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Life is Strange Cosplay guide – make the best Max and Chloe outfits

Life is Strange 2 is coming out, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about the leading heroines of the first game! Max and Chloe are best buds with a lot going on, but they stole the hearts of gamers from across the world. If you want to rep your love for them, here is a Life is Strange cosplay guide for the both of them.

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Max Caulfield

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Hoody

Thankfully, the Life is Strange girls’ outfits aren’t too fancy, and so they’re simple to cosplay. Max’s grey hoodie is a plain grey-ish colour with a white trimming, with slightly rolled up sleeves to reveal her wristbands, and the hoody itself isn’t too baggy. This basic but good quality grey hoody does the job.

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – T-Shirt

Max has a notable t-shirt featuring a “Jane Doe” slogan, and Insert Coin has previously produced official versions of this shirt before. Sadly, they’re now sold out and so a t-shirt similar to it can be quite hard to find, but Brand88 has you covered! Featuring the very same design from the game, no Max cosplay would be complete without this.

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Jeans

Max wears slim-fit denim jeans with turned-up hems, and they’re a standard blue colour. There are no rips or tears in them, unlike Chloe’s style of preference.

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Shoes

Max wears black hi-tops with a custom design in the form of a skull and a banner saying “save life” behind it. These black hi-tops are cheaper than the Converse brand, so perfect for a cheap cosplay, and they leave plenty of room for you to either paint or print on the design itself, if you so wish. It’s a blank canvas, so it’s up to you!

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Wristbands

Max wears a few wristbands on her right wrist, with them being black, blue and a dark red. These silicone wristbands can be picked up in most places, and they’re super cheap!

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Optional: Camera and Bag

Unless you have a camera, I wouldn’t recommend shelling out so much cash to buy one for this cosplay, unless you’re looking to do a professional shoot. Max has a unique, decent camera, but it’s not always in her hands. Her bag is more often seen but, again, isn’t necessary for the cosplay. If you want something similar, it’s worth picking up a blue messenger bag and buying a black and white city outline print to iron on or sew on.

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Chloe Price

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Beanie

Chloe wears a simple blue beanie, and either a normal beanie or a slouch beanie will work for her. As long as it’s navy in colour, and it features no frills of any sort, then you might already find a similar beanie at home. If not, this Beechfield slouch beanie will do the job!

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Tank Top

Chloe’s tank top is just as iconic as Max’s “Jane Doe” t-shirt with its “misfit skull” design, but once again, this tank top can be hard to find alone, and impossible to find officially. Luckily, you can have a tank top that’s identical to Chloe’s. Chloe wears a black bra underneath, so a plain one of those will do too.

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Jacket

Chloe is with her jacket just as much as she is without it, so it’s entirely up to you if you want to follow this step. She wears a short, plain black leather jacket with rolled up sleeves, two breast pockets and two shoulder straps, but this can be quite hard to find on a budget. Still, options are out there.

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Jeans

Chloe’s jeans have a tear on one side, and patches on the other side, so you’ll have to get creative. If you buy these jeans below and put the tear in yourself, which should be simple enough, then it’s up to you if you want to re-create the patches. You could either pick up similar fabric and sew it in, or even try to iron something on.

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Suspenders

Chloe’s a pretty stylish girl, and she rocks black suspenders with her jeans. A simple pair of black suspenders will do the trick although, of course, they’re just decoration for her jeans, rather than used as a pair of suspenders would usually be used.

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Boots

Boots can be pretty pricey, but these boots are similar to Chloe’s black leather boots, and they’re of a similar size, feature a similar heel, and have a ruffled look just like Chloe’s does. They’re the most expensive item for the cosplay though, but leather-style shoes are rarely cheap!

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Necklace

Chloe has a necklace with three bullets on it and a black strap. Either put it yourself together or pick up a ready-made set.

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Wristbands

Chloe wears what seems to be a mix of black and white hairbands on her right wrist, along with one studded wristband. You can pick up hair bands at a bunch of places for cheap, but not so much a studded wristband. Chloe’s wristband only features four studs, so we’ve picked out this one to complete your cosplay!

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Optional: Tattoo Sleeve

We won’t suggest getting a real tattoo sleeve for the cosplay, but a temporary tattoo or fake sleeve with a floral pattern will be similar enough to what Chloe wears. We’ve picked out the below.

Life is Strange Cosplay guide – Optional: Wig or Hairspray Dye

This has to be blue, and hairspray dye is a lot cheaper and much more manageable. Top it up throughout the day and because Chloe’s hairstyle is fairly simple, it isn’t too hard to re-create. Or, easier yet, is to stick with her natural brown which is also seen throughout the game.

And there you have it. Celebrate Life is Strange 2 with the two girls who kicked off the episodic hit, and with MCM London and Halloween are quickly approaching, so now is a great time to throw this together and snap some shots! We picked these two outfits because they’re the most prevalent in the game, but they wear a few outfits throughout the course of the game, so go with your favourite!

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