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Tech Gadgets for Father’s Day 2018

Are you on the hunt for the perfect Father’s day gift? We’ve gathered together the best presents out there specifically for dads that love a bit of the ol’ tech, including pricey gadgets, efficient robots and shiny toys for tinkering. So whether dad’s hankering after the latest smart gear, wants to travel with the best tech in tow or can’t resist the shiny lure of anything metallic; we’ve got the gifts you are looking for.

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For sporty dad: underwater headphones

Both waterproof and resilient to extreme temperatures, these durable headphones have 4GB inbuilt memory for podcasts and music, ideal for a dad that’s a fan of sports. They provide hands-free calling via Bluetooth and also have a sizable 12-hour battery life.

Tolerant both under-water in swimming pools and out on the salt-water seas, they’re perfect for a holiday by the pool or Arctic-based shark wrestling.

For bookworm dad: Kindle Paperwhite e-reader

If Dad’s more prone to a good book over battling the elements, you can’t go wrong with the latest Kindle Paperwhite e-reader.

He’ll appreciate the crisp 300 PPI display – which renders print quality text – as well as the unfettered access to literally millions of books, magazines, comics and short-stories available on the Kindle store.

Just like with regular books, family members can share books with each other with the new Family Library feature. An additional in-built dictionary, highlight function and auto-bookmarking feature elevate this reading robot above the others.

For the party-animal: Bose Bluetooth Speaker II

This tiny, soft speaker sure packs a sound. It’ll survive down the pool, makes big enough noise to drift above the drills (there’s always drills), and is also somehow light enough to cart about.

Perfect if dad’s one for impromptu parties that like the battery life, last up to eight hours. Available in ‘carbon’ black or a fetching ‘pearl’ silver.

For the absent-minded dad: Tile anything finder

Is dad always struggling to find his keys? We have the solution: a Tile combo pack.

When one of these little guys is attached to an object, any object, they’ll log where it is (wherever it may be) on a convenient map linked to your smartphone. Waterproof, durable and packed full of battery life, it can withstand the elements.

Tiles also tie into Alexa if required, meaning dad’ll effectively have his own robot search party ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

For an engineer: Raspberry Pi 3

A tiny computer perfect for getting his creative synapses firing, the Raspberry Pi 3 is ideal for a tinkerer.

This kit has everything he’ll need to make a PC that plays retro games, a media centre attached to the television, or even a weather station reporting hub.

The possibilities are basically endless with one of these, and even more so if you group them together to form an unstoppable home automation army.

For the tech-junkie: Anker Power Bank

This high capacity power bank will ensure dad has access to all his devices all the time.

Around the weight of a can of soup, this portable power station carries enough juice to charge an iPhone 8 almost seven times, or a Galaxy 8 five times.

It can even charge two devices at once, ideal for the dad that dual-wields tech like there’s no tomorrow.

For the peace-lover: Bose II noise cancelling headphones

If your dad is after some peace and quiet – whether on the train or at home – these plush cans are the ticket.

He can adjust the level of noise cancellation as required, going for complete serenity, or letting some of the world seep in.

Bluetooth and NFC pairing means they’ll connect to a smartphone at the push of a button. Additionally, soft synthetic leather make for a comfortable fit suited to long-haul listening.

For the futuristic father: Amazon Echo

While the reviews proclaiming “how I ever lived without this” are far-fetched, this is one useful pseudo-plushy robot to have in your home.

The Echo connects to Alexa – a voice that lives in the cloud – to make calls, play music, manage shopping lists, set alarms, and ask questions, among many, many other things.

As well as a competent personal assistant, the Echo can also control compatible smart-home devices ranging from lights. It’ll also report the news, weather, and call an Uber or a pizza for you, if so desired.

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