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Star Wars Day: Best Star Wars Costumes for May the 4th

In case you’ve been locked in a trash compactor with a Dianoga inside it (and well done for surviving that), you’ll know that May 4th is International Star Wars Day. It’s a day upon which all rebel scum, the Imperial faithful and a couple of bounty hunters here and there celebrate the space opera works of one George Lucas.

Each fan celebrates their own way of course. Some boot up their favourite Star Wars game, others go out and gift their friends – and themselves – some Star Wars-themed loot and others go the Cosplay route. For those in the third camp, we have you covered. What follows is a list of some of the best ideas for Star Wars themed costumes available right now.

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Chewbacca Costume & Bowcaster

For the most committed Star Wars fan – because summer is coming and this costume looks bloody hot to wear – this full body Chewbacca costume may fit the bill. Complete with fur, latex hands, Chewie’s chest belt and a pouch (perhaps to carry some Star Wars swag), this official Star Wars costume from Rubie’s is perfect for unleashing your inner Wookie.

Now, it doesn’t come with any weapons – which is a shame – but a quick search on Amazon reveals that there’s a Nerf Gun available in the shape of Chewie’s signature Bowcaster. It’s rendered in bright colours for some daft reason, but you can also pick up a can of black spray paint on the cheap and make this baby look like the genuine article. Job done!

Chewbacca Costume from Rubie’s for £523.93 on Amazon
Star Wars Nerf Episode VII Chewbacca Bowcaster for £21.34 from Amazon
Can of black spray paint for £4.99 from Amazon

Jedi Knight Outfit & Lightsaber

While the Jedis of Star Wars have sported numerous outfits over the years – Obi Wan’s getup in A New Hope bears little in common with Luke Skywalker’s all black suit in Return Of The Jedi – it’s worth returning to the classic apparel for May the 4th. The Jedi Knight outfit is cheaper than most and it comes with a tunic, a belt and boot tops. You’ll have to braid your own hair into a padawan tassle on your own, mind.

You’ll also have to find your own lightsaber, but fortunately, these items are ten-a-penny on most shopping sites. The only choice one has to make is whether they’d like to be Anakin, young Obi-Wan or Qui Gon Jinn. Watch the movies, note down the colour of their lightsaber and make your choice accordingly.

Jedi Knight Outfit for £33.99 from Amazon
Star Wars Extendable Lightsaber for £7.99 from Amazon

Rey’s Last Jedi Costume

There are a couple of Rey costumes available for purchase – if you don’t fancy looking like a Jedi apprentice, you can pick up the flowing robes Rey wore in The Force Awakens – but the Last Jedi outfit does come with more gear. Alongside the jumpsuit, it comes with a belt and pouch, gauntlets and a wristband.

The costume comes in a number of sizes, but you’ll need to find your own footwear – none of them come with boots. You’ll need a lightsaber too, but as has been mentioned, you’re spoiled for choice.

Rey Last Jedi Costume for £42.98 from Amazon
Star Wars Extendable Lightsaber for £7.99 from Amazon

Darth Vader Costume & Red Lightsaber

On May the 4th, someone has to come dressed as Darth Vader. It’s probably in the rules somewhere. And who wouldn’t want to appear at a party or pub gathering dressed as the daddy of all film villains? It’s worth putting Vader’s march on your phone just so you can have the appropriate entrance music.

This Morphsuit offers ease of movement, and since it doesn’t come with a clunky helmet, you can actually have a drink without having to take it off. You’ll need a red lightsaber to complete the look and we suggest you hurry. At the time of writing these are going really fast, so it looks like we might see a number of Darth Vaders walking the streets this May 4th.

Darth Vader’s Lightsaber from A New Hope for £10.95 from Amazon
Darth Vader Costume for £37.94 from Amazon

Stormtrooper Costume & Blaster

Yes, they’re peons. Yes, they’re cannon fodder. This may explain why a decent Stormtrooper costume is very affordable. To that end, you may be able to convince a couple of friends to invest in this get-up and then take your squad into town. Believe us when we tell you that watching a crack squad of Stormtroopers file into a pub is something of a thrill.

Once again, this outfit doesn’t come with any hardware. There are numerous Nerf-Guns available at various shopping outlets, but may we suggest the Shepperton Design Studios’ replica of the Stormtrooper blaster from the films? Full disclosure: this is a rather expensive item that really should be put on display somewhere, but it looks the part and if you’re holding a Star Wars party at your house you can keep a close eye on it, making sure t it won’t get dropped or stepped on.

Stormtrooper Costume for £44.95 from Amazon
Shepperton Design Studios Original Stormtrooper Original E11 Blaster for £138.79 from Amazon

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