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Best Fortnite Shirt – wear your fandom on your sleeve

Fortnite, not content with just being a worldwide sensation and arguably the most played video game of the last several years, has set its sights on world domination now, by stepping into the merch game. Around the globe, you’ll inevitably run into some Fortnite merch, and you may just find yourself wanting the best Fortnite shirt in town. Well, hey, you’ve come to the right place for that.

If you consider yourself a die-hard Fornite fan and you’d like the world to know, have no fear – we’ve gathered up a whole selection of the best Fortnite t-shirts for you to check out right here and now. Let’s get started.

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Llama Fortnite Shirt

Starting things off, we’ve got a shirt that evokes Fortnite’s colourful aesthetic. This purple and blue shirt features the game’s trademark Llama pinata hybrid…thing proudly across the front and will leave no room for mistaking that you’re a Fortnite fan, with the best Fortnite shirt around – wherever you end up.

GTA Mash-up Fortnite Shirt

Next, we’re delving into the more creative territory – this shirt mashes up the iconic Grand Theft Auto artwork with Fortnite Battle Royale characters and settings. It also utilises a real slick colour scheme to bring it all together, on a black Fortnite shirt.

Straight Outta Tilted Towers Fortnite Shirt

What list of Fortnite shirts would be complete without the inevitable crossover of pop culture, video games and internet memes? The result of that monstrous concoction is this ‘Straight Outta Tilted Towers’ shirt that is exactly what you already expect from that name. Let the world know you love the internet with one of these bad boys.

Battle Royale Inspiration Fortnite Shirt

This one’s arguably the most subtle shirt of the bunch here, but in case you missed it – the gag here is that it’s a Fortnite shirt designed in the style of the Battle Royale movie logo. Is it a tribute or a sly dig at the rise of Battle Royale games in recent years? That’s for you to decide! Either way, it’s a good one.

Slurp Juice Fortnite Shirt

Similarly, this shirt offers up a subtle reference to Fortnite while not blowing your cover to the whole world. This one features the Slurp Juice logo, as featured on the in-game item. That’s about it – it’s a black tee featuring that logo, but trust us, all of your Fortnite crew will give you those knowing nods when they see it.

All-Over Fortnite Shirt

There’s a whole range of all-over design print shirts available via Amazon at the moment, featuring designs that – as you may have figured out – cover the entire shirt, including the sleeves. While some designs are admittedly much better than others, if you want to wear your fandom literally on your sleeve, this range might be one to take a look at.

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