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Best Resident Evil merchandise, gifts and more

With the announcement of the long-awaited Resident Evil 2 remake (or the two-year wait to be precise, for fans out there who were counting the seconds), there is no doubt a shortage of excitement for the twenty-year-old franchise. The newest installment, just showcased at E3 2018, will be the aforementioned remake of Resident Evil 2 which was released in 1998. The new version will be hitting retailers on January 25, 2019, and will no doubt be a big talking point for survival horror and horror fans everywhere.

As to be expected with an ever-expanding twenty-year-old franchise there is a ridiculous amount of merchandise out there to select from- from hats and bags to a crazy selection and variety of figures, so – we’re here to run down the best options, to fill that Resident Evil gap that you’ll no doubt be experiencing until the long-awaited January 25th.

Resident Evil: Shot Glass Set

To start off with is a piece of official merchandise from Merchoid that’s perfect for toasting the announcement of the newest instalment to the series! These Umbrella branded shot glasses are shaped like lab beakers, they feature the company’s well-known logo on the front and Umbrella corp printed on the back and are pretty much perfect for anyone looking to survive an outbreak by turning their drinking sessions into biochemical experiments! Happy Drinking!

R.P.D Leon Kennedy Military Jacket

Even the most die-hard of fans would appreciate this beautiful R.P.D jacket, currently available for pre-order from Play-Asia, especially with the return of the Raccoon Police Department in January – This jacket is perfect for cosplay purposes or just keeping warm in the Autumn and winter months.

The jacket itself is a slick black in colour and features a large embroidered R.P.D logo on the back of the jacket, and several smaller R.P.D patches on the front, even featuring a Leon S Kennedy name tag.

The Pre-order session for this runs out on July 24th, so there’s still plenty of time to get an order in before the end, and definitely plenty of time to get your hands on one before the release of the new game.

Resident Evil: Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

Funko Pops! Have always been a really popular gift, no matter the fandom, and let’s be honest – Resident Evil is no exception! There’s a large range of figures available, including two “giant” Funkos, that come in a slightly larger size and even some that glow in the dark (although those are limited edition).

Currently available are Nemesis (Featured in Resident Evil 3, he even comes with his own rocket launcher!) and very appropriately, The Licker (Of course, featured in Resident Evil 2 for the first time) – with Funkos being collector’s items for many, these make a perfect addition to any collection, or even to a new budding resident evil fan, excited for the newest entry to the series.

Chris Redfield Nendoroid figurine

Another figure, but a slightly more expensive option for a slightly more die-hard fan here – Chris Redfield finds his cute inner self with this adorable Nendoroid figure, although there aren’t any Resident Evil 2 characters currently being made by GoodSmile, this is still one of the cutest Resident Evil figures to exist.

As always with figures by GoodSmile, it comes with a range of facial expressions and accessories, including Chris’s all famous knife, a herb (in case you get stuck in a bit of health jam) and even his own Rocket Launcher! The figure is fully poseable and also comes with a stand, in case you don’t want him to be stuck in his box forever!

The attention to detail with Goodsmile products never goes amiss, so this is definitely one for the Resident Evil collector in your life (if you have one!)

S.T.A.R.S Baseball Cap

Ready to face the threat of biochemical warfare but not quite ready to face the glare of the sun? Then, never fear, Play-Asia has got you! This import hat from Japan is perfect for dealing with the summer months and also taking on the zombie hoard!

The hat comes in two different designs one featuring the R.P.D logo and coming in the perfect blue to match Leon’s original R.P.D uniform, and the second featuring the S.T.A.R.S logo and coming in a Navy blue – Both are perfect for cosplaying, or even just laying in the summer sun on your vacation, either, way you’ll be ready for the outbreak no matter the weather

Resident Evil Umbrella Corporation Umbrella

Speaking of weather, not every one of you out there will be based in a blissfully sunny country, so for those of you Resident Evil fans based in a country where the weather is mostly rainy and slightly less than optimal, we’ve got you too with this Umbrella pre-order from Merchoid.

This Resident Evil “Umbrella” is perfect for surviving the rainy seasons, no matter where you live, perfectly representing the infamously known companies logo for everyone to see, this item from merchoid is also 100% official Resident Evil merchandise.

The pre-order for this item ends soon as is expected to ship in July, but if you hurry there’s still time to purchase one – if your business is life itself, you wouldn’t want to be caught dead without this Umbrella.

Official PlayStation Coasters: Volume 3

Although these coasters aren’t entirely Resident Evil themed, they do make a perfect gift for the house proud Resident Evil fan, these coasters feature classic Playstation One cover designs and in themselves look like shrunken PS1 boxes, even including the original game descriptions on the back, if you flip them over – This particular volume features two Resident Evil covers (Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 2), Dino Crisis and Street Fighter Alpha 2.

The coasters themselves are made of a strong durable plastic, that’s heat resistant and perfect to hold your coffee for the long nights you’ll be spending when the new game releases, and you even get enough coasters to hold your friends too – Just make sure you call dibs on the Resident Evil 2 one first!

Resident Evil 2: Zombie Peek Sticker

This sticker, based off the original PC box for Resident Evil 2, is perfect to show your excitement for the new game for a low price, it gives you the ability to turn your PC, Laptop, notebooks or anything else really into the R.P.D.

It’s also available in a variety of sizes, in case you wanted to turn something slightly larger into the R.P.D for a slightly larger price – say, your fridge?

And that’s the recap of the best Resident Evil merchandise currently available, expect a huge amount more to be released along with the brand new game, which will be available to buy on the 25th of January 2019! I hope we prepared you to deal with the long 6-month wait until then!

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