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Best Fallout merch in 2018

After keeping the world waiting via a 24-hour live stream, Bethesda eventually announced Fallout 76. The teaser trailer looks lovely and fans have been pouring over the franchise’s lore for clues, but really, we don’t know a hell of a lot about it. There have been reports that it’s an online RPG set in the post-apocalyptic Fallout universe, but the developer hasn’t confirmed this. The only hard news one can take away is that there’s a new Fallout game and Bethesda isn’t producing a new single-player Elder Scrolls game (the sods!).

But hey, a new Fallout game is nothing to be sniffed at and while the details of said game are shrouded in mystery, you might want to stock your environment with some Fallout swag ahead of its release. To that end, we’ve scoured the internet to find you some lovely Fallout baubles to wear, display proudly and surround yourself with. (We’re going to go ahead and assume you already own the games and skip right to the merch).

Fallout – The Board Game

While it seems that every second video game franchise is getting a board game adaptation these days, Fallout is probably the closest experience to its source material. It’s based on Fallouts 3 & 4 so New Vegas fans are out of luck.

Set in the retro-fitted post-apocalyptic wasteland – which is represented in tile format – Fallout involves two to four players competing for points by completing quests dotted around the map. Interestingly, if a player fails in a quest, this can sometimes affect the other players and the direction of the game’s overall plot.

On top of that, players also have to keep an eye on – and possibly side with – some of the non-player factions in the game, such as The Railroad or The Institute. This can add to the player’s point tally, but the NPC factions can also become so powerful that no human player can win the game. Fallout is a solitary experience – players can’t actively hurt each other – that combines great storytelling with engrossing exploration. You know, like the games it’s based on?

Codsworth Vinyl Figure

As is the case with nearly every video game (and movie and TV show, come to think of it), the folks over at POP! Vinyl have created a great line of Fallout character statues. You can pick up a Funko POP! Figurines of The Brotherhood of Steel, Vault Boy and even everyone’s favourite Ghoul private dick, Nick Valentine.

For our money, though, you can’t go wrong with Vault Boy’s floating butler, Codsworth. He arrives on a nice plexi-stand to give one the illusion he’s flying and come complete with his hand, buzzsaw and blow torch, all of which have been superbly detailed to look like their in-game counterparts.

Vault-Tec Tin Lunchbox

If you’re trying to save money for that summer holiday, you’re probably packing your own lunch for work. If that’s the case may we suggest you fly your Fallout colours high by toting your sandwiches around in this Vault-Tec Tin Lunchbox?

This is a rather high-quality item that comes with a clip and a handle and is basically a life-sized replica of the tin tote you can find in Fallout 4. Its vibrant paint job – which features Vault Boy skill decal round the sides – is treated with an anti-rust coating so you don’t have to worry about it degrading if you wash it up. If you have any children you might want to get them a box too, ensuring they’ll be the envy of the playground.

Fallout Pip-Boy Deluxe Bluetooth Edition

Okay, this is the big one. You may remember back when Fallout 4 was released a couple of years ago that players could plump for a special edition that came with its own working Vault-Tec Pip-Boy. If you missed out at launch, don’t fret, there are still a couple of these available from sellers on eBay, but as one would expect, they cost a pretty penny.

You could argue its worth it for diehard fans, though. The Pip-Boy comes with a working screen and on-board software and you can pair it with your smartphone or tablet. Once you do this, you’ll have the ability to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS’s and listen to audio files. If you’re into cosplay it’s pretty much a must-have prop. Come on, who needs an Apple Watch when you can have a genuine Vault-Tec Pip-Boy?

Fallout Onesie Jumpsuit

Now that we’ve gotten the big guns out of the way…

If you have any cash left over from your Pip-Boy purchase, you might want to round out the Vault Boy (or Girl) look with this unisex onesie. Decked out in instantly recognizable electric blue, the Fallout Jumpsuit is available in a variety of sizes and features the Fallout logo on both the back and the front.

It also comes with a hood if keeping your head warm in the winter months is something of a priority. It’s a pretty comfy wear to boot!

Fallout T-Shirts

Fallout’s environments – across both last instalments – are essentially a gift for clothing designers, given that they’re packed to the brim with products that have logos, which are right at home on a T-shirt. Punch ‘Fallout T-Shirt’ into the search string of most reputable online retailers and you’ll be greeted with a ton of options.

Yes, there will shirts emblazoned with box-art but who cares about those? What you’re really after are shirts with Fallout logos – Nuka Cola, Vault-Tec, Mentats and more. Nuka Cola, in particular, seems to inspire the creative juices of apparel producers more than most; the shirts sport everything from retro pin-up designs to a minimalist presentation. Nice work!

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