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The best Nintendo Switch Lite case and screen protectors

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the perfect portable handheld console right now. It offers amazing games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and many more. The best part? It has a reasonable battery life so you can take it out and about with you and still play, or simply play it while lying in bed or chilling in the garden. For those reasons, then, you’ll want a Nintendo Switch Lite case to keep your console safe.

You want to keep the lightweight and stylish console safe, right? Buy a good quality case and you won’t have to worry about any bumps or scrapes or – worst of all – a drop! With loads of options out there, we’ve tracked down some of the best Nintendo Switch Lite cases for keeping your beloved console free from damage. Whether you’re enjoying your daily commute with a dose of Pokémon or sitting in the garden playing Fortnite, you won’t have to worry about an unfortunate scratch with one of these cases. Here’s our pick of the bunch.

Oh, and also, you can also pair these with any of our picks for the best Nintendo Switch Lite accessories to make sure you have everything you need.

Best Nintendo Switch Lite case

For an every day carrying case that works for many different scenarios, you can’t go wrong with the JETech Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch Lite. Low in price yet highly competent at keeping your beloved console safe, it’s just right for storage purposes whether you’re on the train or simply worried about dropping it at home. And that’s why it takes our top spot for best Nintendo Switch Lite case.

On top of that, the case is black so it blends into everything and it’s made of premium EVA material so it’s good for protection against minor bumps and scrapes. We wouldn’t fancy its chances in a drop from a great height but then few cases could withstand such a force. Instead, this is ideal for every day life. Besides having suitable storage for your console with an elastic strap that keeps it secure, it also has inner pockets that are ideal for storing up to 20 game cartridges, your spare Joy-Cons, cables and earbuds. That way, you’ve got everything you need while you head out to work or simply the park.

Buy for £9.99 from Amazon UK | Buy for $11.98 from Amazon US

the Jetech Carrying Case is our pick for the best Nintendo Switch Lite case

Best large Nintendo Switch Lite case

Thanks to the slim size of the Nintendo Switch Lite, a full carry case isn’t much different from a regular one. However, the Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch Lite is worth the extra thanks to being a little bit more rugged when it comes to withstanding falls. Believe us – we’ve been there and the Orzly has saved the day. It offers heavy-duty zippers so nothing is going to fall out any time soon, plus its hard shell exterior keeps your console safe at all times.

On the inside is a soft microfibre interior lining so nothing will get scratched. There’s room too for extra compartments which safely store up to 8 game cartridge slots along with other bits and pieces like earbuds and a charging cable. The cartridge holder also doubles as a screen cover so your Switch Lite is extra snug while it’s sleeping. A little extra storage space might have been nice but 8 games are more than enough for even the longest of commutes. A choice of colours is always nice to have too!

Buy for £12.99 from Amazon UK | Buy for $12.99 from Amazon US

the Orzly is a much larger Nintendo Switch Lite case

Best Nintendo Switch Lite travel case

Sometimes, you simply want some protection without too much hassle or fuss. The Hori Nintendo Switch Lite Slim Hard Pouch is ideal for this. It looks sleek, stylish and it still protects your Nintendo Switch Lite from bumps and knocks.

The semi-hard Nintendo Switch Lite case offers a small pouch that fits 10 game cartridges along with a little room for some slimline accessories like cables. There’s not much else to it but we can’t underestimate how pretty it looks. It means your Switch Lite looks stylish inside the case and outside. It’s subtle too so you won’t have to worry about carrying something that looks bulky and over the top. Sneaking in a quick gaming session in your office lunch break? This is the case for you.

Buy for £12.99 from Amazon UK | Buy for $16.99 from Amazon US

Hori offers a slim option for a Nintendo Switch Lite case

Best Nintendo Switch Lite protective case shell

Not everyone wants a chunky case that’s like a mini briefcase for their console. Sometimes, you just want an extra layer of safety between your Nintendo Switch Lite and the ground. That’s where the JETech Protective Case is perfect.

In a choice of clear or black, you can place it around your Nintendo Switch Lite and it’ll protect it from easy to make scratches along with minor shocks and other impacts. As a kind of coating to your Switch, you can still play on the console while protected and it won’t feel too invasive either. An ergonomic grip means you continue to feel in control of the console but if you happen to drop it? Your console will be fine! It’s ideal if you don’t fancy needing to pull it out of a case all the time.

Buy for £11.49 from Amazon UK | Buy for $17.99 from Amazon US

Instead of a full case you can get this Nintendo Switch Lite shell

Best Nintendo Switch Lite case for kids

Look, we’re not really judging but kids are great at dropping things by accident (and sometimes not so accidentally). Buy them this PowerA Stealth Case Kit and they get to enjoy cute Pokémon figures on their case while you get to enjoy the peace of mind that they won’t break their console.

The case is like almost any other Nintendo Switch Lite case. It has a zippered soft outer shell with internal felt lining to keep the screen safe. We don’t fancy its chances in a massive fall but it’s pretty good in the majority of knocks and bumps. There’s also room for four game cartridges too. A bit on the small side but sure to be fine for kids. There’s a screen protector thrown in too because did we mention that kids are often messy?

Buy for £14.99 from Amazon UK | Buy for $14.99 from Amazon US

PowerA offer a range of lovely Nintendo Switch Lite case designs for kids

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