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Everything you need to know about the Mario Lego sets

After hints and teasers, the Super Mario Lego set has been announced – and it looks really awesome. More than just a normal Lego set, the Super Mario set has an interactable Mario who you take through levels that you build yourself from scratch. Sounds super neat, right? Well, here’s our look at everything you need to know about the Mario Lego sets – including price, pre-orders and more.

In most exciting news, Lego has just confirmed loads of new info about their upcoming Mario collaboration! We’ve now got a clearer idea of the Mario Lego sets releasing later this year from 1st August. This also includes a pair of expansion sets that’ll make your own levels even more advanced or exciting to play through.

We also know the prices of each Mario Lego set. You can find the full list of prices below. Click on these and it’ll take you to a list of retailers where each set is available to buy.

a close up of the mario figure in the lego mario set

Where can I buy the Mario Lego sets?

Right now, the official Lego website is the only place that’s taking Mario Lego pre-orders.

Lego has promised that more leading retailers will also be selling the sets, so we will be sure to return to this page to update it with any new listings we find. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of each set and where it’s available to buy. There’s loads more info on what’s included in each one further down the page.

Lego Mario Starter Course

Release Date: 1st August (US), 10th August (EU)

The Lego Mario Starter Course is your entry point to all Mario Lego sets. It comes with the Lego Mario figure that’s required to play through each level, as well as a 231-piece playset featuring the bricks, enemies, pipes and flags you need to create your very first stage. Of course, these same bricks can be rearranged to create entirely new levels time and time again. Or they can be added to with any of the upcoming expansion sets. A Monty Mole & Super Mushroom Expansion Set is included with the Starter Kit Bundle.

the mario lego starter course

Lego Mario Piranha Plant Power Slide

Release Date: TBA

  • Not currently available to pre-order (Priced at £29.99/$29.99)

the mario lego piranha plant power slide expansion set

Lego Mario Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle

Release Date: TBA

  • Not currently available to pre-order (Priced at £99.99/$99.99)

the mario lego bowser's castle boss battle expansion set

What’s included in the Mario Lego sets?

That depends on which Mario Lego set you buy. To begin your collection, you’ll most likely want to go with the Starter Kit Bundle and Starter Course.

This 231-piece playset includes everything you need to create your first Mario Lego stage. It also comes with the rather expressive Super Mario figure, who will respond with different emotions or sounds when it interacts with certain bricks and playing pieces. This includes goombas, a piranha plant and Bowser Jr. There are also ‘?’ Blocks and even a flag pole for Mario to slide down. The debut teaser video shows off a lot of different pieces. We’d suggest you give that a watch to get a clearer idea of what to expect from the set.

This Starter Bundle will eventually be built upon with a number of Expansion Sets. The first two that have been announced are the Piranha Plant Power Slide and Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle. The former is a smaller set that appears to add a new mechanic to your levels. The latter, meanwhile, is much larger and features a showdown with the infamous big bad of the Mario universe.

What makes the Mario Lego set unique?

Instead of an elaborate but ultimately static set up of a Mario level, the Super Mario Lego set features a Mario that is interactive. He’ll look around, collect coins from enemies and ‘?’ blocks, and much more. Placing Mario in the pipe will start a countdown, challenging those playing to get him across the level they created within the time limit. You can also use the Lego Super Mario app to get a closer look at different parts as well as find inspiration for creating your own stages.

This makes the Mario Lego set much more interactive than most of the sets that came before it. Lego’s Chief Marketing Officer Julia Goldin had this to say about the set:

“With this experience we will help millions of kids with love for Mario to engage and play in a completely new way, where they are in control of creating and playing games with their favourite character. By seamlessly incorporating the latest digital technology, Lego Super Mario is a highly social, interactive and collaborative experience for kids.”

As we draw closer to release we’ll be sure to bring you all the latest updates on each Mario Lego set.

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