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Star Wars Day: Best Star Wars Gifts for May the 4th

If you’re a Star Wars fan you’ll have marked your calendar for May 4th, International Star Wars day. While some Rebel scum will have booked the day off to play Star Wars games (they’re the sensible ones) others may be scrabbling around to find a trinket for the Star Wars fan in their life. Thing is, there’s a lot of merch with the Star Wars brand stamped on it and you probably want to make sure you’re picking up a quality item.

So feast your eyes on our gift ideas list below. We’re going to go ahead and assume that a DVD box set or a Blu Ray of the Force Awakens is a non-starter (who doesn’t own those?), and instead, point you in the direction of some of the best Star Wars swag currently available. May the 4th be with you!

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BB-8 Sphero Robot

Oh, come on! This is an obvious one! What Star Wars fan wouldn’t want to open up a gift that contains the cutest robot in twelve systems? You’ll need an Android or iPhone smart device to use it or you’ll have bought a rather expensive paperweight, but we all have one of those in our lives, right?

Synch BB-8 up with your device and you’re ready to roll – no pun intended. Aside from steering the little chap around your floors at speed, while terrifying any feline family members you have, BB-8 can respond to several voice commands including “look around”, which makes it wander about and “How’re You Feeling”, which prompts it to bounce up and down. Just make sure to stick it back in its charger when you’re finished or the dog will probably mistake it for a chew toy.

LEGO Millennium Falcon

Of all the ships in Star Wars, the Millennium Falcon is hands-down the coolest one of the lot. LEGO has produced a bunch of Falcon set over the years – the biggest one being the massive collector’s edition that has over 7,500 pieces and once assembled is about as big as a coffee table.

That may not be practical for the Star Wars fan in your life – and it’s hard on the wallet too – so we’ve opted for the Star Wars LEGO 75105 Millennium Falcon. It stands at a reasonable 14cm/high, 47cm/long and 32cm/wide and features a detachable cockpit and detailed interior. It also comes with a crew featuring Han, Chewie, Rey, Finn, Tasu Leech, a KanjiKlub gang member and BB-8. This is one for people to play with rather than simply build and appreciate. Far more sensible.

Star Wars: Immersion Blender

If you know anyone who wants to be a Jedi behind the bar or in the kitchen, give them this blender, which is based on Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber. Manufactured by Pangea Kitchenware, this is actually a rather decent blender, featuring a non-slip handle, a stainless steel shaft and variable speeds adjustable from the bottom of its hilt.

It doesn’t make any movie sound effects when you turn it on, we’re sorry to say, but it’s still a rather nice piece of kit. And you don’t even need to get a job in Mos Eisley Cantina to get one.

Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges Augmented Reality Headset

Every Star Wars fan owns a plastic lightsaber but the Lenovo Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is probably the closest they will get to feeling like they really wield a Jedi’s elegant weapon. Coming in a kit that includes a Lenovo Mirage Headset, a lightsaber controller, a tracking beacon and USB cables, all you need is an iOS or Android smartphone and you’re ready to set the galaxy to rights.

Don the mask and you can battle numerous lightsaber-wielding baddies including Darth Vader, Kylo Renn and Dark Maul. You can take part in a game of HoloChess (and you don’t have to let the Wookie win). You can blast foes in a rather decent strategic game. There’s even a training mode that involves a drone that looks rather like the one Luke trained with in the first Star Wars. A fantastic augmented reality package that’ll thrill Star Wars fans.

Electronic Porg Plushies

The more cynically minded viewer of The Last Jedi probably clocked the Porgs as a licence to sell cuddly toys. To them, we say, “Yeah? And? So? What!” Porgs are adorable and while there are a bunch of variants of Porg toys on the market, Electronic Porg Plushies push the cute-o-meter up to weaponised levels.

They’re not as soft and fluffy as some plushies, but these little tykes make all the right noises as the waddle and flap about the living room – once again, possibly frightening the pets. If you own more then one, they even chatter to one another.

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