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The best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is undoubtedly one of the best offers in the world of gaming right now. It’s a must-have if you want access to a rolling library of new and classic Xbox games available to download at any time. They’re usually across Xbox One and PC, too! It does come at a cost, but to help save you a bit of money we’ve gathered together where you can get the best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal.

Still, that’s not all. An Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership also includes all the benefits of an Xbox Live Gold subscription too. That means you’ll be able to play online multiplayer with friends. Plus, you’ll get access to more free games and special discounts each month. Think you’ll need some room for all those extra games? Do check out our list of the best Xbox One external hard drives to ensure you can install them all!

Whether you’re signing up for the first time or renewing your membership, always check in here first to ensure you’re finding the best price for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal

Retailers regularly run an offer that gets you six months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the price of three. This is a recurring Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal that Microsoft likes to bring back every-now-and-then. When you see it, treat it as the perfect opportunity to top-up your membership! Don’t fret if you’ve got loads of time banked up now, though. This cheap Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal is usually available once every couple of months.

Right now, though, the offers are slightly different across regions. In the UK, you can get three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with one month free for £32.99. This isn’t quite as good as the usual deal, so we’d suggest holding off unless you really need to extend your subscription time. In the US, however, you can get three months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $22.99. This is, essentially, the same as the regular deal but in a different guise.

When this offer isn’t live, your next option is usually to head to CD Keys for the best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal. As long as you’re comfortable using them and ensure you’re buying a code for the right region you should have no issues. With all those new games you’re going to be downloading, you’ll probably want to check out our guide to the best Xbox One external hard drives to ensure you’ve got enough extra storage space.

In the UK: Buy from CD Keys for £22.99 | Buy from Amazon UK for £32.99
In the USBuy from CD Keys for $27.89 | Buy from Amazon US for $22.99

This Amazon half price offer is usually the best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal.

What is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a subscription that pair’s Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold services. The former offers you a vast and ever-changing library of Xbox games to download and play as part of your membership. The latter is the console’s online multiplayer component that you’ll need to have to play online with friends.

By combining the two, you’re getting some incredible value. It saves around a third off the price of buying them individually. Essentially, if you do the majority of your gaming on an Xbox One, you’ll want to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member.

What’s more, Microsoft has announced that new Xbox exclusives would be coming to Game Pass Ultimate on the day of release. Now, instead of forking out upwards of £50 for an entirely new game, you can get it as part of the subscription you’re already paying. Huzzah!

This has already proven especially tempting for those who wanted to rev up their lancers in Gears 5 in 2019. This year, we’ve already seen the gorgeous adventure game Ori and the Will of the Wisps hit the service. Gears Tactics and Minecraft Dungeons are both set to arrive over the next few weeks, too! It really is the perfect way to play all the latest Xbox games for cheap.

And it looks like Microsoft will continue pushing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with their next-gen console, too. You can find even more about that in our Xbox Series X pre-order guide.

How much does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cost?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs £10.99/$14.99 a month.

What do you get for that price? You get all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold to play online multiplayer, access to a rolling library of over 100 Xbox games, the chance to play Xbox exclusives first as part of your subscription and exclusive member deals when purchasing titles included in the Xbox Game Pass.

Here’s some great news if you’re currently not a subscriber and want a great deal on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. As an introductory offer, Microsoft is giving you your first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just £1/$1. That’s a whopping 87% off the usual price of a single monthly subscription!

A promo shot of some games and player on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

For existing Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass members, you can take further advantage of this offer as it converts any of your existing subscription time into Ultimate for free. Let’s say you’ve recently purchased a year of Xbox Live Gold? Well, all of that time will automatically become an Ultimate subscription when you sign up, too!

With that in mind, it’s generally considered best to stock up on as much Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass time as you like (up to a maximum of 36 months) and then activate the Game Pass Ultimate deal so you get a huge chunk of your subscription to the new service for a fraction of the cost. Cheeky!

What games are included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Son many. If we tried to list them all here you’d be scrolling down the page for a long while! Instead, you can head over here to view the full list of Xbox Game Pass games.

Microsoft is announcing and adding new titles to the service on a regular basis, though. So, to ensure you’re always up to date, you’ll always be able to find the most recent games confirmed and coming soon to Xbox Game Pass right here. Remember, these titles may eventually leave Game Pass, but you can always purchase them for 20% off using your membership discount. Just be sure you do so before they disappear for good.

As it can vary, do remember to check whether you can play these games across both Xbox One and PC as well. Some could only be available on one format or the other.

  • Totally Reliable Delivery Service (April 1st, 2020)
  • Nier Automata – Become as Gods Edition (April 2nd, 2020)
  • Alvastia Chronicles (April 9th, 2020)
  • Journey to the Savage Planet (April 9th, 2020)
  • The Long Dark (April 16th, 2020)
  • Gato Roboto (April 21st, 2020)
  • Deliver Us The Moon (April 23rd, 2020)
  • Hyperdot (April 30th, 2020)
  • Levelhead (April 30th, 2020)

A few of the games available on Xbox Game Pass.

And that should cover just about everything you need to know about Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Do check back here on a regular basis for the best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal and the all the latest titles coming to the service.

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