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Nintendo Switch

Best third-party Nintendo Switch accessories in 2018

So, you have just picked up a brand new Nintendo Switch, or maybe you are worried about damaging the one you already own, so what can you do? You can pick up a bunch of handy accessories ranging from padded cases, cartridge holders, JoyCon protectors, screen protectors and cleaners and so much more to ensure that your Switch has a long, healthy life – the last thing you want to do with it is damage it, after all!

Nintendo Switch Everywhere Messenger Bag

You can already freely take your Nintendo Switch out and about, but have you ever wished that you also brought your dock with you? Worry no longer because with PowerA’s officially licensed Everywhere Messenger Bag, you can store your Nintendo Switch and all of its components safely away in one place.

Fitted compartments keep each item secure, and there is an adjustable padded shoulder strap so that you are not uncomfortable lifting the relatively heavy system around. PowerA are all about protecting your Nintendo Switch and it even comes with a smaller case so that you can store your Switch in that, and then in the bag too. There is even a Zelda: Breath of the Wild variant if you fancy that.

PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit

Do you fancy taking your Nintendo Switch out but you do not want to bring the entire thing? The PDP Starter Kit is similar to the Everywhere Messenger Bag but it is more compact. Soft canvas will keep your Switch from becoming damaged, there are slots for 12 cartridges, and a netted pocket to hold earphones, a screen cleaner and silicone grips for your Joycons and analog sticks.

A screen protector and a squeegee are included too, meaning that your Nintendo Switch will be fully prepared for any trips outside of your house. You can choose between a black Nintendo Switch-branded set, a choice of two red Super Mario sets, and a blue Zelda set.

Mumba Nintendo Switch Case

One thing that the two above kits do not come with is protection for the Nintendo Switch itself when you are playing it in handheld mode.

The Mumba Nintendo Switch case is made with shock-absorption and damage-resistant materials, so if you drop it then it is less likely to break on impact – it might bounce a little though!

The textured grip means that you will be less likely to drop it in the first place, and the case does not get in the way of the buttons.

Nintendo Switch Wired Controller Plus

The wireless Pro Controller is nifty but if you are looking for something a bit cheaper, then PowerA’s Wired Controller Plus does an excellent job. It can be picked up for a little less than half the price of the Wireless Controller and comes in a variety of designs including those based on Zelda, Mario and several of his friends, and Splatoon.

An 8ft USB cable means that you should not have any issue in connecting it to the dock and making yourself comfy on your sofa, and it being removable makes it easy to store away without straining the cable by wrapping it around your controller. The biggest issue is deciding which design you want…

Hori Switch Compact PlayStand

The Nintendo Switch already comes with a handy little kickstand but there is one glaring issue – you cannot charge it in this position. Hori’s Nintendo Switch Compact PlayStand resolves this issue by lifting it from a surface so that you are able to get to its charging slot.

It has three levels to choose from so you can find the perfect angle to play your games at, and it folds up so that you can take it without you wherever you like. HORI products have a good reputation for being sturdy products and this is no different, and it is an officially licensed Nintendo product – like many on this list are – and, as we all know, Nintendo will not slap their name on just anything.

SanDisk Ultra microSDHC Card

The Nintendo Switch has 32GB internal memory but it will not last you very long. You can pick up a new SD card with either 16, 32, 64, 128, 200, 256 or 400GB worth of memory, which means that if you pick up one of the latter ones you are unlikely to run into space issues anytime soon.

If you are thinking that 32GB is enough memory, then be warned that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild takes up a hefty 13.4GB and that was before any patches were made available.

Tryone Car Headrest Mount

The Tryone Car Headrest Mount can hold a variety of devices, including the Nintendo Switch, and it applies to a car’s headrest so that you can play your Switch without holding it. This is especially good if you are travelling with someone else on the backseat because then you can play the journey away instead of snoozing!

The charging port and headphone jack are left open so you can access them, and you can rotate the holder to play however you find most comfortable.

Nintendo Switch Car Charger

A car charger might seem like an obvious idea, but Lammcou’s car charger is made specifically for Nintendo Switch.

It comes with short-circuit and over-current protection, and the coiled cable hopes to prevent tearing as it is expected to see a lot of use.

It is small and easy to carry around, and you can use it to charge a variety of other items if need be. Think of it as a one-stop shop for car charging any and all USB-C enabled devices.

The Nintendo Switch proves to be one of the most versatile on the market, and these additions solidify its position even further. You are now ready to make the most of your Nintendo Switch wherever you go and however you like. Enjoy!

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