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Best Spider Man merchandise in 2018

It’s 2018 and there’s a brand new, PS4 exclusive Spider Man game headed our way, specifically on September 7th. Since its initial announcement at E3 2017, there’s been quite a lot of excitement about Spidey’s upcoming adventure.

To celebrate the fact that the wait is almost over, we’ve gathered up some of the best Spider Man merchandise available right now – everything from figures to clothing, some of which you’ll definitely want when you cosy up with your PS4 to spend hours swinging around New York City.

Spider Man: Alter Ego T-shirt

Want to live your life as everyone’s favourite friendly neighbourhood Spider Man but aren’t quite patient enough to wait for the game? This t-shirt is definitely for you. A high-quality official Spider-Man t-shirt, produced by Numskull and sold by GeekStore; that consists of a black t-shirt with a bold red spidey logo on the top, that really hides your secret identity and flips into a full-spidey mask, and reveals an underlayer of Spidey’s own suit underneath.

Perfect for anyone headed to a convention but doesn’t want to go full cosplay, or even perfect for day-to-day life, if you’re a true Spider Man fan.

MAFEX The Amazing Spider Man figure

Here’s one for the Marvel figure collectors out there – This beautiful MAFEX Perfect-Studio figure is incredibly detailed and well sculpted, as well as fully articulated. It also comes with a large range of parts including webs for this charming figure to sling, a range of masked facial expressions and a change of hands and feet.

Unfortunately, this figure is only currently available for pre-order from Play-Asia, and won’t be released until February, so is definitely one for the die-hard fans who are willing to wait to get this in their collector’s case.

If you think the extreme detail in this figure is worth the wait, it’s available for pre-order currently for £56.62 and is estimated to be shipping out February 28th.

Spider Man: White Spider Premium Hoodie

Another pre-order, this time perfectly timed for the release of Marvel’s Spider Man, this premium hoodie from Merchoid is due to be released in September – exactly the same time as the game; features the well known Spider Man suit design, in red and blue with a large white spider logo on the front. It also has a drawstring hood and thumb holes to make it extra comfortable.

With the hoodie being official merchandise, I would expect nothing but high-quality comfort, ready for any crime-beating-web-slinging mission you have to head out on (even if it’s just heading to work, really.)

Spider Man Sleeved Blanket

Were you one of those people who saw a snuggie advertised on TV and wondered why on earth you’d need a blanket with arms? Let me tell you why. The Autumn is cold, and video games aren’t going to play themselves. Let’s be honest, it’s an even comfier indoor hoodie, and what could beat that? A blanket with arms, that’s Spider man themed! That’s right, now while you’re playing Marvel’s Spider Man, just as the Autumn kicks in, you can be toasty and in cosplay all at once.

The blanket itself is made out of a very comfortable warm fleece material, and features a large design of Spider Man’s suit across it, making you feel like the well-known web-slinger himself, all while being comfortable.

Spider Man Slippers

Not sure the Snuggie will be enough comfort for you to enjoy the PS4 game to its full potential? Here’s another comfy item for you, perfect to go hand in hand with the new game, and a Spidey blanket, these slippers are the missing piece for the height of comfort evening.

The slippers are officially licensed Marvel merchandise and come with a non-slip sole (just in case your spidey-senses fail you for a second), while featuring a bold design of Spider Man’s mask.

Funko: Pop! Vinyl Spider Man homecoming figure

A slightly cheaper figure option, and by an incredibly well-known brand. Funko’s as always are perfect gifts, as they don’t cost a huge amount and feature a cute and quirky original take on everyone’s favourite characters. This particular Funko! Features the Spider Man homecoming version, from the movie that was released last year, as to be expected the figure depicts him in his standard suit and mask and is easily recognisable as the hero we all know and love. I would recommend this as a gift for new-comers, die-hard fans and Funko! Collectors alike.

Spider man 3D Mug

With great power, comes great…coffee? That’s definitely how that quote goes- or at least it is with this awesome 3D Spider Man mug! Perfect for autumn evenings to settle in with your PS4 and a nice warm cup of cocoa, or even for mornings before you head out on your adventure for the day; this mug features a prominent 3D design of Spider Man’s face and is a decent size for holding as much coffee, tea, or whatever your drink of choice is, as you need. The mug is also official Marvel merchandise (although please note: isn’t dishwasher safe, as it’s ceramic!), so is perfect for those of you who want to support to the growth of your favourite superhero franchises.

Spider Man ‘Thwip’ Phone Case

This adorable Spider Man phone case is an original artists design based off of the latest Spider Man movie, Homecoming, and is available in a wide variety of sizes for different phones (iPhones of varying generations and also Samsungs). There’s also an option between a simple snap case or a more defensive tough case for those of you who are slightly more clumsy. Anyone who loves to support independent artists, and also loves Spider Man will absolutely adore this cute phone case!

So, now you’re fully prepared to go out and take on the world as Peter Parker and hopefully you’re fully prepared to take on crime in New York city when the game releases on September 7th.

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