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The 20 best editions of Monopoly for niche board game nights

Monopoly! There’s no better board game you can play with your friends and/or family when you want to spend a good few hours locked in a bitter class struggle until one person eventually emerges as both tycoon and victor – and thus, capitalism! There have been a huge array of editions of Monopoly through the years, as it pioneered the licensed board game genre. Let’s take a glance at the best Monopoly editions out there, with a list of twenty of them.

If it so goes that you are both alive and reading this right now, odds are at least fairly good that you’ve at least heard of Monopoly the board game before. It’s over a hundred years old, is well known for taking hours to finish a game, and is almost guaranteed to upset the relationship between you, your family and friends at least once. For a game based around buying up real estate and being the ‘winner’ by earning the most money and making your associates bankrupt, it’s ironic that the game actually was invented to demonstrate the exact opposite of that.

Monopoly originated in 1903 as a method of exhibiting to the public that an economy which rewards the creation of wealth would be an ultimately better scenario than an economy that allows monopolists who seek to dominate their relevant markets. A couple of decades later, the original board game version of Monopoly was published in 1935 by Parker Brothers. It has since gone on to be locally licensed in over 103 countries and has been made in over thirty-seven languages.

As the months, years and indeed, decades have gone on, more and more licensed versions of the game have come into existence, especially in more recent years. These days, you can find a version of Monopoly themed around almost any large-scale movie, TV show or video game. In fact, it’s such a cultural phenomenon and a touchstone of the 20th century that when a form of media grows in popularity enough to warrant the creation of its own Monopoly board, it’s seen as a sign of major success!

So what better way to spend a few hours barely keeping your rage in check when the person next to you lands on the one space you needed to complete a set of real estate? Well, why not do that with a board entirely themed after Fortnite, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Pokémon, The Avengers or something else. Not only will all the place names be different, you’ll even get to fight over which one of the little theme-specific metal pieces you get to play as. We call Optimus Prime, though.

So let’s take a look at the 20 best versions of Monopoly available to buy right now.

1. Classic Monopoly

Well, we kind of have to begin with the version of the game that started it all, right? The classic edition of Monopoly is available in the imaginatively titled Monopoly Classic Edition. This version brings it all back to basics and emulates the original 1935 version of the game as closely as possible. That means all spaces, artwork and metal pieces are replicas of the original board game, which is superb if you want to have yourselves a ‘control’ game of Monopoly before experimenting with some of the weird and wonderful licensed versions seen further down on this list.

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2. Monopoly: Cheater’s Edition

Much to everyone’s aggravation, a lot of players try to get away with bending the rules in a game of Monopoly. But what actually happens when that conniving and scheming in baked into the game itself? Well, you get the Monopoly: Cheater’s Edition. This version adds cards that encourage you to break the rules to gain the most money possible so you can live out your true capitalist dream – a bit like how it’s done in the real world. Just don’t end up getting caught and chained to the game board with the included handcuffs!

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3. Fortnite Monopoly

Of course, there’s Fortnite version of Monopoly. One of the biggest phenomenons in gaming since Minecraft, Epic’s uninteresting co-op survival game turned multiplayer battle royale sensation sells practically anything it can put its name on. The transition to the tabletop isn’t too laboured thanks to the range of hotspots in the game that serve as variously populated landing locations. No surprises that Tilted Towers is this version’s Mayfair. Spicy!

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4. Monopoly Deal

Here’s an entirely different way to play Monopoly. Instead of the arduous hourly-long sessions, Monopoly Deal is a short card-based variant that you’ll whizz through in about 15 minutes. You’ll collect sets, build houses and tear every last penny from your opponent’s hands as usual, but your possible actions are instead dictated by the cards in your hand. It will never replace the standard game, sure. Yet, this version does give you the option for a quick Monopoly session that’s incredibly easy to play on-the-go as well!

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5. Monopoly Gamer

Nintendo time! It was only a matter of time before Mario and co. found their way onto the mean streets of Monopoly boards. Two versions are available: the first is based on Super Mario Bros. while the second draws from the other friendship-ending world of Mario Kart. The aim is to come away with the most amount of coins instead of buying up different properties. It’s a peculiar but intriguing alternative to the pair of video games.

6. Avengers Monopoly

Phase Three may be all wrapped up but that doesn’t mean you need to leave all your favourite superheroes behind. Instead, you can move their shiny, golden forms around a Monopoly board to face off against some of the most iconic villains from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Your reward? Loads of Avengers Bucks! A mass fortune awaits if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in one of the approximately 14 million possibilities where you win the game.

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7. The Legend of Zelda Monopoly

zelda monopoly

Not satisfied with appearing in Nintendo Monopoly, Link shows up in his own version of the legendary board game. The Legend of Zelda Monopoly is crafted with a high standard of design and looks visually stunning, to say the least. Everything from the trinkets to the fake money to the Chance cards are all sepia-toned and made to look like they’ve come straight from Hyrule. It’s a must-own for any die-hard Zelda fan, for sure.

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8. World of Warcraft Monopoly

World of Warcraft Monopoly

Speaking of die-hard fans, there are none more devoted than fans of World of Warcraft. Now, they can showcase their passion for the world’s largest online multiplayer game with its very own bespoke Monopoly edition. Everything, as you may have figured out by now, is themed after locations, events, characters and trinkets from all over Azeroth. Everything in this set is highly-detailed and it’s clear that a lot of care and attention was given when making this for the horde.

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9. Monopoly for Millennials

Part of us also wants to shout about this edition of Monopoly for the memes. Part of us wants to yeet it into the sun for its disingenuous representation of the difficulties faced by a generation. It’s a delicate balance. The concepts of owning property (hah!) and saving for the future (imagine that!) are chucked away in favour of collecting “experiences” and doing your best to reduce your carbon footprint. Yeah, it feels a bit icky, but at the end of the day, it’s just Monopoly.

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10. Star Wars Monopoly

Monopoly Jelly Deals Star Wars

Dominate the Galaxy with Star Wars Monopoly, where you can play as your favourite characters (the figurines are just adorable) from both the light and the dark side, and get acquainted with the force in a Monopoly style (we’re not even just referring to the force of fast-paced real estate trading, we’re talking actual Star Wars powers force.)

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11. Star Trek Monopoly

Monopoly Star Trek Jelly Deals

Monopoly’s been given a trekkie make-over in this cosmic set, you’ll be taking over fleets and star-ships instead of houses, and can even play as a Vulcan Lute if you so desire. We know we want to get in on that phat lute (apologies into infinity).

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12. Game of Thrones Monopoly

Game of thrones monopoly

Everyone’s favourite sex-and-gore-laden HBO show, Game of Thrones has its own version of Monopoly. This edition features, unsurprisingly, spaces all based on locations in and around Westeros. The tokens are designed after dragon eggs, White Walkers, the infamous crown of kings, Direwolves, and the Iron Throne itself, among others. It’s even got a little scroll thingy! And all the hotels are now keeps and castles. Neat!

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13. Friends Monopoly

Monopoly and friends – now that’s an oxymoron if we’ve ever heard one. They’ll be there for you – at least until they land on your property in a board game and you rinse them for all their money. Admittedly, we’re impressed that the classic US sitcom is somehow translated into Monopoly with new pieces and spaces. It includes stuff like “that one that looks like a T-Rex because Ross is into dinosaurs” and “that one that’s a pizza box because…Joey sometimes ate pizza”? Nailed it lads.

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14. Stranger Things Monopoly

Jelly Deals Monopoly Stranger Things Edition

Uncover the dark mystery plaguing Hawkins, Indiana in the Stranger Things edition of Monopoly, which features some striking 80s themed figurines and ones torn straight from the ‘Upside Down’. Forts and hide-outs replace property, and there are some strange events unfolding, of course.

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15. Walking Dead Monopoly

Ah, the lull of Monopoly combined with terrifying flesh-eating zombies in the midst of the apocalypse. Perhaps not the most traditional option, it does allow you to trade estate with a definitively more survival-based approach. Tokens from the show include your favourite characters Rick’s Hat and Unidentified Bucket of Body Parts (yay!).

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16. Pokémon Monopoly Kanto Edition

Monopoly Pokemon

In the Pokémon edition of Monopoly, specifically this Kanto-themed version, you get to pick from a set of tiny metal Pokémon to play as. Everyone is going to want to be metal Pikachu but come on, let’s not forget the fact that little metal Psyduck is right there. There’s also a Pokémon Monopoly Johto Edition out there in the wild, too, but it’s a little less nostalgic than this Kanto version, which is some good fun straight out of the Game Boy era.

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17. L.O.L. Surprise Monopoly

L.O.L. Suprise is a bit outside of our usual wheelhouse, but you’ve got to respect its popularity in a list like this. Absolutely one for the younger crowd, this Monopoly version is inspired by the titular dolls and accessories. Instead of properties and houses, these are the items that are sought after and traded, with the rarest dolls carrying the most value. The player with the best collection is deemed the winner. Good luck, parents!

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18. Rick & Morty Monopoly

Gallivant around the Multiverse with Rick & Morty themed Monopoly, where you can buy up everything from the Cromulon Dimension to some places out in our Earth realm. Best hand over those Schmeckles!

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18. WWE Monopoly

“Oh my god somebody stop the match the ladder has just been bankrupt by the microphone after landing on John Cena late in the game!”. That’s an entirely accurate representation of how WWE Monopoly would be cast if it had Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler commentating. Yep, no properties are owned in this version – just the wresting talent themselves. We’re guessing you serve as some kind of wresting agent in this version. One who looks to fill your Rolodex with the biggest faces and heels to make the big bucks booking them for Wrestlemania.

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20. Deadpool Monopoly

We’re not sure if Deadpool would be pleased or upset that he has his own version of Monopoly. Maybe he’d find the whole thing hilarious. Whatever his opinion, in this version you’re working to build your own team of mercs and anyone who lands on their square has to pay up a fee for their services. Oh, you also get to buy a chimichanga truck.

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