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The best RWBY merch you can get this year

RWBY is a worldwide phenomenon and the first ever animated series to be imported to Japan from North America, and it’s helped Rooster Teeth to become a company big enough to realise their greatest ambitions. Having recently hired David Tennant and Michael B. Jordan to work on their newest animated series, Gen:LOCK, and the Rooster Teeth Expo currently making its way across the world, today we wanted to focus on some of the best RWBY merch you die-hard fans can get, and where.

RWBY on DVD and Blu-ray

Manga UK is the official distributor for the RWBY anime in the UK, and they’ve just licensed Volumes 4 and 5 for release later this year. The earlier copies are out of print and relatively hard to get brand new now, but the first 4 volumes are included in Amazon Prime with the fifth one available to rent or buy, alongside the others, for £3.49 and £7.99 respectively. If you’re after physical copies, they’re all available on Amazon. The spin-off series, RWBY Chibi, is also on Amazon to rent or buy, too. These aren’t available physically, so those wanting to support it with money can do for £3.49 or £7.99 depending on if you rent or buy. As of now, only season 1 is available.

RWBY Manga

There are a few mangas based on RWBY and more are currently releasing, but the best place to start is with Shirow Miwa’s work. This is the first manga based on RWBY and it more or less recaps the cinematic trailers which introduced us to Team RWBY, but there’s more to it this time than just the action. Outside of this, there are the official manga anthologies which compile stories based on individual characters, with Ruby’s already out and Weiss’ due to release next on 23rd August.

You can pick this up on A mazon for only £5.77 on Kindle and comiXology, or £5.92 paperback.

RWBY Soundtracks

You might not be able to get your hands on a physical CD, but Amazon has the digital soundtracks for all 5 volumes at a stellar £7.99. If you’ve seen RWBY or have spoken to a fan, then chances are you’re aware of how spectacular the music by Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams truly is. Prepare to rock out with more than 20 tracks per soundtrack in clean, high-quality audio.

RWBY Figurines

The Rooster Teeth store has more figures than you can shake a stick at – or something – and they range from fairly cheap to fancy and expensive! Whether you’re looking for statues or articulated figures, you’ll find it all on Rooster Teeth’s UK store – yay, no imports and customs charges! You can pick up this slick statue of Team RWBY leader Ruby Rose, manufactured by MacFarlane Toys, for only £35.95 or, although Ruby has already seemed to have sold out, you can pick up Weiss, Blake or Yang for £130 each in a limited run by Threezero.

They’re fully articulated and come with hand-tailored clothing and accessories, hand-painted touches to make the characters look as if they’ve jumped out from the series and they come with customisable parts. You can pick up other characters from outside Team RWBY too in a variety of different options.

RWBY Series 4 Ruby Figure

RWBY Limited Edition Yang Figure by Threezero

RWBY T-Shirts

T-Shirts are a staple of any fan’s collection when it comes to repping your favourites, and RWBY isn’t short on clothing! Whether you get something solely inspired by the show or something that mixes RWBY with another popular series such as Jurassic Park or Attack on Titan. With many sizes available and over 20 designs to pick from for men and women, you can rock your favourite character, team or design and fill up your wardrobe with them. The Ruby Silhouette Shirt below is one of the earliest designs for RWBY in general, and a sure favourite for many RWBY fans. A bunch of them are on sale right now too!

RWBY Ruby Silhouette Shirt

RWBY Plushies

Not a fan of plastic? Maybe plushies will be more your style! You can cuddle these when you sleep unlike with figures – but if you do, then we don’t judge – and they’ll look adorable on display. If you’ve seen RWBY, then at some point you’ve wanted a Zwei plush. Ruby and Yang’s pet dog is soft, fluffy and adorable, and you can pick him up along with some of the girls of Team RWBY on the official Rooster Teeth UK store!

I actually really want a Zwei plush…

Zwei Plush

RWBY Posters and Wall Scrolls

Maybe you want something to hang up on your wall, or even potentially get signed one day, where it can be framed and become an eye-catching piece in your bedroom or elsewhere. You can get posted based on different volumes of the show, main artwork, based on the game, Grimm Eclipse, or one featuring the main four voice-actresses themselves, and any of them would look fabulous framed on your wall.

RWBY "Team RWBY" Poster (36" x 24")

RWBY Drinkwear

Maybe you want something that you can put to use every day and what better way to do that than glasses and tumblers? You need to drink every day and whether it’s water, squash, tea or coffee, these items are something that you can easily clean and reuse on a daily basis. They’re subtle too, in case you’re worried about taking it to work!

RWBY Hot/Cold Tumbler

You’re now all ready to tackle RTX London! If you’re missing out on it this year, then consider yourself prepared for when Rooster Teeth inevitably visit next year! Go decked out in RWBY gear then buy loads more at the con, because I know that’s what I’ll be doing. Remember that Volume 6 begins airing on Rooster Teeth FIRST come 27th October, so there’s no better time to build upon your RWBY collection. Rooster Teeth has also announced a series of novels, in partnership with book publishing Penguin – RWBY is taking over the world! Did Ruby Rose really show up in Ready Player One, though? Who knows…

You can pick up Sunday – sadly single Saturday tickets have sold out – and weekend tickets to Rooster Teeth Expo London here.

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