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claire redfield

Claire Redfield Cosplay guide – Resident Evil cosplay on a budget

If you need a cosplay ready in time for Halloween (or any other event) and want something somewhat spooky but not headed in the direction of a standard bedsheet ghost, or if you’re a big fan of the Resident Evil franchise, this is one for you. Today we’re going to run down a basic guide on how to get a Claire Redfield cosplay ready in time for the big day of Resident Evil 2 Remakes release or even simple enough to be ready in time for Halloween.

There’s a lot of variation when it comes to Claire’s costumes, what with her being featured in 3 of the franchises main games as well as the movies, but we’re going to be following the idea of her Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles RE2 variant costume for two main reasons, it’s linked to Resident Evil 2 and it’s a lot simpler to make than her classic RE2 costume.

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Claire Redfield Cosplay – Black High Neck Long sleeved shirt

Simple enough, even a biker like Claire needs a sturdy under layer for her jacket, and this is pretty much a perfect match for the in-game model, it’s as simple as rolling your sleeves up and you’re ready to go

Claire Redfield Cosplay – Denim Jacket

So to start off we’re going to be sorting the main aspect of her costume, always as a well-known biker girl, you need a strong statement jacket. Any denim jacket will do, so if you have one laying around as long as you don’t mind sacrificing your sleeves – you can definitely use that. If not, here’s a perfect one from Amazon (keeping in mind the lighter the jacket, the stronger the dye will come out on it and the less dyeing time it will require)

As mentioned, step one is to lose the sleeves, cutting denim jackets is actually pretty simple, as the lines you need to cut around are well defined, so get a strong pair of scissors and start snipping.

Once you’ve got your sleeveless denim jacket ready, the next step is to get the right colour – it seems like it’d be simpler to buy a red jacket at this point, but if you want an accurate colour, it’s a real challenge and with washing machine Dylon – the process is super simple and you can control the depth of the colour you want, it’s as simple as putting the dye in your machine and watching it make a big mess of a jacket you (possibly) once loved (Dylon Red Washing machine dye, also available from Amazon.

Extra Tip: If you wanna go the extra mile with detail when it comes to your jacket, as it is the main attraction of the cosplay and get the well recognised Made in Heaven logo where it belongs on the back of the jacket, there are several processes in which this can be done.

Professional T-shirt printers: There are companies who will gladly print a t-shirt, jacket or honestly anything else for you, but while reliable and guaranteed to come out well takes time and quite a lot of money.

Clothes Transfer papers: If you have a printer at home, you can buy sticker paper that will transfer an image onto any item of clothing, after you’ve printed it on, these types of paper can be found on Amazon, this is a relatively cheap process but as it’s done at home can never really be guaranteed how it’ll go.

Fabric Paint: This is the most challenging option of the all of them, it requires matching the paint colours, having a real steady hand – I’d recommend if you want to attempt this method, printing the design out and tracing it onto the jacket before painting.

PNG files and logo designs are all super easy to find on google, as long as you search Made In Heaven Claire Redfield.

Claire Redfield Cosplay – Denim Shorts and Leggings

As far as the bottom half of the costume is concerned, it’s pretty simple and doesn’t take a huge amount of work – the undershorts are pretty much perfect as they are, the shorts can also be left as they are, but if you’re a perfectionist a little bit of fraying wouldn’t hurt.

Fraying denim is a really simple process and can be done by rolling a pair of scissors along the base of the shorts, but don’t go too crazy, we want fraying but not post city infection destroyed.

Claire Redfield Cosplay – Brown Knee High Boots

As always finding shoes for a cosplay that won’t break the bank, but that look accurate is relatively difficult – Claire’s boots in the Darkside chronicles seem to be in a Cowboy boot style, but in every other game, she’s pictured wearing plain standard brown knee-high boots. Depending on the level of price you want to pay, or the level of detail you want to go into – these boots seem to be the best price option for a style of boot that suits every game. Obviously, there are more expensive options available if you wanted to go into a literal cowboy boot but as you’ll never get a 100% accurate cosplay, this is definitely what I’d recommend.

Another prominent thing that’s featured with Claire’s costumes, is a knife or gun holster – These can always easily be picked up from Military surplus stores, are easy enough to look up online, and are often relatively cheap to buy depending on the store, they also look realistic and not at all out of place if you want to go for as realistic of a look as possible for this costume.

And that’s pretty much all the tips I have, hopefully, you’re ready to take on the zombie hoard with full force as the bike riding, grenade launcher wielding queen, that we all know and love as Claire Redfield. Happy Zombie hunting!

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