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best monster hunter merchandise

Best Monster Hunter Merchandise and Gifts

With Monster Hunter World having been released on consoles and PC earlier this year, and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate to be released in August for the Switch, 2018 is a good year to get into the Monster Hunter franchise.

Whether Monster Hunter World was your first time getting into the franchise or not, Generations Ultimate will be a great introduction for any new Monster Hunter fans, as it brings together tons of the monsters from older monster hunter games into one game for you to hunt, as well as interacting with previous games interesting characters.

Asides from the array of beautiful and terrifying monsters, there are many unique items and characters in the Monster Hunter universe, many of which you can now own yourself, whether as a beautifully detailed figure or adorable plush. Whatever monster is your favourite, there is something for every fan, from the wide range of Monster Hunter merchandise.

Monster Hunter Pop! Vinyl Figures

To coincide with the release of Monster Hunter World, the franchise collaborated with the popular POP! Figure line, releasing two of the franchises iconic monsters in cute 9cm POP! Figure form, as well as a hunter. Asides from these, they also did a MARVEL X CAPCOM collaboration, where you can purchase a double pack featuring Black Panther and a female hunter. Whether you’re a fan of Monster Hunter or the POP! Figure line, these are a great addition to anyone’s desk.

Monster Hunter Clothing

There are lots of Monster Hunter shirts on the market, including this stylish black and white raglan shirt with the research commission’s insignia from Monster Hunter World on it, so you can feel like part of the commission whilst staying modern and stylish. There isn’t just this one though, you can find a various assortment of shirts with the commission’s insignia, as well as ones with beautiful illustrations of the monsters in Monster Hunter, and other slogans and symbols that are familiar to players of the Monster Hunter games. Whatever you like to wear, there’s one to suit your style.

Monster Hunter World Pin-Badge Set

Pin badges are pretty popular these days, and this set from Monster Hunter World is a gorgeous edition to any pin badge collection. They come in their own stylish case and are all intricately detailed. You receive 4 pin badges, one is the insignia of the research commission, as well as three monsters from Monster Hunter World, the Anjanath, Rathalos, and Great Jagras. All of which can be pinned to your bags or clothes. If you’d like to add these to your pin badge collection (or just like these on their own), they are purchasable on the PlayStation Gear store.

Monster Hunter Plush Toys

Go to any convention or merchandise store, and you’ll always find selections of adorable plushes for any popular franchise. The Monster Hunter franchise is no different. Now you can get their ferocious monsters in cute plush form, and take your favourite monsters home with you to cuddle. There’s a plush for pretty much any monster, including the recent release of the new Monster Hunter World monsters which you can pre-order for October 2018. Now you can take home your favourite, whether that be the chubby Great Jagras, the quirky venom-spitting Pukei Pukei, or everyone’s favourite demon dog, Odogaron.

Capcom Figure Builder Monster Hunter Models

Some of the coolest looking figures you can buy, the Monster Hunter figures are beautifully detailed and delicately painted, purchasable in various sets or individually. Each monster is sculpted in its own unique pose, just like how they move in the games. Their sizes range from 3.9” to 5.9” depending on the figure, and each comes with a hexagonal stand for you to perch them on. There’s a figure for pretty much any monster that you can collect, and if you buy the sets, they can contain bonus rare figures!

Monster Hunter Well-Done Steak Cushion

Probably the most iconic usable item in Monster Hunter, every hunter knows the familiar “soo tasty!” soundtrack when cooking the perfect well-done steak on the BBQ, and now you can buy a tasty Aptonoth steak of your own. On the front of the cushion is the Monster Hunter logo as well as the in-game symbol for the well-done steak. This cushion is made from polyester and incredibly squishy, making it perfect for a nap either for yourself or for your Felyne friends. We wouldn’t recommend eating this one, though!

Capcom Figure Builder – Large Monster Hunter Figures

Whilst being one of the most expensive additions to the Monster Hunter merchandise, one can see why when they look at these amazingly detailed Monster Hunter statues. Similar to the smaller figures, these versions are much larger, ranging approximately from 9” to 13”. Each come mounted onto their own rocky pieces of terrain, sculpted with intricate details and expertly painted in dynamic poses, they really bring the monsters to life. The expert work and realism of these figures are sure to make you feel like you have your very own monsters living in your home, and are beautiful works of art no Monster Hunter fan will ever get bored of looking at.

Monster Hunter Illustrations 1 and 2 (Hardcovers)

If you’ve ever been curious about the work that goes on behind the Monster Hunter games, the Monster Hunter Illustrations 1 & 2 art books showcase the beautiful concept designs and illustrations behind the Monster Hunter games. Illustrations 1 has approximately 304 pages and Illustrations 2 has 400, these art books are loaded with both sketches and beautiful coloured images of the Monster Hunter worlds. The images inside cover all areas of the Monster Hunter games, from how the monster designs came to be, to the character armours, environment illustrations, and all of the iconic in-game symbols. Whether you’re just a fan of the art or an aspiring artist yourself, you’ll never get bored of looking through all the gorgeous work behind the Monster Hunter series.

So those are our top picks of Monster Hunter 2018 merchandise. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these or exploring for more Monster Hunter merchandise, you can find these items on sites such as the official PlayStation Gear store, Amazon or the Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop. Happy Hunting!

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