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Best Nintendo Switch Accessories and Deals out right now

Congratulations on snagging yourself a Nintendo Switch, now it’s time to accessorise your brand new hybrid console. As a Switch owner, you’re going to want to keep everything working smoothly, snugly and get some fun gadgets on top, whether you’re playing connected up to a television, or enjoying Nintendo Switch games on the go.

From Joy-Cons and Micro SD cards to carry cases and screen protectors, here are the best Nintendo Switch accessories and deals for them, including some you may not have seen before, and a few gaming themed special buys.

Nintendo Switch Dock

Nintendo Switch Dock Accessory

The Nintendo Switch Dock is a separate accessory, available to purchase for the RRP of £79.99 in the UK and $90 in the US. This means that in addition to the dock you will get when you buy a Switch console, you can pick up an extra dock to store in a different house, in your office, or anywhere else you please, for the convenience of not having to take your existing dock with you wherever you go. The box contains a Nintendo Switch dock as well as a HDMI cable and Switch AC adapter.

In the UK: £107.99 from Amazon UK | In the US: $89.99 from Amazon US


If you’re looking to play games with your friends or family, odds are, you’re going to want to pick up some extra controllers for all the multiplayer action. The Joy-Cons come in a series of configurations, depending on whether you want to pick up just the left (L), just the right (R) or the pair together. Then you’ll have to decide which colour you want to go for – subdued grey or full-on red, blue, pink and green neon. We’ve got the official ones here, but you can also find cheap Joy-Cons in our guide to the best controller for Nintendo Switch.

Joy-Con Neon Green and Neon Pink Controller set

Splatoon Neon Pink Green Joy-Con Controller Set

Released to coincide with Splatoon 2, this Neon Green and Pink set of Joy-Con controllers is themed after the proper Splatoon Inkling colours. It’s also the second proper colour variant released after the luminous yellow Joy-Cons put out for ARMS launch.

Joy-Con Pair Neon

Joy Con Neon

Joy-Con Pair Grey

Joy Con Grey

Joy-Con Left

Joy-Con Right

Joy-Con Strap

Pro Controller

pro controller

Of course, for some games, you’re going to want the familiarity of a more standard controller type. For this, Nintendo is offering up the Switch Pro Controller, which features a more recognisable controller layout including two thumbsticks, a cross-type D-pad and four face buttons. It can be used wirelessly and works with most, if not all, Switch games.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Splatoon 2 Edition

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Splatoon 2 Edition

Launching the same day as Splatoon 2 is this fantastically neon variation of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. This also marks the first non-standard Switch Pro controller we’ve seen so far, so you can expect themed Switch accessories from here on out. This one is due for release July 21st, 2017, along with Splatoon 2.

Joy-Con Charging Grip

charging grip

Not to be ignored is the fact that the Joy-Con Grip that comes with your console is a non-charging version. This means that in order to charge up your Joy-Cons, you’ll need to set them into the dock. You may prefer to get yourself a Joy-Con Charging Grip and gain the ability to charge your controllers while you play.

Nintendo Switch Wired Controller Plus – Super Mario

Wired controller joytech nintendo switch

This official Super Mario edition controller is a little cheaper due to being wired, although it does boast six interchangeable analog caps so you can customise your control, and looks rather ravishing to boot.


Nintendo Switch Wired Controller Plus – Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo Switch Wired Controller Plus - Zelda Breath of the Wild

This official Zelda themed controller looks stylish and shiny, and also features interchangeable analog caps designed for comfort.



Zelda Case Switch

The Nintendo Switch is designed as a “home first” console that is also massively portable. The idea being that you’ll be playing happily at home and if you happen to need to take it with you on the go, whatever your adventure may be, you can. If like me, you’re a little hesitant to just throw your Nintendo Switch into a bag with all your other stuff, you may want to get yourself a case to protect your system while you travel. Here are some of the options out there to help you do that.

Switch System Travel Case

And if you fancy taking your entire system with you – Switch, dock and Joy-Con Grip as well as games all in one case – your best bet is the official Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe System Travel Case.

Cityslicker Switch Case

The folks over at, responsible for the ‘Cityslicker’ line of premium leather cases for laptops, tablets, phones and more have unveiled their latest creation – an ultra classy and luxurious case for your Nintendo Switch. These things are made of real leather and come in four colours. Plus, they’re gorgeous.

Splatoon 2 Switch Case and Screen Protector

Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Accessory Kit

launched alongisde Splatoon 2, this official accessory set is comprised of a customised carry case for the Switch console itself along with a screen protector to keep your console safe and sound.

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

Switch AC Adapter

You’ll get one AC Adapter in the box with your Nintendo Switch console, but if you happen to want to have a charging point in more than one room – or perhaps have one attached to the dock and one free for any old use – you can pick up a separate AC Adapter at launch.

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

Joy-Con Wheel Pair

Switch Wheels

What would a Nintendo console be without some kind of steering wheel accessory? This time, though, Nintendo is doubling up and selling you a pair of wheel-shaped shells in which to put your Joy-Con controllers, ready to play multiplayer on games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition.

Joy-Con Wheel pair

Starter Kits and Accessory Packs

Switch Accessory Set

With every brand new system comes the inevitable ‘starter pack’ in which you’ll receive various smaller trinkets that you will likely need when using your shiny new Nintendo Switch console. The Switch is no exception to this rule, although Nintendo has gone a more fun route and themed some starter packs to various characters and games. Prepare to ramp up your fandom.

Nintendo Switch Starter Packs

Official Accessories

Power Banks

power bank anker c

One often-overlooked thing about the Nintendo Switch is that while it’s a very portable system, the battery life when playing intense games like Zelda may not sustain a long, epic gaming session. Reportedly, playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild in portable mode will get you roughly three hours of battery from the Switch. How to remedy what might be a shorter battery life than you’d like? Power Banks, of course. These portable batteries are designed specifically to keep devices alive when you’re not near a source of power.

The Switch uses USB-C connections, which narrows the options slightly but from various reviews and tests, the Anker PowerCore+ is a standout winner in this regard. This little guy can charge a regular smart phone seven times over before running out of power, so it’s safe to say that your Switch will get a new lease on life if needed. Find even more options in our look at even more Nintendo Switch power banks.

Third-Party Accessories

That’s right, the time has come to talk about third-party accessories! No new console can be released these days without a slew of unofficial, third-party accessories filling up the shelves of every store you can find, providing helpful features at (usually) a fraction of the cost of the official accessories. Here are some of the third-party highlights for the Nintendo Switch at launch.





That’s all we have at the moment, but we are constantly updating this page with more Nintendo Switch Accessories and deals when they become available. If you’d like to check out the best prices on the Nintendo Switch console itself, head to our page right here. For the best Nintendo Switch game deals out there, head over here instead. While you’re at it, check out our guide to the best Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch, since you’ll probably need one of those too.

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