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The best Nintendo Switch microSD Cards to expand your storage space

If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner there’s no doubt you’ll have realised by now that the on-board 32GB of storage won’t last you very long – especially if you’re buying games digitally. In fact, there are plenty of titles out now like L.A. Noire that require an external storage card. Not to worry, the Switch works with most microSD cards on the market. Here are our picks for the best value and cheapest Nintendo Switch microSD cards, with a brief introduction covering the basics of Nintendo Switch storage .

Nintendo Switch storage upgrade guide

The Nintendo Switch itself is capable of using microSD cards of up to 2TB in size (a size which currently doesn’t exist, for the record!) and while that’s a satisfying number, you likely won’t have any use for it any time soon. Instead, you can opt to pick up microSD cards in sizes of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. While a 32GB card will double your Nintendo Switch storage space instantly, for not much more money you can go for a much higher capacity card.

Also, do ensure your system is fully updated before you add any new cards.  We’ve scoured the internet in order to bring you the best range of microSD cards and bring you the finest bargains for each.

Best Nintendo Switch Micro SD cards – 64GB

You’re looking at around £15 – £25 for a new card, which is roughly equivalent to 4.7 Zelda titles, or eight Mario Karts.

Best Nintendo Switch Micro SD cards – 128GB

Best Nintendo Switch Micro SD cards – 200GB

Best Nintendo Switch Micro SD cards – 256GB

Best Nintendo Switch Micro SD cards – 400GB

Whichever you decide on, you’re always going to be increasing the potential of your Nintendo Switch. More storage space means more games you can have installed at any one time and more games, of course, means more fun to be had! Especially if you plan on un-docking your Nintendo Switch and taking it with you on the go. We’ll be updating this page with more deals on Micro SD cards as and when they appear. Happy switching!

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