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Best Game of Thrones Merchandise for 2019

It’s nearly upon us. The Game of Thrones final season is less then a few days away. We couldn’t be more excited to find out what lies in store for Jon, Dany, Tirion and everyone else who has managed to stay alive through eight seasons at the whim of HBO and George R.R. Martin’s murderous pen. With hype levels reaching temperatures hotter than wildfire, what better time to frivolously spend on some of the best Game of Thrones merchandise available in 2019.

We’ve ventured far and wide across the vast lands and narrow seas of the web to uncover the top Game of Thrones merch for fans of all interests. We’ve got bumper Game of Thrones gift boxes that contain more than enough goodies to keep you entertained for hours on end while also offering an entire house worth of decorations.

There’s a whole treasure vault of individual treats too, so be sure to have a good browse of the wares below to see if anything calls to you!

Game of Thrones merchandise gift boxes

Wow, there is a serious amount of stuff in these fancy Game of Thrones gift boxes. You can choose between two, the first containing a dozen assorted bits and bobs of Game of Thrones merchandise: everything from t-shirts and figures to maps and books all presented in a beautifully decorated box.

The second has many of the same items just, well, fewer of them. We’re not sure what else a Game of Thrones fan could possibly need in their life after receiving one of these, except maybe an early screening of the final ever episode. Imagine how insufferable they would be if that happened? Just keep them quiet with one of these instead.

Game of Thrones board games and card games

Sometimes it’s interesting to imagine just how well you’d be able to fare within the Game of Thrones universe. Handily, that’s where these Game of Thrones board games and card games can come into play – letting you live out your Westeros fantasies without having to worry about ending up with your head on a spike.

These are some of the best Game of Thrones board games available right now, including original games and adaptations of tabletop classics:



Game of Thrones books and box sets

You don’t really have a lot of time to catch up on the entirety of Game of Thrones before the final season gets underway in April. However, if you’d like to own the collection in book or Blu-ray form so far you can take your pick of the best deals here:



Game of Thrones edibles and fancies

Now for some Game of Thrones merchandise that’s a little different. This is for when you really want to treat yourself like a King or a Khaleesi only the finest Game of Thrones indulgences around will suffice:

Game of Throne merchandise miscellany

And then there’s all the Game of Thrones merchandise that doesn’t fit into a category. Here we have all the Game of Thrones trinkets and figures that you can strew across your desks, walls and shelves until there’s room for no more.



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