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best hatsune miku gifts

Best Hatsune Miku merch and gifts in 2018

It’s an exciting time around the world for Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid fans with the beginning of MIKU EXPO, a live tour of concerts happening in the following months, right up until December of this year, covering a large number of countries and concert venues including Miku’s very first live appearance in England.

Tickets were released in the last few weeks and are still currently available for sale, along with a huge amount of recently released Miku merchandise, covering a range of clothes, figures and accessories, so you have everything you need to perfectly prepare yourself in plenty of time for the ultimate live Vocaloid experience!


OMOCAT is a relatively small brand in the scheme of things but make some amazing clothes for a more niche market, and have partnered with MIKU EXPO USA to make a range of clothing that covers jackets, hoodies and t-shirts all featuring the star of the hour, Miku.

All of the items of clothing come in bright and cute colours, featuring greens, blues and pinks – perfect to stand out in the crowd for any concert-goers (or just fans of Vocaloid overall, for day-to-day life!) and would make a perfect pre-concert turnout gift for any fan.

Omocat X Hatsune Miku clothing range

Hatsune Miku: Mikubon Manga

This Vocaloid filled manga is a cute and easily accessible gift for anyone who is new to Vocaloids and not sure what merchandise to pick up – it’s filled with adorable short stories based on if Vocaloids spent their everyday life at school, and shows a completely different side to the characters that well-established fans would appreciate too!

The art style is very simple and sweet and as the stories come in short 4 panel stories it’s easy to pick up and read whenever, be it on your way to work or school or when you have a few minutes spare in the evening, this manga is easy for anyone and everyone to enjoy!

Hatsune Miku: Figma Figure

A classic Figma figure from GoodSmile, that as always is limited availability but definitely worth it if you can grab one during pre-order phases as they make some of the most highly detailed, well-articulated figures available on the market currently. This Hatsune Miku figurine is the V4X version and features a wide range of extras to pose her in almost any situation imaginable; including three faceplates (a smile, a singing expression and a winking expression), a microphone with stand and a guitar all perfect to display her exactly how she should be – Performing.

This item’s pre-order deadline isn’t for a while and it isn’t expected to ship until October 31st this year, which means you have plenty of time left to pick it up.

Hatsune Miku Wall Poster

Posters are always the best way to show anyone who’s going to enter your house exactly what fandom you belong to, and this is the best way with Miku, vocaloids are no exception. This high-quality poster, featuring a large image of the Vocaloid queen herself, Hatsune Miku is relatively cheap to purchase and large in size, so it’s definitely good value and also available for prime delivery – so makes for a perfect, quick and easy last minute gift.

Hatsune Miku Book-style smartphone covers

With such a large range of smartphones on the market, in all shapes and sizes, it’s sometimes hard to find a case that’s the right fit – especially when you want one that shows off your love from your favourite fandom, but these cases remedy that perfectly. Not only showing off your love for your favourite Vocaloid but also being adjustable to fit a variety of phone sizes, these cases should tailor to a fair few different fans, with different phones! Perfect to keep your phone safe if you’re attending one of the concerts or even just going about your day to day life.

Hatsune Miku Book-style Smartphone Cover from Otaku Mode
10th Anniversary Notebook Style Phone Case from Otaku Mode

With Miku Square backpack

Travelling far to see Miku in concert? Taking a weekend away? Need something big and reliable enough to carry your stuff to work or school? This one’s perfect for you – This large square backpack is a Tokyo Otaku Mode exclusive and although it seems plain on the outside, is filled with colour and your favourite vocaloids in a fun print that covers the inside. Along with the small embroidered “With Miku” patch featured on the front this teams up to be a useful and fun bag that’s perfect for any Vocaloid fan, especially if they’ve got a load to carry with them

Hatsune Miku Square Backpack from Otaku Mode

Funko POP! Vinyl: Hatsune Miku

A figure with a slightly different approach, and price range, perfect for any collector of the Funko POP! Series, or any fan of Vocaloids themselves who don’t want to break the bank to get a good quality figure – This Miku pop vinyl follows in the same style as any of the others, featuring their characteristic large head and simplistic style, along with her trademark outfit, this figure would make a nice addition to any fan or collectors shelf.

Miku Stars Snapback

Ready for the summer? You definitely could be with this official Miku stars snapback, be ready to keep out of the sun and show your love for Miku with this hat, which features a stylistic design of Miku surrounded by stars on a premium black wool snapback.

As it’s currently on sale this makes a perfect gift (or even treat for yourself) for any Miku fans in the US, or even any fans willing to import it to them.

Miku Stars Snapback hat from MikuMerch

Hatsune Miku Shattered wall scroll

If the walls in your room or house are missing some character, this Hatsune Miku official wall scroll is sure to liven them up. Another product from Miku Merch (the official Hatsune Miku merchandise store) this fabric wall scroll features a bold design of Miku with a futuristic shattered background, with a white background the colours of Miku truly shine through and make this a bold centerpiece for any wall needing a bit of love, not to mention – it is in the sale.

Hatsune Miku Wall Scroll from MikuMerch

So that’s the rundown of the best Hatsune Miku merchandise available on the market right now! Tickets for Miku expo are currently available for sale for Europe and the concerts have already started taking place in America – We hope we managed to find the perfect merchandise for you to take with you, if you’re going, or to fulfil the gap of not going if you can’t quite make it!

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