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Game of Thrones Gifts Guide for Fans

As the old adage goes, Winter is Coming, although in the real-world the onslaught of holiday events and the manifold pressures of gift buying are far more threatening that any raging dragon or dead-eyed monstrosity. So whether you’re looking for Valentines gifts or just want to treat yourself to something special, stick with us for the best Game of Thrones gifts from across the land. Also, by Jove, not long to go now for that finale!

We’ve scoured the hostile plains of the internet to find you the best Game of Thrones Christmas gifts online, whomever the big Game of Thrones addict in your life is. There’s a vast range of GoT themed presents out there that cater to a range of interests.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to work out sifting the good from the bad regarding Game of Thrones merchandise, as the shows bonkers popularity leaves little room for retailer discernment. As such, we promise that everything on this list is not only a high quality gift, but uses trusted vendors that have an approved rating online. No shady grey-market Game of Thrones gear to be had here folks . Now without further adieu, Arya ready for some magnificent Game of Thrones deals?

Game of Thrones gifts board and card Games

Although Game of Thrones video-games haven’t been the best received, there’s plentiful tabletop offerings from the series to be enjoyed. Whether that’s special editions of classic titles such as Risk and Monopoly, or more complex and dense original board games – all make excellent Game of Thrones gifts, whatever the season.

Game Of Thrones books and box-sets

There are a raft of lovely collectors editions of both the Game of Thrones TV series and book collection, although these aren’t technically complete sets as fans are waiting for the final book and final season of the show. However, these are as comprehensive as you can get currently without charging forward into the future.

Game of Thrones edibles and fancies

For more decadent fans, there’s beautiful  baths and beverages merchandise fit for a Khaleesi, that won’t totally break the bank either. Try style over nerdery for gifts this year.

Game of Thrones gifts figurines

Give your favourite Game of Thrones characters pride of place on your shelves and desks with these adorable figurines, whether you’re betting on the Night King, the Dragon Queen or the bastard boy. Try out one of these colourful and cute Game of thrones gifts for the Westeros fan in your life.

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