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Cheap Nintendo Switch Online deals – the best price for a Switch Online membership

It may already cost a lot less than the equivalent PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate services, but that shouldn’t stop you looking for cheap Nintendo Switch Online deals. Don’t waste loads of time searching through every retailer and dodgy digital code sites, though. We’ve gathered them all up for you here so you can easily find a Switch Online membership for the best price.

What is Nintendo Switch Online?

Nintendo Switch Online is very similar to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold. Essentially, you pay a subscription fee each month to access a number of additional features on your Nintendo Switch.

What are the Nintendo Switch Online benefits?

Obviously, the main benefit of purchasing a Nintendo Switch Online membership is getting the ability to play your games online. With it, you’ll be able to show the rest of the world just how well you’ve mastered Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or share with them your most brilliantly-designed Super Mario Maker 2 level. For this reason alone, that’s usually enough to get a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

As well as this, you get a couple of nice little bonuses for having a Switch Online subscription. One of the most lovely features is access to a library of classic NES games you can play at any time while you’re a member. This line-up of titles is continually growing with new additions being announced on a regular basis. At the moment, some of the NES favourites you can play include Super Mario Bros, Excitebike and Double Dragon. You can check out the full list on the Switch Online microsite.

It’s now been announced that a range of SNES games will be available for free if you have a Switch Online subscription too. So far 20 titles have been confirmed, including the likes of Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World 2, and The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. It’s something Switch owners have been wanting for the service for some time and it’s good to see Nintendo finally listening to this request!

The free NES games that come with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription

Another of the more handy features with a Switch Online membership is the ability to back up your save data to the cloud. This is done automatically and gives you some insurance should you lose your Switch or decide to start using a new console.

Meanwhile, a dedicated smartphone app can be used to enable voice chat on certain Switch titles. Annoyingly, it’s a far more finicky system compared to the inbuilt chat features on your PS4 or Xbox One, though. You’re generally better off using an app like Discord instead!

Lastly, a Switch Online subscription will also get you access to a number of member offers and bonuses. So far, these have ranged from everything such as free games with Tetris 99, cosmetic items in the likes of Splatoon 2 and exclusive Nintendo Switch game vouchers to use on the eShop. Sure, some are less thrilling than others, but you can’t complain about a freebie every now and then!

Cheap Nintendo Switch Online deals

A collection of some cheap Nintendo Switch Online deals

Below, you’ll find a roundup of all the current best prices for a Nintendo Switch Online membership. As we’ve said, don’t go in expecting any earth-shattering discounts as the service already doesn’t cost very much. Nevertheless, there is some money to be saved if you look in the right places.

Nintendo Switch Online 12-month Membership deals

In terms of value for money, your best option is to go for a Nintendo Switch Online 12-month membership. Even if you pay full price, you’ll effectively be handing over £1.50/$1.60 every 30 days to maintain your subscription. Of course, that doesn’t leave a whole lot of money to be saved, but you can still shave a few pennies with a cheap Nintendo Switch Online deal.

Nintendo Switch Online 3-month Membership deals

Instead of locking yourself in for a whole year, you can give yourself a brief trial run of the Nintendo Switch Online service to see if you’ll get good use out of it. A 3-month Membership is perfect to do just that. You won’t need to hand over very much money at all but still get more than a few rounds in of Tetris 99 or Splatoon 2. An ideal taster! Here’s the current best price:

Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership deals

A Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership is a worthwhile investment if you want to get a lot of Nintendo Accounts online. With this, you create a single Family Group and then apply the Family Membership to all accounts in that group. As the name suggests, its main purpose is to be used within a single family but with some foresight, you can assemble some pals together and share a Family Membership between you to save even more money on your subscription. Check out the best price for a Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership here:

Free Nintendo Switch Online Membership

Get a free Nintendo Switch Online Membership with a Twitch Prime subscription

Of course, why would you pay for something if you can get it for absolutely nothing? That’s obviously the best price! Right now you can get a free Nintendo Switch Online Membership for 12 months if you’re signed up to Twitch Prime. As the streaming giant is owned by Amazon, this is another little bonus extra if you have an Amazon Prime account, so be sure to head over an take full advantage while the offer is live. It will disappear for good on 24th September.

We hope this post has helped you find some cheap Nintendo Switch Online deals. Again, it’s best not to expect any huge savings on an already inexpensive subscription service but we’ll take those extra pennies where we can find them!

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