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Xbox Series X best price and release date – where to pre-order the Xbox Series X

Now that we know the next-generation of Xbox consoles is coming later this year in the form of the Xbox Series X, we’ve gathered up as much information as possible about its launch. There’s no best price just yet as retailers haven’t announced their Xbox Series X pre-order allocation yet, but it won’t be too far away and this is the perfect time for you to figure out what you’re saving up for.

Maybe you’ve never owned an Xbox console before and you’re super keen for the Series X to be the first, or maybe you’re a diehard achievement addict and you can’t wait to get your hands on the new and shiniest Microsoft console out there. Whatever the reason, we have everything you could possibly need to know about the Xbox Series X in this handy guide.

Not only will we give you a basic rundown of what to expect from the Xbox Series X so far, but we’ll also have a look at the key differences between it and the Xbox One X – the current highest specification system for Microsoft fans. There’s also a quick look at what games to expect, and what accessories you might want to budget for.

What is the Xbox Series X?

The Xbox Series X is the next games console from Microsoft. Following the phenomenal success of the Xbox One, and the Xbox 360 and original Xbox before it, the Xbox Series X is aiming to be newer, bigger, and better than any of its predecessors. Originally known as Project Scarlett, Xbox Series X may have a lot of the letter ‘x’ in its name, but we’ll forgive it that quirk.

It’s meant to be 6 inches wide and 12 inches tall, shaped in a way that aims to be unobtrusive. You can place it on its side or upright. Microsoft has already stated it’ll be 4 times as powerful as the Xbox One X – the premium version of the Xbox One. It promises 8K resolution, up to 120 frames per second rendering, and ray-tracing which is one of the newest means for images to look impressive. Apart from that, we’re mostly relying on Xbox Series X leaks to get an idea of what to expect!

What’s the difference between the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X?

comparison between the xbox series x and xbox one x

Microsoft reckons the Xbox Series X will be 4 times as powerful as the Xbox One X – the Xbox One’s premium option. We might not have concrete details but it’s fairly clear that the console will be faster, more powerful, and able to display superior graphics to anything you’ve seen on an Xbox console before.

Microsoft has also stated that the Xbox Series X will support all games playable on the Xbox One, including backward compatible titles from the Xbox 360 and original Xbox. While that won’t be a huge selling point for all, it sounds pretty useful to be able to play games from all 4 generations of consoles on one system. Plus, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members should also find their subscription worthwhile with the new console.

Basically, if you want the best Microsoft gaming experience then you need to get the Xbox Series X later this year.

When is the Xbox Series X release date?

For now, the Xbox Series X doesn’t have a set release date. We’ve merely been promised ‘Holidays 2020’. That suggests any time in the autumn and early winter. The most likely time is almost certainly going to be November 2020, much like how the Xbox One was launched in November 2013.

How much does the Xbox Series X cost?

microsoft on stage announcing the xbox series x release date

Again, we’re not sure of the exact price. We’d expect it to cost around £430-£450. The Xbox One went on sale for £429 when it was released in 2013 so it’d make sense for the Xbox Series X to be roughly the same price. Microsoft won’t want to price itself out of the market if the PlayStation 5 is substantially less but no price details are available for that either.

Don’t expect it to be as inexpensive as a Nintendo Switch. The level of hardware involved with the Xbox Series X such as its use of AMD’s Zen 2 CPU architecture will make it pricier. It also has features like a solid state drive which will increase the price.

Where to pre-order the Xbox Series X?

No retailers have announced pre-order or prices yet. We’d expect it to be a little nearer to launch. After E3 seems quite likely as more details should emerge about the Xbox Series X. Expect regular retailers like Amazon, Game, and ShopTo to battle it out for the cheapest price, but don’t expect a bargain. Odds are you’ll be lucky to get a deal that’s a few pence lower than the RRP – at least early on in the Xbox Series X’s lifespan.

Should I buy the Xbox Series X?

If you’re a big Xbox fan then this is a no-brainer of a choice. That’s even more so if you love unlocking achievements while you play. However, if you’re undecided in the console wars, it might be worthwhile waiting until there are more details about the PlayStation 5 as well as the Xbox Series X, and weigh up what each offer.

What are the best games for Xbox Series X?

halo infinite is one of the games coming to xbox series x

Microsoft has gone an unusual route with the Xbox Series X, which means there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that Halo Infinite will launch alongside the new console which is amazing news for Halo fans. The bad news is that Halo Infinite and all the first-party games that first launch for Xbox Series X won’t be exclusive. They’ll also be playable on the Xbox One with some Xbox Game Studio games like Halo Infinite and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II offering enhanced features and performance, compared to the regular Xbox One.

It’s an unusual move although Microsoft has stated that third-party developers can develop games that are solely for Xbox Series X, so we’ll have to wait and see who embraces this way of thinking.

What accessories do I need?

One of the best things about the Xbox Series X is that all existing Xbox One controllers and accessories will be supported by it.

The new console will ship with an updated version of the Xbox One controller, with a more ergonomic design and a concave circle pad that looks a lot like the Elite controller’s design. There’ll also be a new ‘Share’ button, but otherwise, it’s a lot like an Xbox One controller which explains why it’s backwards compatible with the Xbox One.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on accessories like a new Xbox external hard drive or Xbox controllers just in time for the new console. You can always use them on your existing Xbox One while you wait.

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