Complete box set (Blu-Ray)

Anyone who follows the Persona scene will know that recently the Persona 5: Animation has been begun airing, and what a better way to introduce your friends and family – or let’s be honest here, anyone – into the franchise than with the easy to watch, super enjoyable animated series.

The series is filled with heartwarming and comedic moments, that are enough to make anyone embrace the series, even without the long JRPG grind – so if you want to be excited for the new rhythm games but aren’t exactly sure how to get into a 20-year-old franchise from Japan, this is definitely the way in!

The boxset itself is extremely good value, as for box art you get both DVD and Blu-ray copies of all 25 episodes that cover the whole series and the entire storyline entailed within Persona 4. Not only that but the box art and disc art are absolutely beautiful- Definitely a product well worth buying, for people new or old to series.

Persona 4: The Animation Complete Blu-ray Box Set for £39.99 from Amazon

Persona 5 – Battle Command Sticker

Here’s one for the die-hard fans – Ever wanted to feel like you’re in a Persona game? Well, now you can. Anyone who existed on the internet in July of last year will almost definitely recognise the “You’ll never see it coming” battle command meme – This layout got put over everything under the sun and now, thanks to the genius who designed this over at RedBubble, you can put it over anything you want! Notebooks, your PC or maybe even a picture of your face, who knows? With a low price of just £1.84, it’s worth buying even just to make a good joke.

Persona 5 Battle Command Sticker for £1.84 from RedBubble

Persona 3: Arcana Tarot Card Coaster Set

Take a trip to the velvet room and find your perfect Arcana with these amazing Tarot card coasters, again from Sanshee – these coasters are official Atlus merchandise and feature 3 of the main Arcanas featured throughout the entirety of the Persona franchise including the Fool, the Magician and the High Priestess.

These coasters are perfect as a simple and effective way to introduce your love of Persona into your home without going overboard and are perfect to anyone who previously enjoyed any of the Persona game series (as they feature in all of them!)

Persona 3 Arcana Tarot Card Coaster Set for $19.99 from Sanshee

Persona 4: Inaba Weather Station T-Shirt

What’s the Weather in Inaba today? Want to know if you can visit the midnight channel? This t-shirt, from Insert Coin, gets you. Featuring a large design from the in-game weather channel in Persona 4: Golden, this t-shirt is perfect for anyone who loved the game and can’t wait to move forward with the series.

As it’s official merchandise it’s also perfect for diehard fans who just want to support Atlus and also comes in a wide variety of sizes (Extra-small to 3x Extra-Large) so everyone is likely to find something that will fit them just right.

Persona 4 Inaba Weather Station T-Shirt for £22.99 from Insert Coin

Persona 5: Shujin Academy uniform bag

Last but not least, Play-Asia offers another amazing Persona 5 pre-order with this Shujin Academy uniform bag, perfect for cosplaying or just day to day life this bag features an embroidered school logo, an adjustable strap and plenty of room to fit everything you’ll need for your trip into Mementos! Pre-orders end in just a few weeks on May 17th, so there’s still plenty of time to get an order in, especially if you want a gift for a budding cosplayer who loves the series.

Persona 5 Shujin Academy Uniform Bag for £33.42 from Play Asia

There you have it – the best merchandise available on the internet right now for Persona fans, from newbies to people who have lived out the whole 20 years of the franchise, there’s something for everyone.

Keep an eye out for the future of the Franchise in the rhythm spin-offs released in Japan May 24th, and headed west (hopefully!) very soon after!

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