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The best amiibo deals and prices for all amiibo figures

The world of amiibo! What began as a limited range of figures based on Nintendo characters has grown into a massive array of collectables representing a wide range of Nintendo franchises. Everything from Animal Crossing to Smash Bros and with some indie gems like Shovel Knight in between. Here are the best amiibo deals on all available figures right now.

Now, in case you haven’t noticed already, there are a whole lot of amiibo out there in the wild. Some of them are quite common and can be found for a few coins here and there, while others can stretch up in value to the high double figures and beyond. Which ones are easily attainable and which ones are better off left in your dreams should be made clear with our definitive list below. It features every amiibo figure currently on the market, as well as the price you can find each of them for.

As the stock is constantly changing, so  do the prices of these amiibo figures, and we’ll be doing our best to keep this list as up to date as humanly possible. That being said, you may end up finding that one or two figures here are slightly higher or lower in price than what we listed. Sadly, that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

For the purposes of this list, we’ll be grouping amiibo characters up into the series they were originally released in. That means Animal Crossing figures go in the Animal Crossing group and so on. That will also mean that while the Legend of Zelda series features a dozen or so figures, you may also find a Link or Zelda amiibo in the Smash Bros series separately as well. Happy hunting!

Just don’t go holding out a lot of hope for that Silver Mega Man amiibo, that thing is long gone.

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Super Mario Odyssey amiibo
Animal Crossing amiibo
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Splatoon amiibo
Super Mario amiibo
Super Mario 30th Anniversary amiibo
Super Smash Bros. amiibo
The Legend of Zelda amiibo
Yoshi’s Woolly World amiibo
Individual character amiibo

Super Mario Odyssey amiibo series

Super Mario Odyssey Wedding amiibo

Super Mario Odyssey has been launched, and it’s looking to be a hit! Prior to release, Nintendo brought out brand new set of Odyssey themed amiibo figures. The White Wedding series Mario, Bowser and Peach figures are totally unique and can even be used in the Super Mario Odyssey game – which you can learn more about here in our reviews round-up.

Character Amazon UK Amazon US
Mario (Wedding) Nintendo Store Currently Unavailable
Bowser (Wedding) Nintendo Store Currently Unavailable
Peach (Wedding) Nintendo Store Currently Unavailable

Animal Crossing amiibo Series

Animal Crossing amiibo figures

Kicking things off in true alphabetical fashion, we have the Animal Crossing series of amiibo. Mainly modelled after the characters as they appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and the Wii U exclusive Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, here is where you’ll find the infamous K.K. Slider and Tom Nook, along with some more deep cut characters like Digby, Rover, Kapp’n and Blathers. Some of these may be purely for collectors and Animal Crossing fanatics but that’s all part of the fun.

Character Amazon UK Amazon US
K.K. Slider £11 $15
Mabel £7 $9
Tom Nook £6 $9
Digby £8 $10
Reese £8 $9
Cyrus £6 $8
Lottie £9 $9
Blathers £8 $7
Celeste £9 $10
Resetti £8 $7
Kicks £7 $11
Timmy and Tommy £8 $8
Kapp’n £8 $7
Rover £8 $6
Isabelle – Summer outfit £10 $12
Isabelle – Winter Outfit £13 $13

Fire Emblem amiibo Series

Fire Emblem amiibo figures

Currently, there are only two announced figures in the Fire Emblem amiibo series. That’s not to say there aren’t more Fire Emblem characters represented as amiibo figures elsewhere (see: the Smash Bros series of amiibo) but as far as Fire Emblem getting its own bespoke series of amiibo releases, this is your lot for the time being. These are designed to work with the upcoming Fire Emblem Echoes game on 3DS primarily, but may have some uses outside of that game as well.

Character Amazon UK Amazon US
Alm £11 Coming Soon
Celica £11 Coming Soon

Kirby amiibo Series

Kirby amiibo figures

Kirby, the adorable pink morphing blob thing that he is, has been around since the early 90s, cropping up in Nintendo games here and there as well as his own series of games on various platforms. Coming with him in the transition into inanimate amiibo figures are fellow fan favourites Meta Knight and Waddle Dee as well as the series antagonist King Dedede. They’re just so colourful, though.

Character Amazon UK Amazon US
Kirby £12 $13
Meta Knight £11 $9
King Dedede £11 $17
Waddle Dee £11 $7

Splatoon amiibo Series

Splatoon amiibo figures

Splatoon is Nintendo’s newest original IP and as such, the freshest franchise seen on a Nintendo console in close to a decade. When they’re not dousing locations with various colours of paint (at least two coats), the kids from Splatoon – known only as ‘Boy’, ‘Girl’ and ‘Squid’ here – have proven popular enough to spawn three separate versions of their own amiibo figures, alongside figures for two of the only named Splatoon characters around. The latest set of these is due to drop alongside Splatoon 2 in July this year.

Character Amazon UK Amazon US
Inkling Girl £12 $7
Inkling Boy £14 $14
Inkling Squid £17 $21
Callie £11 $34 (2-pack)
Marie £11 $34 (2-pack)
Inkling Girl Lime Green £11 $30 (3-pack)
Inkling Boy Purple £11 $30 (3-pack)
Inkling Squid Orange £11 $30 (3-pack)
Inkling Girl Neon Pink £10.99 Coming Soon
Inkling Boy Neon Green £10.99 Coming Soon
Inkling Squid Neon Purple £10.99 Coming Soon

Super Mario amiibo Series

Super Mario amiibo figures

Here’s your boy, the man himself – Mario. Oh, and a whole slew of his friends, enemies and other associates, in amiibo form. The Mario crew is pretty well represented here, from the usual suspects of Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Yoshi to the rogues’ gallery of Bowser, Wario, Waluigi, Boo as well as Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and a few others. The extra special (and extra limited) Gold and Silver editions of Mario are on the much rarer side of things, but not entirely unavailable.

Character Amazon UK Amazon US
Mario £13 $23
Luigi £14 $19
Peach £8 $20
Yoshi £13 $20
Toad £14 $20
Bowser £13 $20
Mario Gold £35 $22
Mario Silver £45 $30
Wario £8 $9
Rosalina £16 $13
Boo £14 $19
Donkey Kong £14 $25
Waluigi £15 $9
Daisy £11 $9
Diddy Kong £15 $13

Super Mario 30th Anniversary amiibo Series
30th Anniversary Mario amiibo figures

In time for Mario’s 30th birthday, Nintendo released these slightly nightmare-inducing amiibo figures to honour the occasion. The 8-bit blocky pixel-art version of Mario is available in classic NES grunge colours as well as a slightly newer ‘modern colour’ version featuring the iconic blue overalls and red shirt. I’ve also only just noticed that the NES Mario isn’t wearing gloves like the newer version is and now nothing makes sense anymore.

Character Amazon UK Amazon US
Mario (Classic Colours) £10 $15
Mario (Modern Colours) £15 $12


Super Smash Bros. amiibo Series

Super Smash Bros amiibo figures

With the Super Smash Bros. series of amiibo, you’ll find Nintendo’s largest ongoing effort into amiibo production. From the release of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, Nintendo promised to release at least one amiibo figure to represent each of the playable characters in the game. Not a simple task, however, since the game featured well over 50 different characters. Nintendo has been steadily releasing figures from the Smash Bros. series for the past few years, with the final set (featuring Bayonetta and Final Fantasy’s Cloud) is due for release this June.

Character Amazon UK Amazon US
Mario £16 $25
Peach £11 $20
Yoshi £10 $19
Donkey Kong £12 $17
Link £22 $10
Fox £11 $17
Samus £10 $16
Wii Fit Trainer £11 $17
Villager £11 $22
Pikachu £18 $13
Kirby £11 $27
Marth £11 $28
Zelda £23 $20
Diddy Kong £12 $25
Luigi £14 $13
Little Mac £18 $15
Pit £10 $12
Captain Falcon £15 $20
Rosalina £10 $17
Bowser £19 $21
Lucario £35 $16
Toon Link Unavailable $20
Sheik £60 $10
Ike £11 $17
Shulk £11 $16
Sonic £30 $20
Mega Man £19 $23
Mega Man Gold Unavailable $70
King Dedede £10 $17
Meta Knight £11 $17
Robin £11 $20
Lucina £11 $17
Wario £9 $17
Charizard £18 $20
Ness £9 $15
Pac-Man £13 $13
Greninja £22 $19
Jigglypuff £12 $16
Palutena £10 $17
Dark Pit £13 $18
Zero Suit Samus £10 $15
Ganondorf £15 $33
Dr Mario £7 $9
Bowser Jr £13 $17
Olimar £11 $16
Mr Game and Watch £8 $15
ROB (NES) £7 $9
Duck Hunt £8 $15
Mii Brawler £9 $15
Mii Swordfighter £10 $17
Mii Gunner £14 $11
Mewtwo £15 $19
Falco £7 $13
Lucas £13 $8
ROB (Famicom) £18 $9
Roy £10 $24
Ryu £10 $12
Cloud £10.99 Coming Soon
Corrin £10.99 Coming Soon
Bayonetta Coming Soon Coming Soon
Cloud (AC) Coming Soon Coming Soon
Corrin (Female) Coming Soon Coming Soon
Bayonetta 2 Coming Soon Coming Soon


The Legend of Zelda amiibo Series

Breath of the Wild Zelda amiibo figures

Nintendo clearly has a soft spot for Link and his green tunic, as the little guy and his friends have had more amiibo figures made of them than any other character or series. In fact, by Summer 2017, there will be over 10 different versions of Link alone on the market. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Zelda series, a freakish 8-bit figure was released alongside an Ocarina of Time Link. Later, characters from Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were unleashed and just in time for the release of the critically acclaimed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo released a whole batch of Breath of the Wild related figures, including two versions of Link and a massively oversized Guardian amiibo. Not to leave things there, Nintendo has also announced three more Link amiibo, representing Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Majora’s Mask, due for release later this year.

Later, characters from Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were unleashed and just in time for the release of the critically acclaimed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo released a whole batch of Breath of the Wild related figures, including two versions of Link and a massively oversized Guardian amiibo. Not to leave things there, Nintendo has also announced three more Link amiibo, representing Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Majora’s Mask, due for release later this year.

Character Amazon UK Amazon US
Wolf Link (Twilight Princess) £25 $43
8-Bit Link £30 $30
Link (Ocarina of Time) £65 $45
Toon Link (Wind Waker) £35 $42
Zelda (Wind Waker) £33 $30
Link (Archer – Breath of the Wild) £31 $33
Link (Rider – Breath of the Wild) £26 $29
Guardian (Breath of the Wild) £33 $20
Zelda (Breath of the Wild) £90 $45
Bokoblin (Breath of the Wild) £30 $16
Link (Majora’s Mask) Coming Soon Coming Soon
Link (Twilight Princess) Coming Soon Coming Soon
Link (Skyward Sword) Coming Soon Coming Soon

Yoshi’s Woolly World amiibo Series

Yoshi Woolly World amiibo figures yarn

Turning the whole amiibo thing on its head a bit, Nintendo decided to celebrate the release of one of the most adorable games ever made – Yoshi’s Woolly World – with a set of Yoshi amiibo that were actually made of yarn. Not only that, but the company followed up the success of the cutest amiibo ever made with a Mega Yarn Yoshi which stands almost three times the size of the originals. A little bit later, Yoshi’s pal Poochy joined the gang in an equally soft yarn form.

Character Amazon UK Amazon US
Green yarn Yoshi £14 $15
Pink yarn Yoshi £14 $15
Blue yarn Yoshi £11 $15
Mega yarn Yoshi £30 $50
Poochy £22 $17

Individual Character amiibo

Shovel Knight Pikmiin Box Boy Chibi amiibo figures

Everybody loves a misfit! Sometimes, a game or series will be awesome enough to warrant its own amiibo figure but not wide-reaching enough for a whole series. Beginning with the somewhat unexpected release of a Shovel Knight amiibo to mark the release of the game on Nintendo formats, Nintendo continued to dabble with single-shot amiibo figures for the releases of Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash and indie classic Box Boy. The latter is quite literally a square box, by the way. Finally, Nintendo announced a stand-alone Pikmin amiibo due for release in Summer 2017.

Character Amazon UK Amazon US
Box Boy Unavailable $29
Chibi-Robo! £15 $9
Pikmin £10.99 Coming Soon
Shovel Knight £14 $13


That’s it for now. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the best amiibo deals around each week, so check back soon.

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