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The best Animal Crossing merch and gifts you can buy

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is less than a month out, and you know what that means – time to stock up on some awesome Animal Crossing merch based on the fun little debt simulator! Of course, there’s a lot of different stuff to choose from, so we’ve narrowed it down to some of the creme of the Animal Crossing merch crop.

Whether it’s for yourself or the Animal Crossing megafan in your life, we have plenty of great items to grab!

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Cases

animal crossing merch switch and switch lite case

What better way to show your love for Animal Crossing without shelling out a ton of money for the Animal Crossing Switch bundle? The official Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch Case is a nice tropical theme that’s not too overbearing – and it protects your console while it’s in transit. What’s not to like? Both standard Switch and Switch Lite versions are available, too!

Animal Crossing amiibo

all of the Animal Crossing amiibo

It’s been confirmed that Animal Crossing amiibo will work with New Horizons, so while not begin collecting them now! In the US, these amiibo are selling out quickly, with some leaving only Japanese imports for those that waited too long. Still, many amiibo are still available. Make sure to grab them before stock runs out. We’ve put a few below, but you should also take a look at our Animal Crossing amiibo page for all the latest offers.

Animal Crossing Cushions

animal crossing merch pillows with character faces on them

Speaking of the UK, the Nintendo Official UK Store has some special bundles and goodies for Animal Crossing available for purchase. There are four super-awesome cushions to choose from, and while you technically could get all four… that’s a little on the expensive side. But you only live once, right? You can also purchase a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons with a cushion to save £10!

Animal Crossing Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller

an animal crossing switch controller with kk slider

And what better way to complete your Animal Crossing merch lineup so you’re all ready to dig into New Horizons than with an Animal Crossing Switch controller? PowerA has created a pair of wireless controllers featuring either K.K. Slider or Timmy and Tommy Nook to mark the launch of the latest entry. The latter appears to be out of stock from most retailers right now, but the variant with the guitar-playing hound is still out there if you’re looking for a quirky Nintendo Switch accessory.

Animal Crossing Bell Bag

the animal crossing bell bag

Exclusive to Best Buy, you can get a bag to store things that looks just like a big ol’ bag of money in Animal Crossing. It can be good to put dice in. Or actual money, if you’re feeling a little saucy. But a thief that’s also a huge Animal Crossing fan my snatch your newfound bell bag money holder if you do that! So maybe stick to dice or pocket change or something.

Animal Crossing Hoodie

one of the many animal crossing hoodies

Hot Topic used to be the go-to store for goth and emo culture, but nowadays the chain has branched out into all sorts of official fandom gear. They have clothes are other trinkets for a lot of popular movies, games, and music – and Animal Crossing merch is no exception for them. This Animal Crossing hoodie has designs on the front and sleeves with a nice big leaf on the back. It’s pretty nice for a chilly day! Be sure to browse through Hot Topic to find loads of other Animal Crossing shirts, hoodies, tanks and more.

Animal Crossing Sticker Book

the cover of the animal crossing sticker book

If you’re like me and like adorning your laptop and other items with stickers, then the Animal Crossing sticker book is what you need. With over 800 stickers, you’ll have more ways than you’ll ever possibly need to decorate letters, electronics, and your cat. When you can give the remaining stickers to your niece or nephew so they can ruin their parent’s home with stickers of K.K. Slider and Isabelle.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Official Companion Guide

the cover of the animal crossing companion guide

Sometimes, you just want a guide to go with your game. Future Press is creating a guidebook for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and it’s huge! Coming in at 432 pages, you know this book’s going to have everything you need to make your deserted island a paradise.

Animal Crossing Candle

candles in various fragrances are a unique piece of animal crossing merch

Sometimes you just need to go straight to the fandom to get the best stuff. These cute as heck Animal Crossing candles come in seven varieties, based on the fruits you can get in Animal Crossing. They’re pretty cheap, too, so it’s easy to stock up or buy a few to make the perfect Animal Crossing gift.

Animal Crossing Pins

a couple of the animal crossing pins made on etsy

If enamel pins are more your thing, Etsy has you covered. The bell bag, leaf, and present pins are very nice, and you can grab all three as a gift for $21! That’s way cheaper than an official set would run you. If you only want one, you can also grab it for just $7.

And there’s our look at some of the best Animal Crossing merch you can currently buy for your hard-earned bells. Do check in regularly as we’re bound to uncover even cooler gift ideas or trinkets follow the launch of the latest entry later this month. Be sure you’re all prepared for that with an Animal Crossing: New Horizons pre-order for the best price. Also, ensure you’ve got enough juice to keep you playing for longer with a power bank for Nintendo Switch.

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